SaLuSa  31-December-2008


There is truly something magical in the ethers, as you contemplate what the New Year holds in store for you. It does of course depend on whether you are looking beyond the present problems escalating in the Middle East. Those involved are learning yet another lesson, that warring with each other is unproductive. The sooner they meet with an honest intention to broker a peace agreement, the sooner they will overcome the differences that exist between them. It is however an ill-matched confrontation, and it greatly saddens us to see the unnecessary loss of life.


There is so much happening all over your world, that is against the spiritual teachings given to you so that you could live side by side in peace. We wonder how many times you go down the road to destruction, before you understand the karma that you are bringing upon yourselves. Out of the gloom there is hope, and the Light continues to accelerate your upliftment and desire to bring about world peace. It is attracting the energies of change that will result in your success in seeking a permanent solution to all of the worldly problems. The negative influences of the Illuminati are gradually being curtailed, and their power is being taken from them.


The New Year promises to be one that finally takes you forward, and the advancements made will clearly indicate a new approach to achieving world peace. It will not come overnight, but it will start with the world powers that dominate your lives. By example a new path will be created that will offer the opportunity to leave the old ways behind. The creation of peace is one of our conditions that are to be fulfilled, before we can openly arrive on Earth. However, once it has commenced, we will if necessary monitor and disarm those who go against the edicts that have brought peace to your world. This is not really a new approach by us, as for the last few centuries we have been allowed to intervene to prevent a worldwide catastrophe. It is in accordance with the divine command that you would not be allowed to destroy your Earth, which you have come near to doing on more than one occasion.


Looking ahead we see much activity to undo the harm caused by your outgoing government. Fortunately there are many souls that are sufficiently empowered with a higher reasoning and ambition, that have come to Earth to restore the Light. Anticipating your needs at the end times they have intentionally placed themselves all over the world. They are already emerging and will ensure that the changes that are vitally necessary, are carried out with all speed. Some are experts in the various technical skills needed, whilst others are great communicators who will ensure you are aware of what is to be done. We of course are very much involved in all of these activities, and will eventually act as your command centre and co-ordinator of them all.


There always has to be some element of flexibility concerned with the whole project to restore your Earth. It does therefore make predictions of the timing a little uncertain, but there are goals that we work to and expect to achieve with the co-operation of our allies. However, by the end of 2009 we do expect to have completely removed the power and influence of the Illuminati, and have been able to introduce the abundance program. First Contact is dependent on such achievements and should therefore follow on quite quickly. Mother Earth is also very much involved in your activities, and at some stage she must be allowed to engage in the physical changes that are part of the restoration and cleansing of Earth. Be assured that we have totally considered all of the options open to us, and we do expect to carry out our part in it without any difficulties. In fact, our technology is so far advanced that we can perform what may appear as miraculous changes in very short time.


We come to offer you solutions to your myriad problems that have threatened to destroy you and your Earth. We do so by divine decree, and it must not be forgotten that you are all potential gods in the making. Your lives are infinite and you came to Earth as part of your evolutionary experience. It was always intended that you should successfully complete this cycle of duality, and it is only through your freewill that you will choose otherwise. What you are beginning to understand is that you have never travelled alone, although there have been times when you have felt extremely isolated and separated from the Source. All life is inextricably linked by what you sometimes refer to as the glue of the Universe. The energy that it exists in can be considered as the body of God, and therefore All Is God.


Before Ascension much will become clear to you that has been concealed by those who have taken control of your lives for eons of time. It may seem incredible to know that you have existed with only a partial consciousness, but that has been the work of the dark energies and Beings that are within your Universe. You have been genetically altered by them to reduce your level of consciousness to one where you can be totally controlled. We are pleased to inform you that their influence has now been removed, and they are no longer allowed to interfere with the final stages of this cycle. Instead, it is the higher vibrations that are uplifting you, to a level that is consistent with your needs to prepare for Ascension.


You are in fact now in control of your destiny, and each of you has the same opportunity to ascend. If you aspire to move onto the higher path there is every help available to you, even if you unaware of it. The simple statement of intent is sufficient, and will attract souls to you who can assist you to find your personal pathway. It will all become much more understandable during the next year, as you will see positive moves towards bringing out the truth of your reality. You have been deliberately misled for so long that you have accepted false teachings as your truth. Be open now to change and allow for your beliefs to be questioned if necessary. When the Galactic Federation arrive on Earth, it will immediately remove some of those barriers that have given you the wrong understanding of us, and our purpose in contacting you.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is only a matter of time before we can stand with you in a great celebration of our coming together. It will be a sign of our spiritual link with you, and allow us to express our love for you all.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.