SaLuSa  29-December-2008


You are quickly reaching a turning point in your fortunes, and although it may not be immediately apparent, it is nevertheless moving closer to you. There are distracting events that remind you of the insurgency of the dark forces, as they become more desperate to hold onto their diminishing power. However, the only lasting effect will be to emphasise their total disregard for the wishes of the people. At last you have in your President Elect Obama, a soul who will be motivated by higher purposes and carry you forward. The battle between the dark and the Light is intensifying, but we see the reality of it whereas you see only what is deliberately fed to you to continue promoting the fear factor. Regardless of what appears to be happening on the surface, look towards those who speak the truth and trust in their actions.


You have a New Year beckoning that promises much, and will be the turning point in your lives. We are anxious to have a greater contact with you, and know that First Contact will open the door of opportunity for so many of you. We are gratified to note that you are not only welcoming our presence, but eager to use your skills and talents for the betterment of Mankind. It has always been our intention to bring you into our plans, and we will be most pleased to have you working with us. For many of you this is the time you have been waiting for, and have been preparing for as part of your life plan. Subconsciously you have felt the drive to be ready for the changes that will allow for your involvement in them. You are our allies whether you recognise it or not, and the plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy has been specifically made to include you.


It may appear at times that it is one step forward, and two steps backwards, but where the dark forces have created points of utter darkness the energies must fully work out. Clearly you would recognise one such area as the Middle East, and it has been sullied and impregnated with the dark energies for hundreds of years. It cannot be cleared except that the people turn to the Light and transmute them, and allow for radical changes. As can be clearly seen it remains a hotbed of altercations and confrontation, and the mistakes that should be learnt from are repeated time and time again. There is always talk of peace but without pure intent and allowance for the differences in their cultures, headway is extremely difficult. You the people hold the key and when your voices are loud enough, your leaders will be forced to acknowledge your demands for peace.


There is a growing movement throughout the world that is gaining strength, and is pressurising the powers that be to come together for the achievement of world peace. We assist it by maintaining a close watch on the covert activities of those who try to destroy such intentions. We prevent the escalation of the warlike attitude of the Western powers, that are likely to provoke a major confrontation. We place no blame or judgement upon them, as they are still controlled by the agenda of the Illuminati. Their power is held by their many representatives at all levels of authority, who often unwittingly carry out their orders without a true realisation of the far-reaching consequences. This is most prevalent in your military forces that often do not know for whom or what they are working for. They are simply an extension of the Illuminati who use your resources, funded by the taxes on your hard earnt monies. The corruption and misuse of your wealth is criminal to say the least.


However, we have our own plan for Man and it will result in the fair distribution of wealth. We know exactly where the hidden funds are being kept, and at the appropriate time they will be removed from the Illuminati and rightfully returned to you. Do not despair at what you see happening that brings you hardship, as there are limitations placed on how far they are allowed to affect you. There is a time and place for our intervention in your affairs, and that is ever approaching nearer with each week that passes. Matters as always are extremely fluid, but in the course of next year there will be major changes for the better. Our arrival will enable the whole system to be speeded up, and we look forward to making that important announcement in this connection.


You are going through tough times that for many test your ability to survive. Please do not allow yourselves to be victims of the dark agenda, as it is their purpose to create fear and dismay amongst you. Hold onto your determination to ride out the storm, and know that your victory is as ever totally assured. The Light of change is breaking out everywhere, and it is inevitable that it will result in some chaotic happenings. It takes time to break down the intricately woven web of deceit and misrepresentation that passes as your government. However, it is already changing and very shortly you will have a strong leader at the helm. Heaven is not mocked at this time, without having her own plan to release you from the clutches of those who have usurped their authority. The breaking of their oaths to serve you the people is not taken lightly, and they will eventually answer for their decision to break them.


The Constitution will be restored in good time, and quite rightly so as it was inspired by such great Beings as St. Germain. He is personally responsible for ensuring that it is not only resurrected, but also that the benefits are used to return to you your freedom and sovereignty. Many Beings from the higher realms draw closer to you, and in the course of time will openly come into your lives and lead you onto Ascension. Much is happening at levels where you are unaware of such activities, and as you lift up so the Light will increase exponentially. In the ultimate it is about lifting up your consciousness, so that you will achieve full consciousness. Many are on this path already and aware that it is possible to bring the Light into their lives, regardless of what is happening around them. It is the awareness of being able to keep centred within yourself that enables such progress.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation wish you a most de-light-full year ahead. One that brings you the fruition of your dreams, and lifts you up to levels that assure you of a future bathed in Light, and everlasting peace. It is coming to you as decreed, and no amount of posturing and dark deeds will alter the outcome. I give of our Love and blessings for you all, and may you find strength in knowing that we walk beside you.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.