Atmos  17-December-2008


I come with gratitude and thanks to you all for your efforts to bring Light to the souls of Earth, and for your dedication to your individual tasks. The plan of enlightenment started long ago, and has brought about an awakening that has moved you onto the path of Ascension. It is one of major opportunity to leave the Earth in its present lower dimension, and proceed with it to the higher levels. Those who are experiencing at this time will gain some progress resulting in an expanded consciousness, even if they prefer not to move out of the 3D level. What is happening cannot be totally ignored by those who have a fixed mindset, as the outer happenings impinge upon their consciousness and will affect their understanding.


It is important that each and every one of you keep an open mind, as you assimilate actions that may not be all that they appear on the outside. There has been so much happening with our input that you cannot possibly know about it all, and secrecy even for us is an important part of our strategy to keep ahead of the dark forces. It becomes vital that most of our plans and support from our allies are covert operations, as our progress may be deliberately delayed. At present we protect your President Elect, as his inauguration must go ahead regardless of any plots to prevent it happening. The dark may have no conscience or play by the rules, but we are also working from a place of strength with all of the technology and support that is the Galactic Federation.


Regardless of our position and power, one thing we cannot do is to deliberately alter the course of your destiny to speed matters up. Certain events are already manifesting and are part of your karmic patterning through your freewill choice. However, come what may the absolute certainty is that Ascension will come to pass as divinely decreed. It may be a bumpy ride but you will reach that point of no return to the old Earth, and you will eventually move out of this cycle of duality forever. Meantime matters are chaotic and you continue to experience the fall out from the financial collapse. The dark as always seize such opportunities to further their own cause, and much of the “bail out” monies are destined to find their way into the pockets of the Illuminati. That will only be a momentary respite for them from experiencing their own demise, as ultimately they will be de-cloaked and their hidden assets returned to the people.


The world at large has little idea of how corrupt successive governments have been in the U.S., but they are awakening to their methods and are beginning to reject them. As you might correctly say, a handful of people in high places have controlled the world for millennia of time, and have advanced their plans for global control almost to the point of success. However, they reckoned without the Light, and the many souls who have incarnated upon Earth as Lightworkers to create a shift in power. It has been the invisible force that has gradually penetrated the fortresses of the dark Ones, and weakened their position. The truth has been long arriving in the public sector because your media is largely under the control of the Illuminati, but this has been partially balanced by the freedom of expression from your Internet sources.


Before very long there will be changes that will bring back free speech, and once those with stories to tell feel safe from retaliation you will be astounded at what has been going on in your name. Your greatest fears will seem insignificant, when you learn the truth of how close you came to totally losing your freedom and becoming enslaved. We tell you these things because we wish you to know that you are not alone in your fight against the dark forces. We are your “not so invisible army”, as you see more of our presence in modern times than any previous period since we first appeared in your skies. We hope that gives you an assurance that you are protected, and we can tell you that regardless of what threats are perceived, you will not be involved in a nuclear exchange or war. Your governments are aware of this edict from us, but still use such threats against each other. Nuclear weapons are an abomination that is so destructive, even to the point of damaging the souls of those in their path. Fortunately, in the past where you have let off nuclear devices, we have placed a protective shield around your Earth to prevent damage to the outer planets, and life forces in Space. Do you still wonder why Man is considered such a danger to other forms of life?


What is sad is that by and large you have the potential to be loving and caring, and do have a natural feeling of responsibility for each other. However, you have been subjected to brain washing and control, that would have you believe that you are separated from each other. The differences because of colour and creed have been deliberately played upon, until you fear those who are painted as different to you. The dark ones then make you turn to them for protection, whilst promoting the very situations that have provoked incidents in the first place. Indeed, in many instances they are the ones responsible for deliberately creating the initial problems.


You ask how do we change the fabric of society and create one that reflects our true selves as Beings of Light and Love. The answer is by envisioning exactly what you perceive the alternative to be from what you are now experiencing. By living that vision you create the circumstances that will enable it to manifest, and in that you are becoming successful. Gradually you have weakened the power of the dark to continue on their path of world domination, and they can no longer exercise the control over you that they had previously. It is why the old paradigm is changing and a new one is taking its place, and is taking root and creating the necessary opportunities for wide reaching changes that are beneficial to everyone.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and guiding Michael on his chosen path as a bridge between you and us. There is a network of Lightworkers that are part of our presence on Earth, and present conditions are bringing you together. That is important for the immediate future of you all, as there is a greater power in numbers. Go about your business in the Light and Love that is the real you, the indestructible Godspark of God.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.