Ag-agria  03-December-2008


Time continues to hurry by waiting for no man, and it is your proof that you are entering the higher vibrations. There is no return to the old ways, and you shall experience the changes that they bring. A new wave of energy enfolds the Earth and grows stronger every day, and is increasing exponentially. There is little that the dark forces can do to reverse the process that is transmuting the dark energies. Their power is being taken from them, and is being returned to the people. Beware however that attempts will still be made to stop the progress of the Light and truth. That will be short lived as the dark will be forced to withdraw their agenda for global control. They no longer have the influence to continue with their plan, and even some of those who supported it are pulling out.


Many Light bearers have emerged from the shadows, and taken up the challenge to join forces. It is reaching a point where they will take over, and only requires your support for those that are chosen for the task. There is a time and place for everything that has been planned for your upliftment, and it is now so important that information carrying the truth reaches you. Listen carefully to those who speak with clarity and purpose about the coming changes. Link with such souls of Light and Truth as David Wilcock who has a major role to play in your future. There are many others, and all play their part in bringing you the energies of truth that will set you free. The truth is surely stranger than fiction, because you have been misled by the dark forces that covered it up. Now there is no stopping the avalanche of truth that is building up. It will engulf the world, and release you from the careful web of deceit that the dark ones have used to keep you under their control.


It is up to each individual to spread the truth as it becomes known, but it will not be fully brought into the being until we are in open contact with you. There are many dear souls who speak quietly, and dare not risk their lives or that of their families by speaking out aloud. These are the times when the truth must emerge, and the cleansing cannot be complete until it is fully told. Your history must be re-written according to the truth that has been concealed for millennia of time. It will be hard for some of you to contemplate, as you have lived in the darkness for so long. The truth can sometimes stare you in the face and you are still in denial, and the cover-up in connection with UFO’s is one such glaring example. It is fear and deliberate false information that has formed your beliefs. However, consider what it is that holds you back and try to keep an open mind. It will not be long before absolutely undeniable truth of our presence and our craft will be presented to you all.


Your President Elect will acknowledge our presence soon enough, but there will be those who try to prevent such revelations. Each facet of the truth that is revealed weakens the ability of the dark ones to hide it, and stops you realising that they have manipulated you for so long to achieve their goal. Their tentacles reach into every office of authority, and more importantly where your laws are concerned. Successive governments have eroded your rights until you have little left. That will also change quite quickly, and you will claim back your sovereignty. You have given away your power without realising it, although it is true to say that much has taken place without your knowledge or approval. The Government is for the people and should reflect their views and opinions, and those who ignore their duties and oaths to you will lose their positions before much longer.


You might imagine that the truth would be welcomed with open arms, but for many it is seen as a disturbance and interruption to their way of life. Everyone must consider the broader picture as it is what is good for all and operates in fairness, and stands for equality and justice without favour to any particular group. It must come into being, and more people are beginning to understand how your Constitution has been largely destroyed, and is that not surprising when your outgoing President described it “as just a bit of paper” It was given to you by divine decree and it was formulated by some of the most godly individuals of that time. It was underwritten by St. Germain who even today is playing a major role in returning its benefits to you, together with the abundance that will take you out of the misery caused by the financial collapse. The cleansing reaches far and wide, and all of the old vibrations that have no place in your immediate future will be left behind or transmuted.


Hold onto your faith in the future, and see your way through the changes knowing that the pot of gold really does exist at the foot of the rainbow. Does it not appear after the storm and tell of the beautiful energies that are contained in your Light? Better still once you are through the changes, it will never return to what is was previously and your Golden Age will truly have commenced. The beauty, joy and happiness that it will bring you, will more than compensate for all of the time you have spent in the cycle of duality. The Father/Mother God has decreed that this cycle shall end in the time predicted, and our presence is part of your assurance that it shall be so. The task of totally cleansing the Earth is beyond your present capabilities, but we shall ensure that it is completed in time for Ascension to take place.


 I am Ag-agria from Sirius still in touch with our channel, and very much involved in First Contact. The time for a major move in this direction looms large, and we are excited at that prospect. Our plan is fully in place and cannot in any way be corrupted by the dark forces, as by the time it commences they will have been removed from their seats of power. We know that we now have overwhelming support from you, and that is clearly an important aspect of the conditions that will lead to First Contact. We already know those of you who are trustworthy and can contribute to the plan for you and your Earth. It is simple and easy to carry out with our technology, that you will quickly master and use when working with us. We know that many of you are already approaching the new methods through your own investigation and experiments. Our influence is often behind your discoveries, and is all part of the preparations that are necessary. All that takes place carries the energies of Light and Love, and our connection with you is on a level of equality and in loving appreciation of your godliness. Take heart from all messages of upliftment, as there are more dear ones bringing them out than ever before.


Thank you Ag-agria

Mike Quinsey.