Atmos  31-December-2007


The end of the year has arrived at an astonishing speed, and time seems to be going at an ever increasingly fast pace. You can look back at your personal experiences and those in general that have affected your life, and on the face of it for many people it would not appear to have moved much further forward. That is the outer illusion brought about by the continued confusion that exists. It is also because the slow painstaking challenges that are forever presented to us in our plans to remove the last cabal, do not allow us to reveal anything but a general outline of our plans.


However, much progress has been made which is not apparent to you, but known to our allies and us. It has been a long road that has led us to this point in your evolution, but in reality one that has really taken off since the Millennium. Human consciousness has grown immensely since that period of time and the great awakening has truly begun. It is going forward faster than ever, and is your guarantee of success in bringing about conditions that will result in major changes.


This coming year promises to be the one that finally delivers what you have been seeking, and that is your release from the domination of the dark forces. Look around the world and see that it is currently in a state of flux, as the new energies for change grow stronger. The dark and the Light clash but there can only be one winner in such a contest. The Light may have been subdued for eons of time, but now it has risen up and there will be no stopping the fulfilment of its promise. The first part of this year will see a number of attempts to remove the dark, and each one will weaken their position until there is complete success. Eventually the people will have a great bearing on the outcome, as their collective power can be formidable.


There is so much happening that is positive, but of course your media is controlled and concentrates on the fear laden news to overshadow it. Fortunately, the good news does circulate sufficiently that you are now better informed than for some considerable time. Many major events are playing out and none more important than the decline in the banking system, which is seriously caught up in the collapse of the financial markets. All of these events are preparing the way for a major change in money matters, and at the right time they will be ripe for the introduction of the benefits that are outlined in NESARA.


The war in the Middle East is still taking place against the background of disquiet and discontent by those supporting the U.S. The longer it continues the more likely it is that support will be withdrawn, and it will begin to force the hand of those who wish to carry on with their plan to take over that complete area. The U.S. has extended its troops and resources too much, and already struggles to provide a sufficient back up. It is draining the coffers of money that is denied for more worthwhile causes, such as your medical care policies which are a disgrace in the Western World. These facts are not going unnoticed, and they are turning the people against your present administration because of their suffering.


People power is far greater than you can imagine, which is why for millennia of time you have been imprisoned in an ever growing draconian society, bound by laws that deny your freedom under the Constitution. People can only be pushed so far and now there is a quiet rebellion amongst those who have experienced the harsh hand of the law, and seen its unfairness and lack of justice. There is nothing more powerful than people who band together, in a common cause from which they gain strength and impetus to achieve their goals.


The life and the duty of those who lead should be inspired by a spiritual impulse that sees all as equal, and endeavours to bring people together by attending to their needs. The gap between the rich and poor has never been greater, but with our coming that will completely change with a fairer distribution of all wealth. Greed and avarice have been rampant in recent years, and fed by the dark forces that have lifted materialism to a new level. It is grotesque, and an insult to all of you that strive for just the basic needs to survive. That will quickly change with First Contact and we know that happy and contented people are the most likely to give their support to us. People need to be assured of our intentions, and also see that the results are beneficial and fulfil our promises.


Our coming is one totally of a spiritual nature, as all members of the Galactic Federation recognise the soul within each Being regardless of colour or creed. We acknowledge your God selves and see your potential to rise up out of duality, and we are here to help you in any conceivable way to move onto the path of Ascension. Once your material needs are covered there will be more opportunity to consider your spiritual life, and there will be help for everyone that aspires to lift themselves up. The truth of your past history and your destiny will be clearly explained, so that each of you has an equal opportunity to make a clear choice as to what you wish to do. As we have often made known to you, there is no pressure on you to choose one way more than another. You create your own reality, and we shall always honour your choice.


The year ahead promises so much and will be the turning point in your lives. The cycle must end within a few years, and you have a most informative period ahead of you. For many years we have established excellent contacts with those having an ability to pass on our messages. We have prepared the way, and our presence can hardly have gone unnoticed since we decided to show you our craft travelling through your skies. Be assured that although your Government has developed some similar to ours, in number they are very small and what you see are largely craft of our Federation. We work constantly to deplete the effects of radiation that is poisoning you and your Earth. We have done so ever since you exploded your first atomic bombs, and but for our help your Earth would already be beyond recovery.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and pleased to come at such a special time when you set out your plans for the coming year. I hope you will remember that you have the power to bring change, and look to the highest manifestation of your desires so that all will benefit. Your collective energies do have a strong bearing on what takes place, and now your Light is shining out brightly it is a time to express desires that reflect all that is necessary to lift Man up. Think of Man as One in consciousness and that your contribution will help others to find the Light. Believe that everything is possible, and place no limitations on your vision of the future.


I shall leave you with the Blessings and Good Wishes from all of my companions, that you have a wonderfully fulfilling New Year as it already promises so much for you. Let the Light of your life shine out forever on all around you.  


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.