SaLuSa  28-December-2007


Dear ones it gladdens our hearts to see the Light continually growing, and with another burst resulting from your festive celebrations, it is taking you forward to a new level. We see it propelling through 2008 as it picks up even more momentum, as the darkness and uncertainty are cleared away to reveal the truth. Much is waiting to be brought into the public domain, and once it commences there will be no stopping it and even the media will be forced to address the issues.


The Light of Truth is your greatest weapon against the dark forces, and many of you are prepared to stand up and be the pioneers of a new wave of consciousness. There is much confusion amongst the people, who do not understand that the media which once stood for freedom and truth, have for a long period of time been manipulated by the Illuminati. Fortunately the Internet has allowed freedom of information, which has ensured an exchange of news where the truth can be found. Naturally those who would suppress the truth have websites that give out disinformation. However, against others that are consistently truthful and have proved reliable they can quickly be dismissed.


As ever we remind you of the constant need to use your intuition in all situations that challenge your understanding. At any given time your truth is the most important one to you, and it matters not if you later modify it in light of new information. Unless you are absolutely certain try to set aside that which does not fit into your beliefs, and consider it again later if necessary.  All of the time your consciousness is constantly re-assessing what you have taken in to yourself. It builds a mine of information that you use to bring your understanding up to date, and sometimes it happens quite subconsciously.


For a period of time you will hear many claims from those who are confident enough to step forward and tell what they know. It will be counteracted by those who try to hide the truth and bring some confusion to your minds. Stay fast and stick to your principles, and eventually the truth will have become so powerful, that there will be no denying it. These are times of great cleansing, and the dark energies that have caused so much negativity are being transmuted. Gradually even those who have previously been caught up in the darkness of your planet are having doubts about their position, and many are looking for a new understanding. Such people will be at the heart of the demise of the dark forces, as they will speak out against them from a position of experience.


The early part of the New Year will be one of many revelations, and upheaval in political institutions will continue to take place. That which no longer serves the people is rapidly breaking up, and for a time there will be turmoil. See it for what it is as a necessary cleansing, and know that there are other Beings ready to step forward that have truth and honesty as their footstool. Starting in the U.S. eventually all of the dictators and tyrants will be removed, and the restoration of the Constitution will become a model for all others. “In God We Trust” will not be some hollow statement, but one that truly reflects the new way of leadership. It will not signal the return of rule by religious groups, but be a broad reflection of life conditioned by the Love and Light of God.


Living in the Light means that you view everyone else as part of yourselves, and that you would “do unto others as you would yourself” doing no harm and treating all as equal as they are in the eyes of God. In your present circumstances that edict is difficult to stand by, because you live in times of perpetual confrontation and you are prone to re-act. Try not to engage the dark forces in a way that pulls you into their lower vibrations, and instead cast out your Light and Love as oil on troubled waters. Emotions are easily aroused when you are faced with challenges to your beliefs, but if you are strong you do not have to prove them to anyone else. Stay centred at all times, and your calm and relaxed approach will often diffuse tense situations.


You have everything within you to deal with the coming period of turmoil, but know that it will give way to a more settled period. You will see the changes for good taking place, and before this year is out major changes that will clearly indicate that a new phase has started. The dark are hurling towards the edge of the cliff and losing control, and it is at this time they can be their most dangerous. Be however assured that we of the Galactic Federation and our allies upon Earth are directing the course of events. Destructive actions against the people will not be allowed, and with our coming one of our first actions will be to bring about the cessation of wars.


We would make it clear, that as much as we would like to appear now and put a stop the darks plans, we must acknowledge your freewill which is your gift from the Creator. There is a fine line between your freewill and our actions to put in place the Creators plan for Humanity. However, there are certain time lines to be met, and we stand totally prepared to openly reveal ourselves when permission is granted. The fact that our existence is believed in by an ever-increasing number of people is bringing us ever nearer to you. For too long you have been deliberately mislead about our peaceful intentions, and we look forward to revealing our true ones towards you. The acts of depicting all extraterrestrials as war like, and having intentions to take over Earth are deliberate attempts to have you in fear of us.


I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation are we your true brothers and sisters, and its members are from your Galaxy that has life forms very similar to your own. Behind all outer appearances there are souls that like you have been breathed out by the Creator, and in that respect you are identical. We are all on the great journey of experience through this and other Universes, that are part the wonderful panoply of the different aspects of the Creators creations. Once you ascend, the Universe becomes open again to you and you will travel unrestricted as you desire. The Earth has intentionally been set aside for your experiences in duality, and the outcome is of great importance to the rest of the Universe. You will determine your future, and we are here with much love to ensure that it is in Light through your wonderful Ascension.


Than you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.