Diane  21-December-2007


Dear Ones, as you make your final preparations in readiness for your days of celebration, the energies change with the Winter Solstice that takes place today. There is a prime movement, that we see as the start of a new wave of energy which will lift you yet higher. This is the time that the human consciousness will move forward, and it heralds a sign of your rapid evolution and opening up to a new level. You will go into the New Year with a positive feeling of success, and intent to manifest those changes that you know are required to leave the old behind.


There are many key days throughout the year when you are able to permanently bring beneficial energies to Earth. Each one is another link to the Light that continually expands into what we now see as a wonderful grid that encircles it. It is complete and lifting you and the Earth ever upwards, and it is inevitable that it will create the conditions for Ascension. You are therefore poised for a change in consciousness throughout the planet. It will be an opportunity for those who are slowly awakening to take a quantum leap forward.


The Plan for Earth involves a series of upward energy movements, that will allow for sudden changes that will see the negative energies no longer able to dictate the course of Humanity. Instead the way will be clear for souls to move further into the Light, and a new era will commence. We know that you prefer to feel that you have made your own decisions about your future. Although there are special times when the input of Light is powerful, it is not overpowering you but gently coaxes you into the truth of your real Self.


We know that many more of you are opening up to a new way of looking at life and its purpose. Some are still fearful of what it all signifies, as they feel unable to comprehend what is taking place. This is where the multitude of Lightworkers comes into their own, and they work tirelessly to explain why the changes must come. The difficulty is that there is little to see that supports them and their claims, and first must come the changes of leadership, and preparing the way for such changes has not been easy. There are a number of moves in progress that each in its own way is paving the road to success.


Deep in your sub-consciousness you have memories of the completion of cycles that have been accompanied by the virtual self-destruction of Man. This time the pattern is already set and you have gone beyond such a repetition, although but for the Creator’s Plan you could have followed another path that would have led to total annihilation. What you now see is both the dark and Light head to head in their battle for supremacy. Appearances are however deceiving, as the Light is in the ascendance whilst the dark energies are breaking up.


These are times when there is a distinct feeling around you of change, and energies that you know are positive and uplifting. You will not get involved or drawn into the fearful actions of the dark forces, providing you stand at all times in your Light. It is your protection, and only fear can penetrate it if you allow it to be so. Of course we appreciate that many of you are directly caught up in the effects of the darks campaign to spread fear. It requires much faith and strength of character to remain steadfast to your beliefs. However, the coming year is one where the most fantastic changes will take place. You will clearly see that what we have been telling you about in respect of the major changes, is taking place and therefore all else will follow on.


It is the scale of the changes that cause some of you to doubt that it will happen in your lifetimes. However, we reiterate again that we are fully prepared to immediately go into action once circumstances permit it. Once we start, events will astound you as we approach the problems that require our attention. Not one at the time, but all together with the view to completing our tasks within a very short time scale. You will be busy but your work will be a joy to experience, as you will find that you are not under the same pressures that you are now. The greatest aid to prompt completion of all projects will be our technology that removes the need for masses of people to operate it. It is almost totally computer controlled, and they are far in advance of your most modern ones.


The festive occasion that you are about celebrate may lead you to ask if we too have similar ones. The answer is yes, but they are specifically intended to enable us to participate in our totality to bring energies into our realms from the Central Sun. We have a deep understanding of the way the energies need to be integrated into our levels of existence, and to a lesser degree your ancestors also knew of how to bring them in. Your Druids of old were the masters at working with the energies, and they were connected with many stone circles throughout your world. We can truthfully claim that each moment of our lives is a celebration and acknowledgement of the Creator, and our understanding that all life has its existence within the Creator’s energy. Our greatest joy is to serve the Creator and in turn serve others with our realisation That All is One.


I am Diane and from Sirius, just one of so many civilisations that have been invited to join the Galactic Federation of Planets. It is an honour bestowed upon those who have acknowledged their Oneness with the Creator, and have pledged their lives to carry out the Creator’s Will over their own. It is a most beautiful existence of total happiness, and opportunities to share our love with all life. It is not in any way static, as everything that exists is always on the move and follows a path that leads ever upwards. Our pleasure is to serve others and that is why we are focussed on your needs at this most wonderful time. Our presence is your assurance that all will be well, and your guarantee that this cycle shall end as decreed, in Ascension.


Enjoy your festivities and take a little time to bring a mind frame into your life that allows for your love and generosity to extend to others. Carry it into your New Year, and look forward to the manifestation of all of your dreams of peace and happiness. We wish you all a most joyful time filled with love.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.