Ela  12-December-2007


The progress you have made with your aspirations to achieve Ascension, are astonishing in view of the comparatively short time that you have found your individual paths. Against the slow but steady awakening within your consciousness, you have suddenly found the way to the truth from within. We see it as a wonderful development that at one time seemed unlikely to the degree that it has taken place. You have discovered your true paths, and as personal as they are to each of you they have lifted up the vibration upon Earth. This is helping others who are also beginning to respond to the higher energies, and opening their eyes to a new pathway of Light.


We can see by your auric energies that the colours are becoming clearer and of the higher vibrations. This tells us that you are uplifting yourselves into the purer vibrations, and that in turn is also affecting the mass consciousness. Dear Ones, you are beginning to act more as One, and it is speeding up your transition to those levels necessary for your Ascension. We and others of the Galactic Federation are assisting you, but it is you who lead the way. We hold out a helping hand to each and every one, but there is no pressure on you to accept. We are highly aware of the need to allow you to decide your own path as you evolve.


We can tell you about the higher dimensions, of the beauty, peace and serenity and what it is like to be constantly living in the Light. In your sub-consciousness you know that it is your true home, and it sounds appealing against the chaos and stress of living on Earth at present. However, you cannot simply elect to move into them without making the changes within self. You have to rise up into the higher vibrations and what we are doing is to show you the way, enabling you to take advantage of the many openings that are bringing more Light to you.


To become a Lighted One is to bring your consciousness into alignment with the higher energies. The more you do so, the more you are able to view everything around you from that higher point and understanding of Universal Love. You become passive and yet you bring change wherever you go. Your energies are the ultimate ones of pure love, and are powerful beyond your knowing. When you reach this stage, you cannot in fact misuse your energies, and it is most natural for you to spread your love as a normal emanation that accompanies all of your thoughts and actions. When you are acting as your Godself you cannot be anything but a reflection of those higher energies.


There is still some way to go before you reach the point of super-consciousness, but nevertheless that it where you are heading. Within the remaining years of this cycle you will be uplifted by ever increasing degrees of Light, until you become a fully conscious Being. The changes that are taking place now are preparing you for such a time. It is the most natural progress from being veiled from the Light, to one who is totally re-united with it. We cannot do it for you, but once you have the intent to do so we will assist you in every possible way.


 We work with your Guides to open up new paths for you, always bearing in mind your own plan for these end times. Each of you are individuals that have been working with a long term plan, and even now you have one that will fulfil your expectations. No one else does the choosing but you, however when you turn to us for advice we are happy to help you. By knowing of our places in the Cosmos you are being allowed to look into your future, and we are where many of you are destined to be. You originally came from the higher dimensions, and it is to them that all will eventually return.


The magnificence of these times is lost upon many people, but every effort is being made to open their eyes. It is a unique time that offers the opportunity to break out of the Cycle of Duality. If you can rise up and see the way to move onto the Path of Light, you will not have to return to these lower levels again. If you are at the beginning of your awakening, move into a new sense of awareness that allows you to understand them. If necessary embrace the dark, but do so without becoming drawn into their energies. It is possible to be on the outside looking in, and through a passive and calm approach be unaffected by them.


Becoming of the Light is by no means as difficult as it may first appear. Realise that All Is One, and what you do to one is what you do to yourself. Your collective thoughts and actions are responsible for your reality, and if you desire to change it, first change Self. Where you are all now has been achieved by a minority who have brought Light to themselves and the Earth. The Light is all-powerful, and the grids are in place that will ensure your upliftment. Today is yet another of many, where an energy portal has been opened. Each one is linking in with the existing grid in a subtle yet powerful manner, and the Light increases each time exponentially.


It is a paradox in some ways that whilst the Light increases, so does the chaos and seemingly endless confrontations. However, it is inevitable as the Light removes all that is no longer of the higher vibrations. The cleansing must take place, no more so than with the Earth itself. There is so much negative energy bound up within it that has accumulated over eons of time. Until it has been removed you cannot fully move forward into the higher energies, but that work is progressing well. So much is happening, and most of it without your full understanding but that will change very soon. The time is rapidly approaching when circumstances will permit our coming amongst you, and then we can enlighten you as to the manner of the final stages of your upliftment.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and we cannot but think of you without great thoughts of love and compassion. We feel your desperation as our own and send calming energies for you. We wish for you total enlightenment, and your release from the traumas of your earthly lives. Soon we shall participate in your activities, and no longer will you be held down. I send great love and blessings to you from Arcturus.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.