Ker-On  10-December-2007


For a long time you have been given the proof of our existence, and you have undisputed evidence of our craft. Additionally there are thousands of sightings of our members and other visitors to your Earth. It would take an unreasonable person or one who was totally biased against us, to refuse to accept the evidence and admit to our presence. Also at this time there has never been so many contacts made for the purpose of passing on our messages to you. There has been, and continues to be a program of enlightenment, so that within the human consciousness there is an understanding of us, and our reasons for coming to you.


Stories abound in your history of our help that has provided the means and knowledge for your evolution. Sometimes the evidence has been clear but on other occasions vague and distorted through superstition, and the difficulty in putting words to an usual experience. Now we do most of our activities openly except for frequent landings and contacts, as there are never ending attempts to capture us and our craft. Your authorities have been successful, but only where visitors other than us are concerned. The crashed craft could easily have been removed, but sometimes you have been allowed to retrieve them for examination purposes. As with your famous and well reported crash at Roswell, the public as well as your authorities have gained much knowledge and understanding about your terrestrial visitors.


Each and every one of you at some time will have to decide the importance and meaning of our contact with you. It has taken a long time and immense patience and planning on our part, to gently create the conditions and understanding that prepare you for our coming. There is now little time left for those who have no place in their consciousness for us, to awaken to the importance of this period in your lives. Where the evidence for our existence is rejected it is often through fear, but many also see no place for us in their vision of the future. They are content to stay within the 3D matrix and that is a choice that we honour.


We do not intend to hide ourselves away when our presence is required in your skies, as more than ever there is a necessity for our continued monitoring of the activities taking place on Earth. The dark continue building bases and equip them with the latest war technology. Many are deep underground, but that presents no problems to us in collecting information as to what is being developed. Where weaponry is concerned, there are none that cannot be neutralised if any attempts are made to use them against us. We have consistently warned against the use of nuclear weapons, and in no circumstances will that be allowed. Our tasks are not always easy, as we have to find a balance that complies with the edicts from the Councils that oversee our activities, and the freewill you have to create your own reality. However, many have made their intent quite clear to step onto the path leading to Ascension. That decision is also honoured, since a major part of our instructions revolve around preparing you for this leap in your evolution, and we do just that.

There are now many generations upon Earth that have been brought up against the background of Space travel. Each successive one finds it easier and more natural to accept the idea of life beyond your tiny planet in one corner of the Galaxy. Therefore we know that our open contact will be accepted with little resistance, as the concept is already well ingrained in your mass consciousness. It only remains for us to respond to the correct timing, and that moment of our arrival will be seen as your salvation. Events on Earth are escalating and speeding up and the sooner we can organise the needed changes in your governments, the quicker we can all get on with our projects. We are eager to get started, and save you from the consequences of decades of neglect and abuse of the Earth.


The time for your release from the dark forces is nearly upon you, and we stand prepared to block any last attempts by them to start more confrontations and warlike situations. Now millions of people not only desire peace, but also turn their backs upon their leaders attempts to continue promoting fear as a means to continue with their agenda. Your future is in our hands and not theirs, and we follow the plan for the release of Humanity so that all efforts may be concentrated on your glorious future. It continues to unfold regardless of any attempts by others who place obstacles in your way.


Your wait is almost over, and we hear the great sigh of relief that will bring joy and happiness to you. Suddenly your lives will take on a new look, and Humanity will quickly forge ahead and create the Earth anew. Gone will be all of those worries about your conditions and prospects for the future. The plan will be explained so that our intentions are crystal clear, and you will be in no doubt about the grand changes that are planned.


Of great concern to us are your modern day health treatments focussed around vaccinations and drugs. That will all change and new innovations and methods will ensure that health will be restored, without those disabling and often serious side effects. No more will treatments take months or years to overcome health problems, and many cures will be instantaneous. Also with the cleaning up of your environment, the conditions will be more conducive to a healthy life. The wide use of chemicals in foodstuffs and medical treatments will stop, and a healthy regime will replace harmful methods.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and I am part of the teams that will advance your technology for the purposes of bringing you into the 21st Century. You have so many advanced thinkers, quite able and ready to adapt to the new methods we will introduce you to. The Galactic Federation will allow you to use their equipment, but first we must be sure that it is placed in the right hands. It will be given out without any discrimination, and it cannot and will not be for the sole use of a chosen few to exploit. Those days will soon be over, and a spirit of co-operation and friendship will soon blossom. Put your worries behind you as you move into the New Year, as it holds all of the promises that we have made and there will be a wonderful re-union in love and joyful exchanges.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.