Ag-agria  7-December-2007


Many people have an awareness of the changes happening, and the Light that is permeating the Earth and its expected effect upon them. We hear them question as to how they will know when they have stepped upon the path to upliftment. They look for outward signs when we say you should look within. The positive indication that you are progressing along such a path, is to the degree that you are becoming detached from the materialism of the 3rd dimension. Once you are going towards Ascension, you will be aware that you are cutting your ties to things that would otherwise hold you back, That also refers to other people who have a desire to tread a different path to you. It does not mean cutting your links entirely, but only those that are proving an obstacle to your growth and the onward expansion of your consciousness into the Light.


There must come a point when it is necessary to let go of those around you who do not share your desire to ascend. It is a case of neither parties holding up the fulfilment of each other’s choice where the future is concerned. You will naturally gravitate towards those who share your dreams, and together you will manifest that reality. For those who have a different view another path will open up, and in the end all will find the right one for them. We come back as we often do to the matter of your freedom of choice, and remind you that it is rightfully and unequivocally yours having been granted to you by the Creator.


Within your consciousness the seeds of truth are growing, and as you evolve so you will come together with the wisdom of your Higher Self that is ever present in your sub-consciousness. When both become totally as one, you will know that you have ascended, and will take your place in the higher dimensions as a 5D Being of pure Love and Light. At this time it is necessary to continue living your new concept of what you wish to be, in the Light of Love and understanding. You will certainly know that you are progressing satisfactorily, when you find yourself able to easily detach from what is going on around you.


As time passes, the Light will become stronger and take you closer to your return to full consciousness. That is your goal and help is given all of the way so that it can be fully achieved. It is the birthing of your true self and once attained you shall move into yet another period of growth. Evolution is continuous and is forever moving onwards whether you are aware of it or not. You approach a year of great changes, and perhaps for many there will be the first positive signs of the transformation that is taking place. Doubt will be replaced by a sure understanding of the manner in which the end times will be played out, giving you a goal to work towards.


Man has moved into a number of large groups, all with a slightly different understanding of what is to happen in these last years before Ascension. Those differences are unimportant to the overall progress that is being made, and as the truth becomes clear a new look will have to be taken at your beliefs. Our coming and that of many Higher Beings is for the purpose of your enlightenment, and the confused areas of your thinking will be clarified. The more you are working in unison, clearly the greater will be your alignment with the Light. However, some see their goal as being in the establishment of their own beliefs, but this will not be possible to maintain if it is outside of the new teachings that will be given to you.


There has always been a time and place for great steps forward, and the Masters identify those opportunities to further your understanding. Through their channels or direct incarnation upon Earth, they have delivered the necessary enlightenment to move you forward. In the last century so much new information was released, and today we see the result as so many more of you have found the truth within. It is a matter of bringing the knowledge out of the deep recesses of your mind. Some prefer to be led to the truth, but that is a remnant of the teachings of the past when all knowledge was held and guarded by the priestly Orders. You were led to believe that you had to bow to the superior knowledge of those who claimed to be the representatives of God. That is no longer necessary in an enlightened age.


The difference now is that you are encouraged to go within to find the truth, and you are quite able to be discerning. True spiritual knowledge is not delivered with demands or threats against, and you should you choose otherwise if that is not to your satisfaction. We simply place it before you knowing that you will take from it what is important to you at any particular in your growth. As with all information that goes into your pool of knowledge, it does so in a way that you are not necessarily aware of, and in a subtle and almost undetected way re-forms your understanding. This is clearly much more preferable than having to follow a rigid discipline of teachings, that give little or no opportunity for change.


You do not have to be “religious” or call yourself a Christian to see that Man has gone seriously astray. You have an inner knowing that Man is naturally a sentient being of peace and goodwill. However, after decades and centuries of domination and false teachings, you have been given a mindset that has allowed others to lead you into one confrontation after another. All is claimed to take place in your name and for your good. Fear has been rampant and fed by the ever-present “enemy” that you have been taught to believe hide round every corner. That is now changing as you become more aware of the truth.


Dear Ones, there are those who continually perpetrate and contrive conditions of war. They take away your innocence and love for your fellow man, and instead replace it with fear and hatred. This false picture has served the dark well, but now you are awakening to the truth it no longer carries the power that it did previously. You see the lies and subterfuge that is used to keep you in your place, and you are breaking the bonds that have kept you in the dark. The dark are losing their ability to do with you as they wish, and consequently their plans are no longer able to deliver the success they expected.


I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation and with my family of Sirians and many other members, are supporting you in bringing about the leadership changes that will allow a new path to open up. Peace is top of our agenda and must be brought to the people before the greater changes can fully come into being. A world in turmoil serves no other purpose than that of the dark forces. We know that Man is tired of the continual confrontations, and excuses used to promote a world that is forever on the brink of war. Not everyone realises that it is being taken into space, and it is directed towards us and intended to stop our plans for First Contact. It will not succeed and we are more than equal to anything that is attempted.


We are known to the dark, and they are aware that a condition for our coming is that a new leadership shall have been installed. They therefore resist change and try to hold on to their power by any means possible. We cannot directly confront them and have no desire to do so. Our strength is in our ability to work with our allies, and use our technology to achieve victory for you through peaceful methods. Of that you may be absolutely sure, and as the New Year unfolds you will realise the truth in that statement.


Because you cannot see the full picture, you are bound to accept what we tell you as a matter of good faith. However, your history shows that our actions have always been in your interests. There are other extraterrestrials that are outside of our Federation, and their presence on your Earth has only been achieved by co-operation with your Government. They have been responsible for “abductions” and other actions that are in no way attributable to us.


You stand at the door of enormous changes, and it is beginning to open wide and the Light is streaming in. There is nothing that will stop it manifesting the conditions for your release from the dark. It comes with Love and brings balance and harmony back into your lives, and most importantly restores your freedom and rights that have been taken away from you.          


Stand tall and keep looking ahead at the vision of world peace that you have created. It is forming within your midst right now, helped by your positive energies of Light and Love that are settling upon Earth. On behalf of all of your friends from Space, I wish you the strength that you seek to overcome the dark and start your journey to Ascension in earnest. Our love travels with you at all times, and call upon us if you are troubled and seek our protection.    


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.