Diane  05-December-2007


There is nothing more satisfying than to have found your true reality. Moving out of the matrix formed by mankind, means you have seen through the illusion that many consider to be their true one. When you realise the truth of your being and particularly that life is infinite, it puts a whole new slant on life. It begins to have a purpose and a flow to it, and means that you have no need to rush into anything. Life will continue regardless of what you do, and if your ambitions are unfulfilled you do not have to carry any remorse or feeling of failure with you. In any event if you search your soul you will intuitively know whether you had chosen the right path.


No two lives are identical, but some souls come together for karmic purposes and follow a near similar path. You are placed with the people and locations that are to play a part in your life, and of course you in theirs. Through your whole life only a comparatively small number of people will have a serious or important input into it. Your destiny has already been mapped out in a life plan agreed upon by you. No matter how involved your plan is you may be sure that the most important facets will not pass you by, although you always have the freewill to make a final choice. Your Guides will do all they can to direct you towards experiences that you have already agreed upon, because in retrospect you will be most disappointed if you have erred in your judgement.


Life is not all about the positive aspects, as you must remember that you are in duality to learn about both energies. Therefore negative experiences also carry a gain for you, and you can come out of the other side unscathed. Never be hard on yourself for making mistakes, the value in such experiences is in overcoming whatever challenge is presented to you. In any life you will be tested to determine whether lessons have been well learnt, and these may go back to previous lives. Spiritual evolution is the object of everyone’s life and it never ceases to be your goal.


When you have left duality behind and ascend the various dimensions, you will take on greater responsibilities but they will not lead to negative situations as on Earth. You will travel a path into the Light that will lead you forward with souls of a like consciousness, until you wish to experience a different one. Your choices are unlimited and you can decide exactly what you want to aim for, and as ever there is always guidance at hand. Ascended Man will have earnt the right to travel freely anywhere in the Cosmos, having become a Being of Light.


Tied up in earthly happenings, and seemingly unable to control what is happening around you, the Light seems very far away. Yet it is totally within your power to change that situation, by altering your perception of what life is really about. You are not a victim of circumstances except that you chose those experiences for your betterment. If you can view what life throws at you as important for your evolution, it will not be as difficult to accept. Many harbour feelings of wretchedness and failure and carry regrets for a long time, when it would be far better to let go and start with a clean slate. Lift yourself up and do not carry remorse around like a load upon your back. Make your journey as light as possible, and free yourself of self-imposed retribution.


As you enter the last phases of this cycle you can forge ahead knowing that with its ending, you will be released from your karma. If you have progressed sufficiently to become aware of your true self and have stepped upon the path to Ascension, the Law of Grace will release you from it. Life is a lot more simple than many would make you believe, and you are not being deliberately led astray. At any time you make a decision as to what to do that is yours alone, and no one else can be blamed if you have made it wrongly. Yet because of karma you will appear to have misled yourself, when in fact the experience was necessary for you.


There comes to people a feeling of achievement when they have found the truth within. With the understanding of life’s purpose, there is a calmness and ability to deal with all problems in a circumspect way. You find that you can control what is happening, and can retain your good sense and ability to understand what lessons are contained in your experiences. The path to the truth is exactly what you have scripted for yourself, and is different for every single soul. It carries over from one lifetime to another, and also at a speed that you choose. Some would appear to have little movement in their lives, yet all are with the intent of giving to them another aspect of life’s challenges.


Now it is so important that you begin to live the truth, and your vision of where it is leading you. What your purpose is and how you will manifest your goal. Many of you came into this lifetime with the full understanding that you would align it with Ascension. Therefore your life plan would have allowed for those opportunities to come your way. Others would have planned to live the experience without any immediate desire to be uplifted in readiness for Ascension. Even in that there is value, as no experience is without its lessons that will serve you well in future lives. Around you it is possible to identify family and friends who are as you might say, here for the ride. It is best to accept their decision to remain in this dimension if that is their choice.


Awakening to the Light can occur at any time, and even those who still appear asleep can suddenly experience enlightenment. These are unique times and you may be sure that every help is being given to open your eyes, to the great opportunity that is opening up to enable you to leave this cycle of duality. Some however, have allowed their life to become their prison and struggle to find a way out. We of the Galactic Federation and many Higher Beings gather here to guide you through the last days, and no effort is spared to help uplift you. It is our duty and loving desire to assist you and Mother Earth, so as to fulfil the Creator’s Plan.


There is a greater reflection of the true Light that sustains our planet and all life upon it. The new Earth will also rise up to that level of great beauty as a jewel in the sky. I send my love to you all, I am Diane from Sirius.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.