Atmos  03-December-2007


These times are significant because they are showing you what the dark are putting their efforts into. Their usual ploy is to cause chaos both at home and abroad in their still misguided plans to gain global control. For many years they have gradually achieved that goal, but are failing in the final phases. They have overlooked the ever-growing Light of Truth that has been opening people’s eyes, and now face a rebellion against their actions. As people try to exercise their still remaining rights, the dark try to minimise them with more draconian laws. However this will not deter those who have found the strength and spirit within to stand up to them.


It is not so much about people as two energies fighting for supremacy, and is a battle that can only have one outcome. The Light is eternal and cannot be destroyed by the dark, whereas the opposite is true and the dark can be fully removed by the Light. What you are experiencing on Earth is an explosion of Light, resulting from the increasing awakening and awareness of the people. It has fragmented the bastions of the dark that rely on ever increasing amounts of dark energy, largely brought about by fear. No longer do the dark forces bind you and at last you see them for what they really are.


There is always something magical about this month, as your minds and hearts turn to peace and goodwill. All around you is the energy of love and giving, and the feeling of Oneness abounds everywhere. This energy will carry with you right into your New Year, and instead of dying away will keep on growing in a major thrust of the awakening process. People power will reach unprecedented levels, and you will seek out those who represent a new way of thinking and carry the Light with them. As we have told you for so long, you already have the answers to your problems. Whilst we hold matters in balance, you can stream ahead with your determination to bring in the necessary changes that will alter the course of Mankind.


You are in a most volatile time, yet your Light will remain unaffected and will light up the path to freedom. Your power when you come together is greater than you can imagine, and it has the effect of drawing all similar energies together. You approach a year of incredible changes and the fruition of many promises made to you. This is the time that your combined Light will open up the opportunities to take a major step forward, and once you do there will be no stopping the momentum from continuing. All that you have desired in respect of your upliftment will commence in such a way as to be seen to happen.


Your financial institutions are in a near state of collapse, and it will make the introduction of new systems much more easy. Much has been going on behind the scenes to replace the old ways with the new, and progress has been made in spite of attempts to hold it up. Clearly, it is most important to have continuity and avoid where possible catastrophic results. Corruption has been rampant, but with the coming of the changes those who have abused their positions of power will be removed. This will apply across the board and cleanse society of those who have only operated out of self-interest.


Very soon the changes will reveal new ways of working, and all actions on your behalf will be clearly seen as honest and in your best interests. As time progresses you will become a model for others, who will quickly adapt to the “above board” way of working. At the same time the approach of First Contact will become a reality, and many preparations made for its arrival. There will be much taking place, and no time lost in attending the numerous problems that beset your world. There is a certain degree of urgency in our plans, as first and foremost we must restore Earth so that it is a place fit for new Man to inhabit.


However, once events start to take place, there will be much going on at the same time and Man will be fully occupied in playing his own part in the changes. Many of our advanced technologies are known to your scientists, but have either been suppressed or secretly used for covert operations. We will bring all of that knowledge into the open and made available for the good of all. You shall go forward with leaps and bounds, and soon life will take on a better quality and your needs catered for quite adequately. We of the Galactic Federation are fully primed and prepared to go into action at a moments notice. Our plans are constantly reviewed and updated as necessary, and we are overjoyed at the prospect of being with you very soon.


Your journey through duality is nearly over, and your tiredness at fighting the battles with the dark will soon be replaced with a new vigour. Even now many of you are becoming more positive and uplifted, at the thought of a new era of peace and freedom upon Earth. We encourage you to look ahead and hold onto your vision of a new Earth, one that reflects more of the perfection in which it was originally conceived. Your Earth is dying yet it is not beyond restoration, but the sooner we can openly come to your Earth the quicker we can reverse the conditions that threaten all of Mankind.


The old ways of living where you have been under constant fear for your life, will have no place in the remaining years that will carry you to Ascension. Peace will be restored, and threats to your lives and your property will be removed once and for all. Indeed, your needs will be covered by the introduction of many changes that will uplift your life style, and take away your dependence on others for your well being. Units for living purposes will become self contained and quite independent of outside services. These will be freely supplied, and no one shall want for safe and adequate accommodation. This is one of our primary concerns, and one that we shall address very quickly.


I am Atmos, and as many of Michael’s contacts come from Sirius. We are one of many civilisations that have a considerable interest and attachment to you. We come to you in Love, and shall be a major player in the great upliftment that is about to take place. Share our joy and happiness, as we prepare for our coming together and the final stages of Ascension.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.