Atmos  17-December-2007


Hope and optimism are high as you approach the end of the year. This augers well for the coming year, as before we can openly come to you there are still many challenges that you will face. All around you there are changes occurring that seem to cloud your vision for the future, and it has never been more true to say that the darkest day is before the new dawn. The glimmers of Light are breaking through, and touching people who have succumbed to the dark energies. However. there is an expectancy of better times, and it is helping raise the vibrations to the benefit of everyone.


Our encouragement is in the areas of self-government, inasmuch that you have conceded your freedom by giving permission to your leaders and representatives to make decisions on your behalf. However, they largely fail to truly address the problems that are preventing you from having a reasonable quality of life. Fortunately, there are now groups who are demanding a greater say in matters, and their actions are being noted. In the near future you will have people leading you who are aware of their responsibilities to you. There will be a new system that allows for specialised groups with a particular experience and expertise, to advise them.


No more shall you be used and manipulated to fulfil the grandiose plans of those who presently rule you. All of the secret groups that serve them will be disembodied, and that of course includes the Illuminati who operate behind the scenes and are the dark influences that control your lives. Historically you have always conceded your powers to leaders who have inevitably abused their position of trust. Over eons of time Man has lost his way and forgotten his spiritual origins, and instead of being free-thinking has been cowered into the dogma and beliefs of others.


Part of the reason you are rising up out of your darkness, is because you are recognising the power you have within. All along it has been you that have determined your future, and it is through your realisation that all you need is already within you. You are manifesting your vision of a new world where peace and happiness abound, and life can be full of joy and harmony. It seems a strange time to be talking of something that seems so far away, yet it is important that you hold that vision and are not distracted from your path. Events around you are threatening the exact opposite of what you seek, but the Light is rapidly bringing your vision into the world.


Nothing normally changes overnight but once we can go ahead with our plans for your future, events will take off quite quickly. Everything that is needed to start the restoration of Earth is in place, and our enormous transport ships carry sufficient equipment and personnel to complete our tasks in short time. For some time, we have ensured that matters on Earth have not got out of hand, thus allowing our projects to go quickly ahead. In reality we have never left the Earth to its own future, but have guided it along knowing that it would eventually be our task to restore it to its original pristine beauty.


We are but a small part of the whole administration that oversees the evolution of you and the Earth. There are Councils of the White Brotherhood and others that are directly concerned with your spiritual evolution. There are Christed Beings, and all is overseen by God who contains everything within his/her essence. God is within every single soul, and if you would but commune with that energy you would find that there is a response. There are many instances recounted where people have spoken with God, but caution is needed as sometimes communication has been with lesser Beings.


Belief is a powerful tool, and you can literally do anything if you have the will to do it. We do not say that you are Gods in the making for no reason, as you have the potential to create whatever you set your minds upon. As time goes by and your vibrations increase, you will acquire even greater powers. With it will come a great responsibility that must be matched by spiritual growth and understanding. You have been veiled from your true selves for so long you have forgotten who you are, but now the awakening is taking place. We shall be with you to help you step back into your mantle of Light, which represents a stage of progress that signals your readiness for Ascension.


The importance of these times cannot be overstressed, as it is your opportunity to leave duality behind. If you have learnt the lessons it has taught you, then you will know within that you are ready for that quantum leap into the future. If you cannot make it this time, there will be another chance at the completion of the next cycle. No one will be left behind, as this is a time of necessary change so that all may take their place in a new cycle. Equally no one is condemned or chastised for not having made Ascension, because as ever your gift of freewill is paramount.


Everyone will to some measure be greater now than when they started this cycle. For those who have not completed their lessons, the next cycle will be easier as all experience has a permanent place in your consciousness. Everything you need to know is in any event within your subconscious memories. You are well equipped to handle the challenges that may come your way. Should you go astray your Guides are always on hand to help you, but they advise you rather than force themselves upon you. You are free to experience exactly as you choose, but with free choice comes responsibility and that is how your lessons are learnt.


I am Atmos from Sirius and always delighted to address you, as we wish for your return to your true realms in the Light. To that end we are ready to join you as soon as we are allowed to commence First Contact. We in no way consider ourselves superior, but simply further along the path to self-realisation. Our knowledge and guidance will be freely given to you, as we help you lift up in the wonderful final years that are opening up for you. We have immense pride in your achievements, and send our Love and Blessings to you all and eagerly look forward to the New Year.


Thank you Atmos,

Mike Quinsey.