Atmos  31-August-06 

All of the time you are creating and energies coalesce and carry their signature with them, sometimes for long periods of time. Once created they will continue to grow, until a situation arises where that energy can be disseminated.  In doing so it releases the thought form that has built up. In your present period, the dissenting voices against Bush and his government are gathering pace and they call for his removal. It is therefore inevitable that the energy for change will eventually bring about that which is desired. 

Since there is a greater plan for the destiny of Man, it invokes assistance from the higher levels of those who monitor your progress for the Creator. Once again we can affirm that your future is assured, and many actions that are underway will manifest a result before much longer. It is difficult for you to comprehend the whole picture, because you cannot possibly be aware of how the impetus of your energies is taking effect. 

Where you are gaining is in your ability to be discerning. You now have sufficient knowledge of the workings of the dark to be able to see through their deceit. With the truth coming out, those who come forward to speak of their understanding are empowered by the energy of your desire to know. Here you are seeing an example of energy in action, and it is quickly bringing a result. By contrast, without guidance your visualisation of the future does not carry such a focussed energy, and it will take more time to manifest. 

It is true to say that you are influenced and guided, so that the opportunity for change is generated through specific thought forms. It comes back to your freewill which still operates in a limited time frame of your choosing. For thousands of years, you have been responsible for choosing the path you wish to take from the options you have created. Your task has not been easy, because the dark have also been allowed to play their part. Their influence has delayed and prevented you from evolving as quickly as you might otherwise have done.

Now you are taking back your power, and millions of points of Light are growing together into a formidable force for good. The Law of Attraction adds to your strength as you bring more Light to you from the higher realms. You cannot lose your battle to be rid of the influences of the dark, and as time passes your success will become more evident for all to see. 

Now press on with determination and know that all of your efforts are well worthwhile. Together your power is already bringing results, and the momentum is gathering pace. The infrastructure that supports the dark, will be modified to support the Light, and we shall ensure that there is adequate backing when the changes commence. In fact, much around you will become redundant, and many new ideas will be given to you to enable your tasks to be quickly fulfilled. 

You are experiencing a period that could rightly be called the storm before the calm, and you are helping to bring it into being. You are beginning to find your true selves, and realise that you have been wrongly led to believe you are lesser Beings than what you are. You have been repeatedly oppressed and held down, through the desire of those who seize power to use you for their purposes. The straight jacket that has progressively taken away your freedom, can no longer restrain you from breaking out. You are no longer prepared to allow others to take your rights away, and your efforts to halt such attempts are bearing fruit. 

The times of accepting the authority of your leaders is passing by, and you are rightly demanding that your voice is not just heard, but being taken notice of. One of your biggest obstacles is the media, which is largely a propaganda outlet for the dark, and as a result you have had little opportunity of expressing the truth. This has meant that you have had to find other outlets such as the Internet, and it has served you well. In fact, as you have been forced to seek other ways of getting out the truth, hundreds of different sources have been created to the general benefit of the people. 

In the circumstances there is not much more you can do, yet it is having a profound effect that is reaching increasing numbers of people every day. Some are still blinded by the fodder that is released for public consumption, and much of what you see from your leaders is playacting at its best. However, you are becoming more wise and discerning, and we do our best to enlighten you through many sources that now relay our words to you.  

You enter the last third of your year, and it promises to be a profound period where much action will take place. The Governments of your world are coming under much scrutiny, as it is being seen that they cannot deliver the peace that people seek. There is a restlessness that can result in the unseating of those who have seized power. When you are singular in your purpose and desire, I say woe betide those who would ignore your voices. We not only hear them but also respond, as you do not fight this battle for freedom  and truth by yourselves. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and add my voice to that of many others who have contact with you on Earth. We never cease to be amazed at your fortitude and sense of purpose. We are also honoured to serve you who in the midst of darkness have kept your Light shining. You have acknowledged the Oneness of life, and you have found that everlasting font of love. Unselfishly you have shared what you have to offer with your Brothers and Sisters, without thought for Self. That is truly a sign that you have discovered your real Self, a godly Being of Universal Love. 

We shall join you knowing of your success, and proof of your enlightenment. We will soon become one in purpose and dedication to the Creator’s Plan. It will carry you far into the higher realms of profound beauty and love. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.