Ag-agria  30-August-06 

Mountains are there to be climbed and the one you know as duality has been a formidable task. Over millennia of time you have overcome all obstacles, and now face the final challenge to reach the top. It has been an intensely trying time, but like all climbers who see their goal in sight you now move on with a renewed vigour and purpose. Even those around you who do not have your knowledge about what is taking place, sense the changes. However, it can be unsettling for them as they realise many of their cherished beliefs are changing. 

The truth is staring people in the face, but they do not always see it. They try to recede into their shell and maintain the status quo. This is clearly not a time for the fainthearted, but those that have a new awareness can help those that do not. There are many floundering in the sea of doubt, and they lack direction. It is suggested that those who are aware, do all they can to enlighten other people. You are One Humanity that has come to the crossroads, and every opportunity should be taken to help awaken those who are lacking direction. 

For our part we have opened numerous channels of information, and we guide your teachers and students in a direction that will reveal the truth. The old paradigm is fast disappearing to allow the new one to be accepted. However, old beliefs are so ingrained in the human psyche that it is not an easy task. Of necessity the new understanding must come into being, and it is part of your re-education. We will soon need many allies and helpers to work with us, and they must be open and able to grasp the new concepts and ideas that we bring. 

There is no going back to the old ways, but options remain for those who refuse to move out of their present understanding. As always, freedom of choice is your gift and we will not stand in the way of your chosen path. It is as well to affirm that a new way of thinking embraces all of those aspects that make up society. Your spiritual knowledge and general approach to each other, must reflect the Oneness that is to be a feature of the last phase of Ascension. Your Laws will change to ones that based on love and understanding born out of the realisation of your Godself. 

The dark will not for much longer be able to deny you the benefits due to you. The change from lack to plenty, will go ahead in spite of the vested interests that try to block our plan. Be assured that they take more than a passing interest in what we are doing, and at every turn place obstacles in our way. We have the advantage of being able to “read their minds”, and we are well prepared for their defiant obstruction of our allies work. It causes delay, but cannot alter the outcome and the final result will be your release from their machinations. 

Much is coming to a head just now, and the dark pretend to be in total charge but are finding it impossible to unfold their plan. Success is to be the prerogative of the Light, and it is already proving its power to allay the attempts of the dark to prevent it. We have told you this on many occasions, that whatever happens it will not change the direction that Humanity is going in. You are powerful Beings, but cannot alter that which has been divinely decreed. You are in some ways minor players as part of a great upliftment that goes far beyond the needs of Earth, but each and every segment is revered and held equally important in the eyes of the Creator. 

Ascension is a mighty event that calls the legions of Heaven into action, and they will ensure that the Creator’s Plan is carried out. Keep this in mind when unpleasant happenings on Earth seem to carry on unabated. We know that Human emotions can lead to despondency and depression when all appears to be in turmoil. We would ask you to keep the greater Plan in mind, and see any distraction as a necessary part of the cleansing that has to take place. 

Currently you are in the middle of many upheavals, but are assured that we are able to curtail those natural events that would cause much distress. Earth still has a cleansing programme of its own that must be completed. Our aim is to hold it back as far as possible until we can openly come to Earth. There needs to be full co-operation with you, and at certain stages some areas will have to be vacated for your safety. We cannot do this under the threat of your dark forces that would interfere with our work. We will need to completely remove their weapons of mass destruction, and the military establishment that controls it. 

We will make our move when success is assured with the minimum of disturbance and distress to you all. It is not our way to cause added upheaval in addition to what you are already experiencing. We will close down all hostile weaponry before it can be used against us. Our ability to do this is already known to your authorities and leaders, and we may yet be able to broker an agreement that allows for a peaceful transition. However, we do not hold out too much hope, as our many approaches have always been turned down. 

I am Ag-agria from the Galactic Federation, and we not only surround you with our craft, but also our love. Our wish is to see you released from the clutches of the dark, and in that we shall be totally successful. They are being limited to the extent that they can continue to hold you in bondage. Their time is drawing to a close, and you will soon see for yourselves the evidence emerging. We will continue to be close to you, and alleviate any dangers to a bare minimum where possible. However, some events are unavoidable and must reach their conclusion as part of the cleansing that forges ahead. Go about your work with renewed assurance that all proceeds well. We will be with you before very long in a great display of celebration. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.