Diane  02-August-06  

The clouds of darkness have covered the Earth for a long time. However, the Light has gradually dispersed them and now it shines through the gloom and despair. Soon it will blaze with all of its glory and no longer will the shadows of darkness remain. It is your destiny to see the last vestiges of a period of darkness disappear from your midst. It is also your privilege to be present and help manifest the new, as the old is completely cleared away.  

In your understanding of time, the changes will take place at an astonishing speed. Indeed, you have been experiencing them already and have not always recognized them for what they are. The Light operates very gently yet in a positive way that belies its power to effect change. Everyone has to some extent been lifted up as the incoming energies have grounded. These energies have caused a cleansing to take place that has brought dark energies to the surface for cleansing.  

When you came to Earth for this lifetime, you knew the potential that it held for the growth of your consciousness. You were also aware that the baggage you have carried from one life to another would need to be unloaded. The effect of wrong thinking and actions from millennia of time accompany you on this final journey. They do so because you cannot take them with you into the higher dimensions. Some of you will wonder how you can identify these aspects of yourself. I say that anything you do or think about that is not in the interests of your higher good or other people is there to be cleansed.  

How often do you play mind games where you imagine your response to some situation? How often is it one where you overcome aspects of your lower self? Herein lies a clue as to what it is you are trying to clear from your consciousness. Your Higher Self knows your human weaknesses and will remind you that you are likely to be challenged on these points. You can become primed to respond in a certain way that will show your strength to overcome them.  

Often honesty lies at the heart of many challenges that are presented to you. In a society that has become corrupt from the top downwards, it is too easy to follow the herd and not stand up for your own beliefs. The acquisition of money rather than spiritual knowledge has become the symbol of a civilization that has lost its way. Unfortunately many will sell their soul to the God Mammon, and they care not how they achieve their goals. Money is not in itself evil, but simply the way it is acquired or used.  

Since you are subject to a Capitalist system, money is essential to survive and allow for at least the basic requirements. Greed has become so endemic that the wealth of the world is in the hands of a very small majority of people. This imbalance causes many of the problems that exist, and since most of the richest families are allied to the Illuminati it will not change.  

There must be many of you that wonder why if money seems to cause so many problems, there should be talk of re-distributing wealth and releasing funds that would greatly increase the amount available. Evenly distributed, money will bring equality that almost at stroke will change people’s outlook. It will release them from the worries of having to exist on less than is required to live in modest comfort. The economy would be revived and criminal activity become unnecessary that involved monetary matters. It would not be eliminated completely, as the mind set of some people would need time to change.  

In general, a fair distribution of the monies available would set the scene for a society that would quickly overcome their earlier needs. Money hitherto, has emphasized the differences between one to another, and brought about class distinction. Man is inherently a loving soul, and has the capacity for unlimited love and consideration for all members of the Human Race. You will see a dramatic change in outlook once the new monetary systems are in place. The groundwork has been completed, and it only remains to choose the right moment to introduce them.  

For millennia of time you have seen the dark divide nations, and impose restrictions on people causing them to become under privileged and lesser members of the community. Divisions have been perpetuated rather than broken down, and hatred has been fomented that has put people in continual opposition to each other. Clearly these situations cannot continue to exist at a time when there is talk of Ascension, and Man has to get his house in order.  

We are at a stage where every opportunity must be given to find a new way of living with each other. The programmes of abundance will gradually eliminate need, but with it there must be an end to hostility and the deliberate alienation of those who are considered different for whatever reason. It is a time for coming together and settling differences for once and for all. A time for understanding that you are one Human Race that is bonded together on your journey through time, and accepting the Oneness of all life.  

Many have already lifted up their consciousness and realize that All is One, and work for changes that express the Love that should be freely given. They recognize that without the giving and sharing there will always be conditions arising from lack, which encourages dissatisfaction and animosity. Freedom from want is the first step, but now men of vision must come forward and bring in new concepts that make for permanent peace. To that end we are working hard to direct your efforts into the right channels 

Oh Man of Earth, when will you realize that what you do to others you do to yourself? Each and every one of you is responsible for your actions, and yet you seem not to understand your divinity and ability to express your true self. Let Universal Love dictate your actions, and you will soon see a dramatic change all round. Demand that those who advocate anything less move aside to make way for a new dispensation, one that will show the path to unity and  sharing, and bring joy and happiness. Then we can truly say you are ready to meet your Brothers and Sisters from the skies.  

I am Diane, and as a representative of The Galactic Federation bring you hope and love, and see that Man has the potential to rise up to his true self. It has been shrouded by the mists of time, but is emerging out of the dark and shines with a glorious Light that announces his return. You are powerful Beings, and with belief in your capabilities you can set Humanity firmly on the path of Light and Love. These are times that offer wonderful opportunities to change the course of Man, from one of destruction to his complete emergence in the Light of the Creator and claim his rightful place in the higher dimensions. We are here to help you achieve these goals, and ready to join forces with you on these final stages of your wondrous journey.  

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.