Ela  29-August-2006 

Because you live in a reality created by yourselves, no one is allowed to interfere or alter your destiny. That is except you, or those who preside over your evolutionary path. Perhaps this will answer some of you who feel that intervention on your behalf should take place now. It is not that sympathy or compassion is lacking, far from it, and every opportunity is taken to make your path as easy as possible. 

There has always been the greater plan that has come from great Masters who oversee your evolution. They carry out the wishes of the Creator who desires that every soul be returned to the Light. They allow for your need to fully experience your creations, but at the same time lead you onto a path that will take you out of duality. There is always a point in any cycle where outside help is permitted, and it is to ensure that it is brought to a conclusion, and will be in accordance with the edicts laid down. It is necessary now because of your own volition you could not be expected to close this particular one. 

Now many souls are awakening, and the task of bringing in changes becomes somewhat easier. Nevertheless, it will unavoidably be a traumatic time for many people, who are presently unaware of the approach of the end times. However, there are many enlightened people who are ready to help when the truth can be given out. Just at present it all hinges on removing the last cabal, and evidence of their misdeeds is accumulating very quickly. 

It must be said that the great changes needed to move you on are definitely going to take place. Everything is ready to ensure a smooth transition, and a wonderful new energy will emerge on Earth. For too long you have been kept in ignorance of your true selves. When you realise how much the dark have imposed their ways upon you to hide the truth, you will find it easy to become that peaceful soul that can now give rise to a full expression of itself. The cycle of re-birth into the physical dimensions has almost completed its course, and those passing over now are unlikely to return to Earth. They will await the Ascension process and join it once it is under way. 

What you are heading for is a new beginning in realms that comprise of beautiful Light and energy, where peace and harmony abound. Realms without the dark energies, which could not in any event exist in such a high vibration. Dimensions stretching out before you, and each one more magnificent than the previous ones. All life forms living in harmony, and complementing each other in a grand show of loving and caring. 

Every effort you make now will be well worth your commitment, and your strength should come from knowing this is the last time many of you will need to enter such a cycle. There are exceptions, and as one who has had the experience, you may choose to help others who remain in the lower vibrations. All who evolve into the Light are to be found serving others. The greatest gift is one of sharing your love with souls who are also on the path to completion.

As you progress you still have a path to follow, but this time you are able to make your choice with full awareness. The concept of living in perpetual happiness and joy is not one that you are familiar with, yet that is how it is. Gone are the earthly worries about money, as you can create all that you are likely to need. Disease and illness are products of life in the lower vibrations, and these will no longer be of concern. You are looking at whatever you could conceive as the perfect life, and your Garden of Eden really exists. 

In the higher realms, there is no such thing as work of the nature you are used to doing. There is no need to labour for reward, or your mere existence. You follow pursuits or interests that give you joy and satisfaction. With your power to create, artistic expression can be totally enthralling, and each vision is manifested in absolute perfection. On Earth you have the vision, but rarely the means to achieve exactly what you have in mind. 

The higher realms are the artists dream, with colours of every conceivable hue, and ranges that extend beyond those you are used to seeing. Earthly sight, like hearing is impaired and restricted by the organs of the physical body. Proof of this lies with those who have out of the body experiences, and bring their findings back with them. In your subconscious you have deep rooted memories of your times in the higher realms, and these are being unlocked as your vibration increases. 

You still have work to do on Earth, but find a spring in your step as you realise what lies ahead of you. No one can deny you the opportunity to at last leave this cycle of duality, and it is totally down to you. Naturally some souls would wish to be able to enjoy some of the many advantages that exist in the higher dimensions, but it is a place that you can only evolve to through raising your vibrations. You have to work at achieving something different to what you have now, and with honest application and dedication you will progress. 

On Earth you have a physical body that tires from work, and spend a great part of your life re-charging yourself. In the higher realms your body is so light that you do not experience such tiredness. Consequently you need take little time to rest it, and you can absorb energy from the sources around you. Imagine how wonderful life will be for you, and in those periods when you feel distressed lift yourself up by visualising the wonders that you will soon enjoy. 

I am Ela From Arcturus, and my kind are also part of the Galactic Federation that stands ready to visit Earth. We come with various types of expertise to address your needs that are manifold. Some of you are also Arcturians, but many of you represent the different Star Nations, who also have their own upon Earth for this most special and important time in your evolution. The great event of Ascension has attracted Beings from all over the Universe. It is not to be spoilt or prevented by the dark, who are to relinquish their hold on you.

Think about the future now and let it come to you, it awaits your presence. 

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.