St. Germain  28-August-2006 

Your reality is one of your own creation, although it would be only right to point out that it has been influenced by deep memories that are in your subconscious mind, of experiences from eons of time ago. Because you entered a cycle of duality, the dark souls were let loose, but never to the degree that they would be able to totally overwhelm you. You are at present as near to that position as you are ever likely to be. However, such matters are totally controlled by the Lords of Karma, and the outcome is controlled. 

There is a way of projecting what Humanity is likely to do in certain circumstances, and the incoming souls are selected so as to keep a balance. In your era of time you can see examples of it when there is a need for someone to rise up and lead the people forward. Martin Luther King was one such person, who came to give direction to the black population when they needed someone to champion their cause. He left having completed his mission and even to day his speeches carry a great energy and rallying cry. 

Going back in history Gandhi rose to the occasion, and led his countrymen to establish the freedom of India from the British Empire. These great souls knew their task beforehand and were protected to ensure their success. You will find countless examples of this kind, and just as Beings of Light are used, so are Beings of dark when the time arrives for their part in your evolution. In each instance, the vibrations upon Earth attract particular types of souls that will lead them onwards. Depending on your perception some will also lead you backwards, and so the game of duality ebbs backwards and forwards in cycle after cycle. 

As the end of this cycle is such an important time, it cannot be totally left to chance as to the way it works out. The Creator has decreed that the Beings of Light shall ascend at its close, and to this end many souls have incarnated in this period to work for the successful outcome of the Light. They are highly evolved Souls who in many cases bring much higher energies and knowledge to Earth, such as the Indigo and Crystal children. Yet this time is one where the greater success is to come from the multitude rather than the few. It is resulting in a wonderful grid of Light that is encircling the Earth. This is attracting the higher vibrations, and helping manifest the changes that are necessary. 

Each one of you that is preparing for Ascension, will ultimately become the Christed Beings. This will fulfil the promise of Christís coming, and when Sananda Jesus returns it will be in a different capacity to that of a World Teacher. The Masters that are coming in the course of time will preside over your preparations for Ascension, and draw the various religions together. It will be a time to remove the barriers between Men, and the truth must be established. Even for those who have chosen to stay in the 3rd dimension, this time is one of great opportunity to learn from the events upon Earth.  

For too long you have stood your ground on issues that have torn you apart. Now it is the beginning of a great coming together, that will signal to the Universe that at last Man is finding the peace and love that was always his inheritance. A love that will open the doors to adventures, and new experiences that will take him far into the beyond. Hitherto, Man had to be contained within certain planetary boundaries so that the negative energies did not affect other planets in this solar system, but soon you are to be released. 

The dark forces are no different to those of the Light, inasmuch that they also incarnate with a life plan. They are subconsciously aware that they will have to concede their place on Earth to the Light forces, but they fight for their survival. They also know that the Light cannot be destroyed, it is therefore a battle that has already been lost. This is why we suggest you stand outside of what is happening, as not everyone will need to become directly involved. 

The situation on Earth calls for Lightworkers to send out great waves of energies that are of an uplifting vibration such as the white and pink. Also my violet flame of transmutation where it is seen that it can be used to dissolve centres of darkness. You can do so much, and have yet to understand the powers you have. These are gradually returning to you, and it calls for much care when you use such creative energies, particularly when you give will and purpose to your thoughts. 

Your Middle East still presents the biggest problems to peace, but many people in those countries are experiencing a change of heart that is causing their leaders to change their outlook. Peaceful negotiations are proceeding that will have a wider implication, although the dark still try to intervene. You will see the first signs of long term changes for the better. It will be the bedrock upon which a greater peace will descend upon these areas. 

Meanwhile in the West, the unrest grows at the ineffective leadership and again the people are rising up. There is an energy emerging that will bring permanent changes, and once it starts it will have a snowball effect that will surge outwards around the world. People do not lack for the need of new leaders, but only the opportunity to bring them into the limelight. Many people with the necessary vision and spirituality to lead the people are already waiting in the wings. Their appointment will be approved by us and no longer will those who only serve themselves be allowed to infiltrate your Governments. Changes are inevitable, and also vital so that at long last the real changes can speedily commence. We cannot be fooled as each and every one of you is known to us. Not as you try to present yourself, but as you are in the truthfulness and Light of your spiritual self. 

The 3rd dimensional experience is coming to an end for those who have taken their opportunity to evolve higher. They cannot be held back, and must find their new path before much longer. Everything you are now experiencing is shaping the future, and out of it the opportunities for change are manifesting. 

I am St. Germain and can say that your waiting is nearly over. Many paths are converging, and many Dear Ones are committed to help bring a halt to the activities of the dark forces. Your Light is an unstoppable force, aided by us who have added our energies to yours. Always remember that you are never alone in tackling your tasks, and many souls on Earth connect in with your work. Also, many of-world Beings help in the greater scheme, and currently wait their call to reveal their presence. 

In time you will know the full truth about yourselves and your family from Space. There will be no reason to hide it from you any longer. You are all wonderful Beings that came to Earth eons of time ago with full spiritual knowledge, and you shall leave with full memory. Keep your Love and Light shining out, and acknowledge the Light in others.       

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.