Atmos  25-August-06 

I greet you on behalf of the Galactic Federation, and come at a time when you are aware that we are active in much that is taking place. You look for proof of it, but the difficulty is that the dark gain most of the publicity, and the media are so controlled that you are fed only what they wish you to know. Very few are truly independent, and you are more reliant on your Internet sources for the truth. Even there, information is not always as it seems, but with care you can get a “feel” as to what is reliable. Much that you believe has to be accepted on face value, and often requires that you have total faith in the writers. 

One factor above all else should provide proof of the times you are in, and that is the manner in which time is speeding up. Many people that are not even aware that this phenomenon is connected with the changes, are sensing its effect. That apart you are left with our word for what is happening, and we try to keep you up to date with our plans. Of necessity you cannot be given too much information, that is unless you are one of our many allies. Some of you are part of that team without realising it, and you respond to our guidance. 

Anyone that wishes to help the Light is gladly accepted, and you may be sure that they will be enabled to make a contribution. It is very much like any other event in your life, where providing you are awake to the opportunity you will be used. Over a long period of time, many of you have been primed ready for this very period upon Earth. There are greater powers than ours that preside over the plan for Humanity, and carefully ensure that it is played out as necessary. It is for this reason that the end times are predictable. However, it is not so rigid as to override changes brought about by your freedom of choice. 

Within the whole plan is sufficient flexibility to allow for variables, which will not necessarily alter it sufficiently to make any difference to the outcome. You must marvel at times as to how your seers could look into the future. There have been many, and Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are such examples. Now you can see how accurate they have been, but have to remember that by your actions and thoughts you have altered the outcome of some predictions. The period leading up to the Millennium is one such time, when the level of your consciousness rose sufficiently to move your path into another direction. 

Now you are still influencing events, and unbeknown to most of you are raising the levels of consciousness even further. This has the effect of curtailing the power of the dark forces, as you are bringing stability into areas that are otherwise very unstable. I refer here to the Middle East, where the emotions are high and fed by those who desire to see the unrest continue. Through your dedication and intent to bring peace to Earth, you are defusing such situations that are the most volatile. This is how the Light works, yet you cannot actually prove that it has been responsible for the changes. 

We encourage you to keep up your good work, and focus on the outcome that will bring peace and happiness back to Earth. Clearly the war mentality must eventually be replaced, and we perceive that people in general are ready to back any moves in this direction. This is something that is prevalent all over the world, and certainly not just confined to the West. 

You may wonder what we are doing when you see our craft in your skies. The sightings have become more numerous, and unless they are exceptional are not considered newsworthy anymore. There is also the ongoing attempt to dilute such news, in the futile attempt to cover up such matters relating to our existence. We carry out ongoing checks of your atmosphere, and do not need to necessarily land on Earth to monitor your land and seas. 

The ecosystem is of particular concern, and we lessen the effects of pollution through the usage of advanced technologies. Radiation is particularly lethal, and again we limit its scope to cause injury or death to life. We find it incredible that your military use weapons that spread radiation that will affect areas for many years to come. Also the fact that it causes illness amongst your own kind is conveniently overlooked. As usual it is the civilians that feel the brunt of what happens in wars and suffer the repercussions. Your scientists know that radiation damages your genes and will affect many generations to come, but little regard is given to this fact. 

In your wars human life has always been expendable, but never more so than now when such sophisticated and devastating weaponry is being used. Now there is a growing feeling among vast numbers of people, that it is time to put this barbaric way of life behind you, but stopping the war lords is not easy. Particularly as there is a lucrative business in the Arms Industry with vested interests that wishes to keep it going. There are massive problems confronting those who try to change your war mentality. This is why it is necessary for our eventual intervention which will put a stop to it once and for all time. 

We are ready to fulfil our obligations to you, and it will be with the full authority of the higher powers that direct events upon Earth. We are not a military force, but a true company of different Star Nation members that carry out peaceful operations in the name of the Light. Whilst we have the most advanced technologies, these are only used as a last resort for self-defence. Our creeds do not allow for the destruction of life, and we will first remove people if that possibility confronts us. Our way is the prevention of warlike actions, and we can disable any weaponry that you have without getting involved in battles. 

As all of the warlike countries face each other, we work with those who would broker peace agreements. However, it is always difficult because there are others who have a totally different agenda. The dark scheme and work behind the scenes, and manipulate people and events to reach their desired goal for world control. Greed for money is often a factor, as the loyalty of some people can be bought. Others have their own ideology and will side with anyone who will support them. So you have a curious mixture of people that are all trying to assert themselves to be successful. 

It does not matter what attempts are made to circumvent the higher plan for these end times, the victory will be handed to the people. There is a whole bright future that is waiting to be claimed, and we shall ensure you reach it. Ascension or not, you are ready to take a major step forward away from the old patterns of existence that served only those in power. 

True freedom and equality are to return so that all may share in the bounties of Earth. All matters will be conducted honestly and with the highest concepts so as to return your sovereignty. This will take place against a background of loving cooperation, and in the knowledge that Humanity is due a great lifting up. Your godliness will be given a chance to manifest, and in short time a new era will unfold. Your destiny is assured as this cycle ends and another begins, that brings Light and Love into your lives, so take heart as you are nearly there.   

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.