SaLuSa  24-August-06 

We sense your ongoing feeling of frustration, and that is understandable in view of the time you have been waiting for the final chapter in your lives to unravel. From different spiritual sources much encouragement has been given, and messages from us and other Beings have projected possible events that have not always materialised. That is the nature of the period you are in, with a number of paths having been opened up that have thrown up numerous possibilities. 

The main features for these end-times remain unaltered, and with little alteration to our plans we see the major events waiting to enter your realm. You need much re-assurance of the positive aspects, particularly while you are seemingly surrounded by news of the darks activities. We ask that you weigh this up with the plan you are aware of that will ensure the return of your freedom, sovereignty and justice. Without doubt, the clearing of old karma has thrown up situations that are extremely unpleasant to bear witness to, but negative energies must be removed. 

It is usual for people to be warned about the changes that accompany the completion of a cycle. It is also normal for the old to be cleansed and removed. You are allowed your time to create your own version of life, and all of its responsibilities travel with you. As with Lemuria and Atlantis, although those civilisations ended with calamity, some souls who had reached a point of readiness to ascend left before the grand finale. With the end of each civilisation came the necessary cleansing, so as to allow for what you might call a clean start for a new beginning. 

As many of you are now aware, you are going through a similar cleansing period, except this time a major cycle is concluding that sees the end of duality. It is quite a momentous time to be on Earth, and be assured you are privileged to be here by choice. The end times are always very active, and you move within the energies of both the dark and Light. You participate in the experiences of those who have no desire to lift out of the lower vibrations. You also do this whilst enjoying the relative calm and promise of being one who will achieve Ascension. The energies are pulling you one way and then the other, and it is to say the least an extremely testing time. 

You knew that the end times would push you hard, but believe it or not it was welcomed by you and seen as a wonderful opportunity to further your evolution. Bear in mind that you came with a plan that allowed for certain challenges to come into your life, taking this final chance to experience the outcome of Man’s use of freewill. This is to give you a more expansive view of the result of using such freedom, and how it has affected Humanity. There is no other place in this Universe where you can learn your lessons so thoroughly, or so quickly. 

The last challenge and the hardest one to handle concerns your emotions. At this time they are sorely tested, as there are those of you who “feel” every dark deed through your heart centre. You feel the hurt and distress that war is causing, and anger is not very far away. If you must release your tension and pent up emotions, look for an outlet that allows those energies to dissipate without bringing your vibrations down. If you can stay centred your response will be one of a controlled reaction. Lightworkers will know it is possible to send out positive energies to lift the vibrations where they have fallen. They will also see confrontations as opportunities where they can equally send love to all souls involved in them. Consider that perhaps those who are consumed by the dark energies need your love more than anyone else. 

Universal Love does not pick or choose, it is there for everyone. To be able to give without discrimination is your ultimate goal. It is your final test and what better place is there at this time other than Earth. Give thanks that there are those who lack the Light who have been prepared to accept the roles of the dark, so that you may evolve. It may sound a strange concept, but in so doing they provide the playground where all manner of lessons can be learnt. 

Your reality is of your own making, and Mother Earth has carried you along and allowed you to share her resources. Often you have abused that privilege, and with unbridled ambitions the dark have reached a new level of destruction. You could not possibly carry on for much longer without a major catastrophe, and you are well aware of matters such as pollution. It is debilitating the Earth and poisoning everything around. It has entered your food chain and illness and disease are on the increase. You no longer treat the Earth with respect, and it must be clear to you that it cannot go on this way much longer. 

The answer comes with the end of this cycle that has a mere 6 years left. Indeed, it will come well before the end, because the cleansing and restoration of Earth has to commence very soon. The Galactic Federation is charged with ensuring the plan is carried out, resulting in major changes all round that will overcome the many problems that assail you. You know what is required and that your world government has no intention of addressing the problems. To some extent they are now incapable of doing so, as matters have been allowed to deteriorate for too long. 

Many Beings are ready to openly greet you, who will come with the love and goodwill that is largely lacking at present. You will see Universal Love in action as never seen before, and the resources of the Federation members are to be made available to you. The task to restore Earth is formidable, yet presents no problem, and this includes helping you with your personal problems. You are also to be prepared for the changes to self, and there is no doubt that you will be ready to take up your new path in good time. 

I am SaLuSa and bring greetings from your friends of the Sirius Constellation. We observe your actions, and know of your desire to meet us. That time beckons, and it will not be too long before we can come together in great celebrations. May the great Light of our Creator enrich your life. 

Than you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.