St. Germain  23-August-06 

Matters seem to change so quickly that you are finding it hard to keep up with it all. Even then you cannot know the scheming and plans of the Illuminati any more than you know what plans we have to combat them. It is not that we totally keep our proposals or moves secret, as we do give you a broad outline of our intentions to ensure that Ascension comes to fulfilment. How we do it depends very much on you, and your reaction to each event taking place. 

We give much consideration to your readiness to participate in these end times. Our aim is to make the transition as smooth as possible, and be as open as possible. We are aware that the dark's forces are out to distract you, nevertheless we are more than capable of handling any situation that comes up. In the past we had to give way to them because your vibrations were so low you naturally attracted their energies to you. For some time now you have gradually broken away from them, and this has been due to your emergence into the Light. To this end, there has been much carried out over the last hundred years or so to give you opportunities to find the truth. 

It is to your credit that in a period when you have almost been swamped by the negative energies, you have held fast to your beliefs. Often you have had to hide them for fear of persecution, and practised your beliefs in secrecy. It has always been the way of the dark to destroy the truth and those who follow it. However, in reality the Light cannot be destroyed, and you have carried it from one life to the next. From your tempering in the fires of experience a stronger soul has emerged, and is serving you well at this important time. 

Freedom of speech is still your prerogative, and one of the last bastions to remain fairly intact. This is quite remarkable in a time when many of your rights are being eroded. Indeed, where spiritual guidance is concerned you may well be spoilt for choice. Use your intuition and allow yourselves to be drawn to that which suits your present understanding. In this way you will progress step by step and find it unnecessary to go chasing after everything that comes your way. I for one have left my teachings for all to read, as many of the Masterís have over a long period of time. The older ones were for a specific period in your growth, and need to be read in the context of that time. 

As with your Bible or other ancient books, they were versed in a way that was suitable for the time they were written. The spiritual messages still carry the original energy, but again were for the understanding of people who were not as you are today. I simply say read the old teachings with these facts in mind, and also remember that Man and Godís words are side by side with each other. 

Today you are guided in a way that is appropriate to the period you are experiencing. There is also an emphasis on the path to Ascension that is now opening up before you. The purpose is for your spiritual enlightenment, and you must not lose sight of its goal. There is so much happening that it is easy to be sidetracked, and overlook your reason for being here at this time. If you have chosen the path to Ascension remember that the idea is to prepare yourself in readiness. Meditation and other exercises will calm the emotions and the body, and prayer with the giving of love will open your heart. 

Do not take your own needs too lightly, as you are cleansing your body and mind. Your whole lifestyle is a factor in doing so, and you should be aiming to help with your own purification. From the higher realms we do our part and make wonderfully powerful energies available to you, and you will attract these to yourselves if your preparation has been adequate. It is a simple Law of Attraction that comes into being, but it is up to you as to whether you benefit from it. 

Live your life as though you were already well upon the path of Ascension as many of you are, and be that which you envisage you will be at the end of it. By doing so you will enhance your own progress and be a shining example to others. It is all about your creative powers, so give your energies in love where they are best used and you shall see the changes materialise quite quickly. Do what you feel comfortable with and is within your power, and contribute to the growth of Light that is opening up a new vista upon Earth. 

These are very much the times when the individual is coming into his/her own. It is a time to lead rather than be led if you have the confidence to do so, and many higher beings will lend their power to help you. Our presence has not always been noted, but in a time where a new dispensation has been given we make ourselves available to you. So many of you now possess the ability to communicate with us, and have the confidence to carry on a dialogue. This is a great development and something that will become quite normal. 

In time you will commune with the God Source and other Beings quite naturally, and it will come with your acquirement of superconsciousness. Even now in the Astral realms contact with others through the power of thought is commonplace. What greater power would you have as you travel the higher dimensions and your abilities become more refined. Look at this in reverse and realise that regardless of how low your vibration is upon Earth, Higher Beings such as myself can convey messages to you. We hear your pleas and prayers but you do not always heed our answers. Sit quietly as often as you can, and allow us to come to you and whisper in your ear. 

I am St. Germain and remain at the helm in earthly matters. I have made my promises to Humanity to help release you from the dark, and it shall be so. Your progress has been prevented by millennia of wrongdoing that has held you back. The Spiritual Brotherhood along with myself is set to bring about your release. You are already resisting the latest attempts of the dark to exert further draconian controls upon you. We for our part do all within our power to subvert them, and give you the strength of purpose to break away from their stranglehold. Stand strong within your Light, and know that it comes from the omnipotence of the Creator of All That Is. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.