Ker-On  22-August-06 

Everyone seems to be playing the waiting game, and we are no exception. Our input into matters is carefully weighted, and we endeavour to create the situation that will lead us to our goal, without what could be conceived as unnecessary interference. Our approach is on many fronts, all leading to our success in completing the most important and imminent part of our plan. We weaken the dark opposition, so that they are eventually able to be removed with the minimum of fuss. We do so because they no longer truly represent you, carry out your wishes or attend to your needs. 

The last cabal have in fact had little interest in your well-being, and have simply used their powers to tighten their grip upon you. They also look after those who support their agenda financially and actively. Many are becoming wise to the way they have been falsely led to believe otherwise. They search for alternatives but find no real comfort in your political system. It has become a liability to the people, and choice is no longer an option as the Illuminati control the halls of political power. Since it no longer serves in its true capacity, it would in any event break up in the course of time. 

However, we cannot wait for natural events alone to bring changes into being. There are opportunities that we are working towards that will prove most beneficial to winning over the people of Earth. You have to remember that when you are in the thick of the problems that have been created, it is easy to accept that change is vital. When you are in a foreign country far away from all of the turmoil, you do not sense the urgency in quite the same way. The fact is that events that have been planned by the dark cabal, are intended to have a global fall out. 

At the risk of repeating ourselves we must emphasize that we cannot fail in our mission. It means that you have far less to worry about than you imagine. Allow for our control of events, and do not fear the consequences of what is happening in the Middle East. It is poised on a knife-edge, and we wait to see if the main parties are prepared to go further with their plans. We shall ensure their options are curtailed, and are helping our allies to keep some semblance of peace in place. 

Meanwhile we continue with our careful monitoring of Earth’s upheavals, and keep activity under control. Mother Earth is a conscious entity that still desires to further the preparations for Ascension, and we participate in them to ensure they proceed without a major incident. We still reduce the effects of radiation, and hold in check such potentially dangerous spots such as Chernobyl. You have been slowly poisoning your planet for many years, and where you have seen our presence in your skies it is often for the purpose of cleaning your atmosphere. We otherwise come on many missions, and delight in giving you a display of our craft and their manoeuvrability. 

Where we have made contact with you in the past, with few exceptions it has been the briefest of meetings. Our missions have been to visit Earth and carry out our duties which are largely for monitoring purposes of your land, sea and waterways, but take the opportunity to show that such visits are for peaceful reasons. In the early days of our contact some people have re-acted very strongly to our presence through fear, but now that period has largely passed. There are many generations that have grown up knowing of our presence, and this has made our plan for open contact much easier. 

Our interest and attention in you is one of service out of our love for souls that are also from the Source as we are, and the links we have with each other. It is also natural that we should help you through the changes that are necessary, as you lack the ability to do so yourself. You have been members of the Galactic Federation for some 10 years, and we are assisting you so that you are soon ready to take your place with us. At the higher levels, you will find you have completely left your problems behind. It will be a fresh start with every opportunity given you to create a new future for yourselves. 

Your most valuable assets will be your powers to create, and a consciousness elevated to much higher levels. The veil clouding your ability to understand the greater truths will have been removed, and we shall share our knowledge with you. Gone will be the misconceptions that have led you astray, and this applies to all of the sciences and your spiritual understanding. Already you are standing on your own two feet, and learning where your knowledge has been lacking through misdirection. 

We do not chide you in any way for mistakes you have made. The whole purpose of experiencing duality is to exercise your freewill. Many times because of the materialistic society you live in, it has taken you down the wrong path. You have lacked spiritual understanding and over eons of time searched for the truth which has been rather elusive. Moreover, many who empowered themselves through false teachings have clouded the truth making it more difficult to find. 

Now you are entering a period that has lifted you up, and in breaking away from traditional and orthodox teachings the truth is becoming more apparent. For a long time you have been encouraged to seek for yourselves. You have also been made aware that you have Guides you can call upon. The truth is held within you, and intuitively you can now be discerning over any information given you. The truth is in reality most simple and uncomplicated, but Man has tended to blind himself and is unable to see what is all around him. Look at nature and other life forms and see the Creator’s hand in everything. You will soon realise that there is order and purpose in your material world, and without it there would be chaos. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and carry the love vibration that you are discovering, and I talk of Universal Love that comes from finding your true selves. You are naturally loving and peaceful, and will readily take your place amongst us having risen above the pull of the dark energies. Some of you are remarkably achieving these levels now, and draw great admiration from us.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.