Diane  21-August 06 

Time waits for no man, and this is certainly true of the present period that you are experiencing. There is a goal to be reached in good time, so that the remaining years are fully productive and as planned conclude in Ascension. The scene has already been set, and many are well along that path. You are also seeing the last attempts of the dark to hold on to power and disrupt this process. Their attempts are tenuous and fragile, and as each truth is finding the light of day another crack is made in their crumbling empire. 

When you look around it is fairly evident that dark cabal are living on borrowed time. They know it, and are frustrated by our intervention to prevent a major incident to fuel their ambitions. We have made it quite obvious on a number of occasions that we can stop them in their tracks. When we say we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used, they know from experience we can back that up with our advanced technology. 

It has always been the practise of the dark to take your attention away from what is really going on in the world. They create a diversion whilst forging ahead with their covert agenda. We are stepping in and helping our allies to foil such attempts, although we cannot prevent every single incident. There are occasions when we can in fact use them to create opportunities for ourselves. Sometimes it is as well that you do know how things are planned, as this will help you see through the charades that take place. 

The dark forces are trying to up the stakes to gain more control over you, but we have limited their ability to be successful. As we do so, it allows your mass consciousness to continue its rapid growth, and it is becoming a power that is helping bring more Light to Earth. Through the higher levels of energy reaching Earth, more people are coming into the Light of Understanding, and seeing the truth of matters for themselves. The truth is certainly setting you free, and you are leaving the old behind as you create a new paradigm for the future. The old matrix for Human consciousness is no longer able to hold you in its power. You are dramatically speeding towards the time when a new level of consciousness opens up on Earth. 

Many paths are coming together that lead you onwards to Ascension, and this was always the plan for Man. There is no turning back the clock, and those that pass up this opportunity to ascend will leave this changing dimension. They will carry with them energies of their making that can no longer remain attached to Earth. Once these influences are removed, the Earth will quickly move into changes that will allow the preparations for Ascension to proceed unhindered. There should be no concern about those that move elsewhere to continue their experiences. They will be given much help and love as they venture into a new cycle of opportunity. 

We will stress again that all souls have absolute freedom of choice, and your collective future is determined by this factor alone. The Creator presents you with many choices, and you decide what is best to continue your evolution. Once your choice has been made, you get untold help and guidance. Great Beings preside over you, and will advise you the best path to follow to continue your evolution. These all lead to upliftment, as the greater cycle is now taking everything up into the higher levels. This is the time that has been decreed as one that will lift you up out of the dark energies, and the lower realms that were created by it. 

In this greater understanding, you should gain strength of purpose and be able to concentrate on the path stretching out ahead of you. It is one of glorious Light expressing itself in a myriad of different ways. The manner in which you help manifest it, depends largely on your focus upon the goal. We along with the Masters have been gently assisting you to recognise your true potential, and understand what great souls you are already. Moving into the Light and using its creative power is not new to you. You have travelled this way before, but simply forgotten the experiences. 

As we have told you many times, the only threat to you is fear. However, by now you should be sufficiently aware of its power to disrupt, and to prevent it having any effect on you. Fear allows others to take control over you, and this is their aim. Break out of the mould that causes people to lose sight of their true self, for you are truly powerful Beings. You have been led to believe that you are much lesser Beings than you really are, and now is the time to claim back your sovereignty. 

There is a time approaching when all of the trauma and upsets you are now experiencing will soon fade into the background. They will have no further impact upon you and soon be forgotten. The future holds the promise of an exciting and productive period, when you shall clearly know where you are heading.  A wonderful spirit of co-operation will ensue and result in much good work being done. We shall enable you to closely work together in ventures that you will know are worthwhile. You will be fully informed of the intentions and results of any action to be taken. It will be a time when everything will be above board, and you will see that there is absolute honesty and pure loving intent by all involved. The love and trust that has been missing for so many people will return. 

You may ask when all of this will commence, and I would say that it will be within months rather than years. Rapid progress will be made once the new governments and other institutions are replaced or re-organised. These changes will not be laboured, and our allies have already been identified ready for their new roles in life. You are unaware of much that is happening behind the scenes, and be assured that it will ensure that our plan cannot fail. 

Forget for the moment the idea of firm dates being given for any major events. As the pressure builds up on the dark, decisions are being made almost moment-to-moment that are bringing a number of different options. When we make our move, it must be at the most opportune time, as much depends on the First Contact. We will be successful, but we look for the most satisfactory way to introduce ourselves and gain the confidence of those who know little about us. We need your full co-operation, and know it will be willingly given when you realise we come for the good of Humanity, and your final release from the stranglehold of the dark. 

There are many good things to come your way, and most importantly the return of your freedom and constitutional rights. This will include all countries, as we come for the betterment of the Human Race. There is much unrest everywhere and Manís ways are now seen to be very inadequate. They are unable to fulfil the spiritual needs of the people, and translate them into your reality. This will come about with the changes, and this is all part of the preparations for Ascension. 

Your whole demeanour will gradually change, and beauty and harmony will enter your life. You will at last feel free to express yourself in your new creative role. At last you will have found your true purpose, and never look back again. You already feel the pull in this direction as the new higher energies are lifting you up. Start to enjoy this opportunity to seek your real self now. 

I am Diane and I am one of many Sirians close to Earth, with the knowledge there is not long to go before we can get together. Then you will lose any doubts you may have had about us. We come to many as long lost friends, and your remembrance of us will be restored. You have a wonderful journey ahead, and we of the Galactic Federation will accompany you so that you safely reach your destination amongst the Stars. May the Love and Light lift you up, so that you may come to know and acknowledge your Godself. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.