Ag-agria  01-August-06


What is happening in the world at present is symptomatic of man during hundreds of years of greed for wealth and power. It has now reached its ultimate climax, and what happens next is destined to spell out your future. Without a change of direction you would be on a course that leads to oblivion. It is not however the intended path and for those who have lifted themselves up out of the dark, who have concentrated on their growth in the Light.


Having chosen the Light you have created the opportunity to ascend as the cycle closes. It is the beginning of an adventure that leaves behind the pain and heartache that you have endured for millennia of time. Your endurance has been tested, but the whole object of being tried in duality is to prove that you can hold your Light against the challenge of the dark. This many of you have done most admirably, and having come thus far you are assured of reaching your goal.


Clearly those who cannot recognize their divinity and have lost touch with their Godself, will continue to believe in separation. They will play out their beliefs in a continuation of the 3rd dimensional energies. Even they have limitations as to how much negativity they can withstand. What they see now will forever leave its mark upon their consciousness, and will yet serve a useful purpose in bringing out their Light.


Many worry at the level of violence being seen, and it leaves an indelible impression upon the psyche. It would seem to be escalating out of control to fulfill the time of Armageddon that has always been predicted. Were it not for the intervention of Godly Beings from Higher Realms, that reality may have manifested before this time. It does not take much to inflame the passions of people who fear for their lives.


Man has never really sat down and planned permanent peace for all people. Selfishness has resulted in the all-powerful forcing agreements on to lesser powers, and this is no recipe for lasting peace. However, after the bloodiest century in your history, many now see the futility of war and its endless problems. These people along with the Lightworkers, are bringing the forces of change to bear upon the dark. They will soon tip the scales so that sudden changes can be made, and they will be the forerunners to those who will bring them about.


Do not concern yourselves too much with the details as to how the initial changes will be achieved. There are options open to us at all times, and we shall adapt to whatever opportunities are presented to us. Our prime objective is to remove your Government, and our allies are making sufficient headway for us to believe that this event is near to occurring. You know already that we will at some stage take the lead in bringing it to its conclusion. Our help will be needed, although we prefer to stay in the background until it becomes necessary.


The dark play for time, hoping to tempt others to enter the Middle East crisis. However, there is unprecedented restraint on the part of many countries, and this will help diffuse the situation. The dark create chaos wherever they can, but they are in a situation that will be their undoing. They will try to create conditions that will incense people further, and hope to find an excuse to follow their agenda leading to total control in the war zone. They will not succeed, even though they use others to carry out their plan.


Remember that we monitor every Government, and their Secret Services. Our methods are far superior to anything you have in the way of listening devices. If necessary, we will make ourselves present at the secret meetings where the war plans are conceived. We are allowed to control events within certain parameters that are laid down for us. Our service is to the Creator who has given the Lords of Karma the plan for these end times, and we are aware that our duties are to ensure they work out accordingly. They will result in the final acts of the dark forces, which will be prevented from interfering with the remainder of this cycle.


We have great sympathy and understanding for those who have come into this period and feel the impact of the dark forces. They were aware before they came of the sacrifice they would be called upon to make. Because of their faith and personal desire to contribute to the Light, they have not only awakened others but also shed their karma. Never again will they have to return to Earth, having risen above the pull of the dark. There is nothing haphazard or accidental about the way your lives work out. You come with a plan, and are accompanied by your Guides who ensure you follow your path. It is difficult for some of you to grasp the idea of karma and re-incarnation, but it is a fact that you will need to face.


Currently so many of you are deeply involved in these end time events, as they give wonderful opportunities to make that final push to Ascension. People of Light increasingly gain in consciousness through being able to overcome the dark energies. Others also evolve even if they are presently involved in the negativity. See how with the outworking of events results in so much being learnt by everyone that is involved.


Look upon the positive aspects of what is taking place, and know that all will be made new again. In reality there is no lasting effect, it is simply an illusion that can longer fool you because you take away its strength to entrap you. You are already creating the new path, it is real and you will help to co-create it. There is still much to be learnt, and it will enhance your understanding of the Creators intention for all creation.


I am Ag-agria of Sirius with the Galactic Federation, and serve as one of Michaels Guides. You are all similarly served by Guides who are fully committed to you, and express their actions with great love for you.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.


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