Ag-agria  18-August-06 

A day in your life can be packed with discoveries that pose a challenge. You see things happening, hear from others about the news and read much that begs your consideration. This is the nature of life upon Earth, and out of all of your experiences somehow you have to make good sense of them. Your computer like brain categorises information according to your priorities, and can actually place it deep in the recesses of your mind if it is considered unimportant. It can in fact create a memory block if you have unpleasant experiences that you literally want to forget. 

You set the standards of information that are foremost in your mind, and these form the basis from which your decisions are made. If you take the impact 911 has made on virtually everyone, it is a high priority subject with most people. As you go along you decide where new information fits in if at all, and so you develop a picture that determines where you stand on the matter. Focussing on certain fields of interest brings the experts and leaders into being, who make their pet subjects a life times work. 

Knowledge alone does not provide the truth, although you have a better chance of finding it when you have amassed the facts. Often you take a pre-determined stance, and only retain information that you consider acceptable. Because of the official cover up 911 is an open subject some people prefer not to speculate about, whilst others have already made a strong commitment to find the truth. Now you have scientific proof of what happened, and the professional assessment of many who are experts in their particular field. 

To continue with 911, like many provocative subjects it is intentionally complex but the truth can now be found. You do not in fact have to be an expert to find the flaws in the official version of what took place. For many it is incomprehensible and unbelievable that a government can plot against its own people, let alone cause death and destruction. This is the challenge, as to what action you take when confronted with irrefutable facts. Firstly you will want to remove those responsible, and call for justice to be done so that they answer for their crimes against Humanity. 

The wheels of justice move along very slowly in most countries, and where top officials and corporations stand to be exposed by evidence of malpractice and corruption, they are adept at avoiding responsibility. However, at another level the energy being put into bringing out the truth of 911 and other incidents, is growing and will bring about a conclusion in the course of time. There is a powerful thoughtform linking all of those that work for truth and it cannot be blocked indefinitely. It is closing in on those responsible, and you shall yet see those culprits of the crime of the century be brought to book. These ones who in a few months will seek re-election, will find their path blocked by an avalanche of protest and evidence that will spell their end. 

Taking the idea expressed of how your mind operates and motivates your response to matters, you can also see why there are many views about Ascension. It is simply a name given for an event that must come to pass at the end of this cycle, but one that can cause much consternation. Religious and spiritual groups have always understood that there is a progressive move forward that ultimately results in there being a lifting up. There is little evidence that supports these claims, and you are left very much with your intuitive feelings. 

There is a difference between the programming of your mind and the guidance from your Higher Self, that when carefully listened to will convey you the truth. You are constantly bombarded with information, and it also comes from influences that are projected upon you through the power of thought. In part you bring these to you as like attracts like, and this is how those powerful thought forms are brought into being. 

Individually, you may have loosened your auric protection through drug taking or similar practise, and it is possible for earth bound entities to attach themselves to you. This can account for “voices in the head” that cause someone to react in a way that is often out of character with their normal selves. In its most serious form it can cause conditions that are considered to indicate the insanity of the person concerned. 

As Beings of Light you are beyond the likelihood of possession or attachment as described. Your Light is your protection although you may be challenged by dark entities to test your ability to ward them off. You are also able to be more discerning through your acquired knowledge, as you could not have achieved your level of understanding without much learning. You see what goes on around you without the emotional pull that often draws people into it. You can stand aside and bring calmness to volatile situations. You are a beacon of Light that instead attracts people to you. This is part of the great work that Lightworkers are carrying out at this time. 

The truth cannot be concealed much longer, and this not only applies to your present day but all though your history. The influence of the dark has led to the continual oppression of what you call the lower classes. Lower only in the context of not being allowed to share the wealth of a nation, and enjoy its benefits enabling them to take a useful place in society. You have experienced this many times through a vast number of lives, in many different guises. Today, Humanity stands in its collective consciousness, calling for equality and abundance to be shared, and is about to see it come about. 

I am Ag-agria one of many with you from Sirius, and see that you have determined how these last days unfold, and the plan will fulfil your desire for change. No longer shall the dark call the tune, and those days of unremitting obedience to their oppression and denial of fairness and equality are ending. The Light will allow for a true expression of your divinity, and peace shall reign. Then you shall see love-in-action, bring the final changes into being as the end times follow their course according to the Divine Plan. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.