St. Germain  17-August 2006 

There are many revelations waiting to open up for you, as you have reached a point where the time has arrived for your coming of age. You are to become enlightened in more ways than one, and the truth of your past is essential to your understanding of the future. Few people have the knowledge of Man’s real heritage, as it has been veiled from you for millennia of time. 

Gradually you will be given irrefutable proof of your journey from the higher realms into the 3rd Dimension. Your history is indelibly recorded, and your progress and experiences need to be understood in relation to your evolution. From the Higher Realms downwards, you will find that a succession of experiences have been engendered for the Human Race. You have effectively been absorbed by the lower vibrations, and as you now rise up the truth is opening up to you. 

The greatest truth concerns your connection to the Godhead, and your Oneness with the Source of All Creation. You have come from the Source and to it you shall return, through the cyclic breathing in and out that occurs. Eons of time ago in service to the greater needs of others, you accepted a challenge to leave the Higher Realms and lose yourselves in the Universe of Duality. You have already travelled far and wide, and your experiences on Earth were not the first of this nature. 

You came through the magical and wonderful dimensions of Light, where you were exercising your God given powers of creation. As you neared the lower dimensions you began to forget your true selves, and lapsed into a state of almost complete amnesia. However, you did so knowing that you could never fully lose touch with the Source, and that your Light however much it was dimmed, would always respond to the higher vibrations. You were promised that you would rise up again, when your full memory would be restored. 

Many of you can now acknowledge that you have indeed returned to the Light, and your consciousness is awakening to the truth. Help is being given to assist you, which is why many legions of Light Beings now come so close to you. With all of the changes that are manifesting your personal development is most important. You are being prepared so as to return to the higher realms as fully-fledged Being’s of Light. The construct and nature of your physical body is altering, along with a change from your present level of consciousness, to one of superconsciousness. 

All of these changes are destined to take place in the remaining years before the completion of this cycle. It is quite impossible to describe exactly what you will experience as words are very inadequate, but it will be an invigorating and exciting one. You will be lifted up speedily, and move back into the higher vibrations without any problems. By then you will be aware that it is something you have done many times, and it will seem most natural to you. 

At present many will feel far removed from the future vision that has been created, but by keeping it in your focus you will be helping it to manifest. You look for proof and that is already within you, and you can find it should you care to make a connection to your Higher Self. It is taking place now, and it is noted that many souls have made it and find they can “talk” with that source. You call it intuition, and other names that show you have an awareness of it being an extension of the seat of your All Knowing Self. This link has always existed and it will become much more stronger and clearer as time goes by. 

The Golden Age is drawing nearer to you, and prepared so that you may fully realise the God that you really are, and always were. Some find this hard to accept, as many centuries of indoctrination have led you to believe yourselves unworthy. Many religions have also portrayed you as sinners who are beyond reprieve. Neither is true, and experiences are not defined in this way. There is in the ultimate no right or wrong – only experience, which is the purpose for your coming to Earth in the first place. 

There is no condemnation of those who have entered duality, and sunk to the lowest levels. There is always a way out which leads back to the Light, and no one is destroyed or forever damned as some may claim. The Creator has given you infinite life for the purpose of experiencing outside of the Godhead, and taking those experiences back with you. These are some of the truths that will need more explanation to be understood. Suffice to say that in the meantime these comments will serve to stir your consciousness, and enlighten you. 

You undertook a responsibility to see out this cycle, and it will soon develop into an easier path for you as the dark withdraw from the corridors of power. Time is on your side not theirs, and one day those souls will also look back at these times from a higher standpoint. I commend you for your steadfastness in manifesting your vision for change, and carrying on with your good work in spreading the Light wherever you can. Love and Light is the energy that is breaking down the old, and quickly rushing in to fill the void. 

Problems around you can draw you into the lower energies, and this is where you have to show your resolve to resist them. All Dear Ones that have commenced their awakening, are needed to become such a force of Light that it can shine into the darkest corner. The changes will then occur faster, and you can start to dream of the wonderful new Earth that will come into manifestation. First however there is still much work to do, and the days of old are resigned to their fate as merely another entry in the Hall of Records. 

I am St. Germain, and I work not just from the Higher Realms but also within those of Earth. I have many aspects of myself, and that is why I can seemingly be in more than one place at a time. All Master’s have such powers, and you can call on us for help and we shall be with you in an instant. Our service is to the Creator who desires that you are all lifted up. We lovingly carry out such duties to you knowing we are helping great souls to again find their truth. Service to others is the Creator’s expression of Love for all Life. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey