SaLuSa  16-August-06 

Time shortens as the days speed up in their onward flight to a new paradigm. Eventually nothing will be the same, as the old ways that are Man’s creations will be left behind. People cling to that which is familiar as it gives them comfort and a feeling of security. Change must however precede the new, and you are in the final break up of what was before, and has now served its purpose. 

In duality you were destined to face a series of never ending challenges. Peace like war has continually come and gone, but now that time is closing. Already you are bringing much Light to Earth, and it is breaking up the old energies allowing the new to become grounded. You can no longer maintain the old way of life, which has served you well in the course of furthering your evolution. Progress is inevitable, and it has taken place in a condition of duality which is always on the move. 

Many doubt that they are the instigators of their own experiences, and feel they are the victims of circumstances beyond their control. Yet every single soul has in some way contributed to the creation of your present day experiences. The Lords of Karma control the way in which the drama of life takes place, and it is carefully orchestrated much the same way as each individual life plan. You set the stage and it is managed by Higher Spiritual Beings who ensure that a balance is kept between the dark and Light. 

Without Spirit overseeing your lives, you would soon fall into decadence as there would be no plan or purpose to it. If you look at your various countries and their inhabitants, you will identify many cultures. They have their own way of life, their own beliefs and standards of morality and law. They can be quite different to one another, which is why they experience difficulties integrating into a different country. If you consider that when Spirit places souls into conditions that best serve their needs, they will purposely group together those of a similar spiritual level. You can easily find countries that are virtually lawless and this is largely the reason. Through experiencing with their own kind they daily face a reflection of themselves. Yet with them are spiritual Beings who try to show another way. 

Your lives are so much more planned than you imagine, and it in no way takes away your God given freedom of choice. Clearly if life is to be of value and you leave richer in experience than when you started, it will have been successful. Success is not measured by material standards but in the learning of spiritual lessons. When you return to spiritual realms you take nothing with you from Earth, and that includes any titles that you may have acquired. The only meaningful acquisition is that of spiritual experience. It is your level of your Light vibration that determines your place in the higher realms. Unlike Earth, you will find yourselves only with those who resonate with you. 

Due to the uniqueness of this period of time, you have another coming together of those who have chosen to rise up into even higher levels through Ascension. It follows that you would not be drawn to it, unless you were ready to make the final preparations that are soon to start. There is a great cleansing underway, and it will become apparent as it has physical repercussions. Again, it is planned and will manifest in a way that causes the least amount of disruption. Some is inevitable as for some time you have disrupted and destroyed much of your beautiful planet. The Earth is everyone’s home, yet it is largely treated without respect or consideration for the multitude of life forms that rely upon it for their existence. 

Even what you perceive to be lower forms of life are experiencing all that is around them. Yet they do not have the freewill that Man has and are dependent upon his actions. You are responsible for the conditions created around you, and accordingly you are soon to take part in a great cleansing. The Earth itself has been ready to participate for a long time, and cannot be held back much longer from starting a major restoration. Some recent events will tell you the scale of the changes necessary to restore Earth. Do not however assume that all disruptive or damaging changes are down to Mother Earth, as your dark ones also manipulate its natural energies to induce such happenings. 

Do not be dismayed or frightened at the thought of the changes that are to take place. All is carefully thought out and will occur with the full co-operation of the Galactic Federation. They will ensure that people are taken to safe locations when a major cleansing is due. These events will be carefully explained as will all other actions that are needed. Many will be carried out with such speed, that you will be pleasantly surprised as to how quickly your environment will change for the better. 

Our greatest joy will be to see the coming together a Humanity that is allowed to freely express itself. Once the last cabal are removed freedom and peace will be restored. Without the oppression and restrictions presently being placed upon you will drop those falsely created barriers that have kept people apart. You may not have taken easily to the coming of “foreigners” to your countries, but it has brought you nearer to each other in understanding and acceptance. You believe “God works in mysterious ways” and to your understanding that is so, but to ours we see the most wonderful compassion and love in action. 

Nothing happens by chance, except that it is of no importance in your life. Yet at the same time the most innocent remark or happening can have a marked effect on someone’s life. Now that you are regaining your powers of creation it is becoming more important that you are careful about your thoughts and actions. They do mould your life and create conditions that will ultimately affect others. Now is the time to move out of duality and stay in your Light, but share it with whomever you meet. You can also project it mentally to those parts of your world that are in turmoil, and if sufficient of you do so you will make a difference. 

I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation and pleased to be associated with you. You have our love and great appreciation of the commitment you have made to restore your Earth. Soon we shall be together and you will see the fruits of all of the preparations you have made for this point in time. Be aware that you have worked towards the end times over many lives. Your evolution has not taken place overnight, and you are to be credited with great willpower and application to reach your present level. The fact that you have been given much help in no way diminishes your achievement. You have literally risen up like the Phoenix, out of the dark and into the glorious Light that you have helped create. You are ready to join us, and very soon we shall be allowed to arrange our first open meetings with you. It will be a fantastic reunion for many of you are already well known to us, and come from our home planets. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.