Atmos  15-August 2006 

Dear ones, you have an expression about everything being in the melting pot, and this describes exactly where you are just at the moment. It is because so much is happening and changing so quickly, that we are reluctant to give too many indications as to the outcome. However some things are certain such as the end result. It is just a matter of exactly how events manifest themselves as to which one will be the deciding factor. 

There are now options open to you that will ensure the last cabal are soon removed. We encourage all approaches as the pressure is already making itself felt. This leads to the frantic actions by the dark, that are taking place to produce levels of fear that will feed their ambitions. The difference now is that many people no longer fall for their tactics, and are wise enough to question what they are told. They also see beyond the false incidents that are perpetrated as part of their plan. 

The truth is that the dark already sense defeat, but will press on with their agenda as directed by the Illuminati. There is clearly a lot at stake for them as once they lose their hold upon you there will be no way back. What is also clear, is that many servants of the dark are having second thoughts about the work they are being asked to carry out. Once there is a reluctance to obey orders, it will only be a short time before a complete break up takes place. 

There is a simple message to you all, and that is to stay on course and do not be put off by anything else that happens. The consciousness of the people is growing rapidly and this energy cannot just be swept away. It is waking up those who were oblivious to what was happening in front of their very eyes. Now that only a short time remains before the November elections, you must be prepared for many attempts to take your attention away from the real issues. The question arises as to whether you can prevent the present administration from terrorising people into supporting them. 

You know from experience that voting can be corrupted, but can you exercise the type of control that would avoid a third consecutive election decided by false counts. There are many challenging aspects about the coming period, and we are heartened by the courageous efforts of those who are brave enough to stand up and tell how it is. Needless to say these people will have our full support and protection. Reflect on the fact that when you will not bend to fear laden tactics, you can achieve a great deal of success. 

Humanity is seeing very clearly what happens when the dark are allowed to run riot. It is a lesson to everyone that shows the degree to which you have as a whole fallen from grace. Never mind about recriminations, these are unnecessary as you came into this dimension to experience duality. It has many times scaled the depths, but the Light has always remained. It cannot in fact be removed or destroyed and will always rise up again. 

You are to be the victors and although you cannot yet see how this comes about, keep it in mind and know that what you experience now is short-lived. Look for the changes and concentrate on them, and do not live in fear as a result of the actions of the dark. Rather than succumb to their heinous actions, be determined to confront them in a way that removes their power to adversely affect you. Each of you can do your bit, and the most useful way is through the dissemination of the truth about what has been taking place. To know what has really been going on is to lessen its power to have any hold on you. Many still do not question what they see happening, and would be horrified to learn the truth. Minds need opening to other possibilities so that the shocking truth does not cause a negative reaction. 

Discuss matters amongst yourselves, and plant an idea that may grow and reveal the truth to others. The actions of the dark are meant to destroy and destabilise society and make it easier to control. Even at this late hour you can oppose such actions, and “the truth will set you free” to quote your much used expression. Remember that we are together in this experience, and although you often feel ill equipped to deal with the power of the dark, we are much more formidable. We do however as you might say, play by the rules and as representatives of the Lighted forces would not misuse our power. 

We do not threaten or harm people, and our way is through projecting the Light onto any situation that is outside of it. Many times we have approached your various leaders and offered peaceful solutions to your problems. Each time we have been turned down, because world peace would have meant relinquishing their personal power. As you still see happening around you, each country desires to be more powerful than their neighbours. Peace cannot evolve in conditions that generate fear, but it is a weapon often used. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and I can say that peace on Earth is not far away. You are demanding such a change and your prayers will not remain unanswered for much longer. It must come as the final clearing of Karma reaches its conclusion, which is necessary to allow the plan for Ascension to proceed to the next stage. Given the opportunity, humans are at heart most loving and kind, and soon you will be able to fully show this aspect of yourselves. Released from the dark energies, you will become your Godselves once more. Your real selves have been suppressed for so long, that you have denied your own divinity. 

You are worthy of all the attention you are getting, and have earnt the right to be here at such a wonderful time. In such a short space of time you have dramatically lifted up your vibrations, and are beginning to realise your true potential. The dark have nothing to match the power of the Light, so go forward with complete confidence and with no fear of them. We salute you and embrace you with our love and admiration for your fortitude. We often remind you of our presence by allowing sightings of our crafts. It is our assurance that we are there for your love and protection. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.