Ker-On  14-August-06 

What is happening before your very eyes is the polarising of the positive and negative energies. Two paths have been open ever since the cycle of duality commenced, and now each of them are drawing even further apart. This is quite normal, and fully expected at this time as the cycle closes. 

You have always had a freewill choice to follow whichever path you desire. As the dark side plumb even lower depths than before, so the division between the Light and dark now widens. Those of the Light have reached a point, where they are assured that the dark can no longer prevent their successful conclusion in achieving Ascension. 

It must be evident that without outside help, there will not be a major change in the situation that confronts you on Earth at present. This does not mean that you lack the purpose or desire for change, indeed that is far from the truth. However the task of bringing about the changes yourself would now take too long. There is an agenda that we of the Galactic Federation follow, and it requires that everything is in place for the final few years. This is why we have a deadline that allows us to bring our own forces to bear upon the dark, so that their time is brought to a conclusion beforehand. 

Meantime you must press on with enlightening others as to the truth. Not just about earthly matters although they are important, but of the wonderful opportunity to grow in consciousness and understanding of your true selves. Many are still unaware that life is infinite, and that only truth will remove much that worries people who see no real purpose to life. Everlasting life may be seen as a strange concept, and needs to be explained if it is to be understood. Likewise, also the truth about the illusion that is your reality.  

Is it not uplifting to know that whatever problems confront you now; they do have an end when the time comes for your transition. Having left your physical body you return to higher realms, where you are no longer bound by any disabilities or illnesses that you had at the time of passing. All of your loved ones that preceded you are also present at some level or another, and will gather to greet your return. You are also released from your Karma until outstanding issues are raised once again prior to your next incarnation. Many unaware of these facts spend much time in unhappiness, believing that their God is unloving and uncaring and ready to hand out punishment, and that is of course untrue. 

The purpose of life has not been deliberately hidden from you, but of necessity you are veiled from many truths about yourself. If you were not life would actually become more difficult, as you must fully relate to what you have come to learn. As interesting as knowledge of previous lives is to you, there is a danger that it could take up too much of your time. This can easily happen, where the ego is inflated by the possibility that you were a well known historical character. Each of you have in fact had so many lifetimes in a whole range of different roles. Now you will understand why we often stress that judgement of another is undesirable. You cannot possibly know what karmic responsibilities are at work, any more than you know of your own. 

To be enlightened to the truth makes your passage through life so much easier, and enables you to get on with it without being distracted by what others are doing. By all means see life as it is, but try to resist getting involved unless you feel it is part of your contract for this lifetime. You will know what your path is by following your intuition, and if you lose your way your Guides will do their best to see that you get back on track. 

These end times present a wonderful opportunity that only comes up at the closing of a cycle. It is a privilege for each and everyone that is here at this time, because I can say with certainty that many souls would love to be in your place. You can fast track to Ascension in a way that is unique to this particular solar cycle. You really will be extremely disappointed if you pass up this wonderful opportunity to progress, and leave these lower realms behind. 

Your God, and it matters little what name you use, is the One God. Yet you squabble over who is following the right one, and you are prepared to kill or destroy for your beliefs. God is All Love and if you consider what this means, how can you possibly attribute Manís ways to the Source of All That Is. It is about time that rigid beliefs were examined, to find out where they do not represent the true teachings. If you persist in wrong thinking, it will simply keep on coming back to you until you can see the Light of Truth. 

Free choice is your prerogative, and no one from the higher dimensions will force you to follow any path except of your choosing. You will find that the truth will keep coming up, whilst anything but the truth will gradually fade away. Look for the highest concept that you can understand and try living up to it. The more success you have, you will find it easier to keep the dark influences at a distance. They really cannot touch you unless you allow it to be so, whereas the Light will always have a positive affect upon everyone. 

People who continue in denial of the truth are not necessarily being negative. Often they have been drawn into false beliefs over a succession of lifetimes, and they cannot rise up out of them that easily. Even when faced by the truth, they fear that changing their own version of it will leave them floundering and without a recognisable path to follow. For those who have no firm beliefs whatsoever this present reality becomes their life, as they know no other way. As a mass consciousness you affect each other to a greater or lesser degree, now however it is separating out. Those who are rising up are lifting their vibrations too high for lesser ones to stay with them. 

I am Ker-On of Venus, and see the higher vibrations giving out a glow of Light and Love not seen on Earth for a long time. This is the power and force that is guiding more souls to reach out and seek the truth of their being. May the great Light enfold you and carry you safely through these end times.   

Thank you Ker-On,

 Mike Quinsey.