St. Germain  11-August-06 

As you realise the focus on Earth is in the West and their involvement in the Middle East. What happens very much dictates the way in which the future arrives, and whether there is a general awakening of humankind. Wherever people are in the world, they cannot fail to be affected by the events that dominate the news. The war can be stopped with goodwill on both sides, but on a broader front it still leaves the unresolved problem of how to ensure that more terrorists are not born of hate or despair. 

If you cannot attend to the underlying reasons that bring groups together that indulge in terrorism, it will continue to exist. There are always more people coming up that seek vengeance, and are prepared to risk or give up their life for a cause. What you see now are opportunities to address the real problem, but it requires leaders who are first and foremost concerned for peace. 

You may ask wherein lies the answer, since it is clear you have few if any of your Western leaders who talk of peace as their priority. Indeed, there seems to be an emphasis on the war against terrorism, but without a solution as to how you prevent it rising up again. Trust is a scarce commodity and it is vital in any negotiations that may bring an end to war. Sadly, the West is led by the policies that are directed by the Illuminati and until their hold is broken, there cannot be a major change in the world. 

Many ask what can we do as individuals, when our representatives do not listen to our pleas or lack the will to take positive action. Politically you can petition those concerned so that they know your feelings and desire for change. Otherwise if you are a Lightworker or one who is earnest in their prayers, you can help in your own way by sending out love and Light. It may seem ineffectual against the physical might of those determined to participate in war, but know that it draws its strength from the higher dimensions. You are aware of the Law of Attraction, so use it to bring more Light to Earth. 

The Light is subtle yet all-powerful and you invoke its power to bring about changes upon Earth. They may not come quick enough for your liking, but be assured that when they do they will overcome any resistance. The Higher  Spiritual Councils could make an edict that would lift up everything on Earth and remove all negativity, but as much as so many of you desire such action, it is not yet possible to take such a step. For a long time you have been gradually led away from the negativity, and onto the path of Light. With it has come many harsh lessons that must first be learnt, otherwise you will not understand how your past actions have brought you to the present period. 

In some ways you may see it as ironic that having raised your consciousness and taken a path that is leading to Ascension, you are accompanied by the last attempts of the dark to prevent it taking place. However, as you have grown in strength you have been able to take on the karma that you have carried with you for millennia of time. It is a burden that you have all elected to carry, but with it you have the subconscious knowing that it can be cleared by you. In the midst of all the chaotic happenings it is perhaps hard to see how the end is brought about, but you are presently successful in curtailing the extent to which it can affect you. 

The game of duality is a most serious one, and not to be spoken of lightly yet as you respond in a positive way you are proving your ability to handle it. Whatever action the dark take, it is essential that you maintain your pose and keep your eye on the goal to bring an end to their reign. It will come about and it is just a matter of timing, and be assured that once the Light forces take charge there will a great release of energy that will subdue the dark. Already the positive energy levels are increasing and will continue to do so. 

You have yet to understand how much is carried out on your behalf by the forces of Light. They have ensured that whatever level of difficulty you have encountered, the negative energies are held in check and balance maintained. The Brotherhood of Light comprises of mighty Beings that wield power beyond your present concepts, and they carry out the Creator’s plan for Man. If only you could see the glorious Light being beamed to Earth and realise how it is strengthening your hand, you would not worry about anything else. Of course there is suffering when the dark Ones are let loose, but that is in the nature of their ways. Together we can keep it under control and so far have been successful in doing so. 

Start each day with the expectations of great happenings that will lift everything further into the Light. In your thoughts and prayers remember to express in your own words the plea of “let thy will be done”. In so doing you are not just acknowledging the higher powers, but also invoking them to come into your life. Need I also remind you that you are not your body, and you live in Man’s reality which is why we refer to it as an illusion. It is so because it is far removed from the truth of who you really are as your Higher Self. 

I am St. Germain and I am with total compassion and love for you all, and I do see the fight that tears at your hearts. Know that there is nothing greater than your ability to overcome the strongest challenge, and you have done it before and will do it again. This is your purpose in coming to Earth, and you achieve so much more by meeting the dark on their level. You are not destined to stay in it for much longer, and you are soon to reap the rewards of eons of hard work and dedication to the Light. You have travelled a long way and are much greater for it, and you shall go forward to even greater heights as you move into the higher dimensions. 

You all stand at the door of opportunity, that is opening up the most wonderful paths for your future exploration. The adventure of life is never ending, and you will choose where your next ventures take you. This time it will not be in duality, as that lesson will have been learnt. You will dwell in dimensions of pure Light, and move in the energies of the Creator’s Love for evermore. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.