Ag-agria  10-August-06 

As ever, you are confronted with issues that are of Manís making, and it has revealed the worst aspects when Brother fights Brother. For those of you who have risen above the hatred and passion being generated, it brings sadness that after millennia of time that peaceful intentions seem so far away. Lessons are still being learnt, and great responsibility is upon the shoulders of those who seek an end to hostilities.  

Words and political manoeuvring are hollow unless they are accompanied with true intent to bring a fair settlement. Eventually all altercations will be brought to an end, but at what cost in human life and misery. Because of your understanding, many can see how the present problems involve those who elected to be part of the unfolding drama. The dark seek to further their own agenda, and those of the Light make sacrifices to bring home the realisation of the needless and continual interference in the lives of others. 

You cannot turn your back on this problem that has plagued Man for as long as your history recalls. When Man knew no better he genuinely believed in his right to take from others whatever he needed. Even now respect for Manís sanctity and peaceful existence, is pushed aside in the interests of corporate greed and global control. 

You may wonder how you could have succumbed to such a situation, and yet you have not only allowed it to happen but you have also contributed to it. Now you see the outcome and have the opportunity to make good the errors of the past. This is how evolution is achieved, and you cannot move on until you can acknowledge your mistakes, and direct your energy onto another path. You can imagine how much Karma is involved in these end times, and will know that you would not be here at this present time unless it was essential to your progress. 

Reflect on what you see happening and in your mind find the answers, and send out thoughts of a personal nature that can quietly and passively help to bring calmness and peace to the Middle East. How you react is very much an indication as to where you are on your own evolutionary path. Many still fail to see that might is not right, and sooner or later those that espouse such a way of life are going to learn some harsh lessons. You are continually writing the next chapter in your life, and for those who fail to see the Light there will be a continuation of experience at this present level. 

Those of you who see beyond the posturing and threats, realise that you can pour healing waters upon the fire that burns in the hearts of so many. You are the calming influence that through your words and actions can bring some sense to people who act first and ask questions later. You can see the broader picture and with heartfelt desire can show that love for your fellow man is still possible. Given the chance love will provide a way to overcome the most difficult of problems. 

The Earth will not be engulfed with the negative energies that are being created. The Light is sufficiently strong to overcome them, and will not succumb to any attempts to pull more people into the fear-based actions of the few. These are the times when the Light is hard worked, but it will always come out victorious in these battles that take place on many levels. 

Your confidence would be boosted if you had our perception and ability to see the outcome of events on Earth. We so often assure you that the Light is superior to the dark, but you still fear the consequences of what you see taking place. The dark cannot make one iota of difference to the Creatorís intention that this cycle should now be concluded with Ascension. What you see is simply put as the outworking of events that have to be played out. They are  the cleansing of the negative energies that Man has accumulated over eons of time. 

When you understand how the Light and dark operate, the future holds no further fears as the Light will always absorb or transmute the dark. It is therefore only a matter of time before it crumbles and falls away. It has no real base upon which to survive, and is reliant on holding people in perpetual fear. Break the vicious cycle of hatred and you will find that changes can occur quite quickly. The situation calls on all people to rise up and not be subjugated by the dark. Spread your Light into all areas affected by the war, and most importantly visualise peace between the people of all nations. 

The battle on Earth is a microcosm of the one that has already been fought in your Universe. You are the last bastion of darkness that is being cleansed so that all is prepared in readiness for the great going through. If you consider the importance of Ascension, you will realise that there is no way that your Earth will be allowed to hold back the greater plan. It will be prepared in time to take its place with all others in that magnificent event that will herald the lifting up of your Universe. 

Dear Ones, I am Ag-agria and suggest you keep the greater picture in mind, and it will give you the assurance you seek that all will be well. The Creator has spoken, and no mortal can interfere with the Plan for Man. Let events play out as they must, and bring more and more Light to Earth and you shall yet see the power you have to bring about a transformation. The Galactic Federation comprises of Nations that are committed to the Light, and are ready to alight upon Earth as soon as the conditions allow. We are seeing you rise up and the Light is glowing all around Earth. It is a remarkable sight that has suddenly bloomed in the last few years, and your progress has been phenomenal. As always we stand with you, and soon you shall see us and our craft when we have permission to make full contact with you. We love you for being just as you are, and have absolute admiration for you all. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.