Ker-On  09-August-06 

You wonder how long it will be before a sudden move comes up, that will take you towards recognisable changes that signal the commencement of a major event. Yet many movements are taking place, the net result of which are leading you towards that opening that will clearly indicate that the end times are truly under way. Beyond that we will not detail any particular event that is shaping up, except to say that the removal of the last cabal is still the top of our list. 

Our wish to be more open than we are at present cannot be fulfilled until the principal opposition to us is removed. We desire to elevate our allies into positions where they have authority and acceptance, for the many events that we want to get quickly underway. The approval of your people has to be a main factor in our coming, and we do not see that as presenting any problems. Already there are great numbers who believe in our existence and our craft, and it is a relatively small step to show them that we come with your best interests at heart. 

Only the most avid followers of our contact with you are conversant with the intended programme of changes that we are to introduce. Many more would see the necessity of what we bring particularly in view of your present energy crisis. The knowledge already exists for more than enough devices that will give you free energy and remove your dependence upon oil. With it comes many benefits, not least of all pollution free methods. For too long you have been denied your natural evolution away from fossil fuels. Those who have previously prevented the introduction of new innovations, will be unable to stop us from revealing the truth of their existence. 

As many will be aware, it is not just energy for transport purposes that is a priority, but it powers many industrial applications that leave polluting residues and these must be changed. Clean energy is waiting to be introduced, and power stations such as you are familiar with will no longer be desirable or necessary. The technology that we shall introduce you to will be largely of an individual nature, and make you more self-supporting and independent. It will also easily be introduced into Third World area, that generally lack the basic structure for conventional energy sources. 

Almost at a stroke we will lift the quality of life for so many people. What we will bring you is not distributed according to ability to pay, it is for everyone regardless of their financial status. We will not allow our technology to be manipulated and used for vast profit making, otherwise it would defeat the object of the proposed changes and restrict its availability to everyone. 

With the fair distribution of the monetary funds that will be set up, the division between the rich and poor will be removed. The wealth held by a small number of people is beyond our understanding, except we do realise that greed is rampant upon Earth, and some levels can only be described as obscene. This disproportionate distribution will be remedied, although some people have simply been successful in using your monetary system quite legally to amass their wealth. 

You all have essential needs that can easily be covered by the new financial system that we are setting up. When fairness and equality are seen to work, the degree of unrest and other unsociable activities will cease. Take away your worries and you become different people, with more time to express your true selves. Happiness and contentment will return, with a general coming together of all nations. Even politics will have to change, and a central method of world control will ensure that everything takes place in an evenhanded way. 

We come not to dominate you or force our ways upon you. You will be very much involved in all activities, and see for yourself that the changes are for the betterment of your lives and Mother Earth. For too long little consideration has been given to the damage you are causing the planet, and it does not have unlimited resources as you are finding out. It is a living entity that responds to your activities, and has reached a point where if matters do not change they will be forced upon you. Mother Earth will literally take matters into her own hands, and shake off the pollution and cleanse the lands in her own particular way. This development has been curtailed by us but as you see already the cleansing is far reaching, and in your perception is very damaging but unfortunately that is largely unavoidable. 

You only have to look around you to see that Manís ways are destroying the very fabric of your planet. Without a major change of direction you would simply be unable to reverse the damage, and life would become intolerable. With the continuing pollution of your atmosphere, including the deliberate placement of Chemtrails in your skies you are courting all kinds of disease and illness. This will also be quickly remedied once we can openly proceed with our plan. We have in fact over many years lessened the effect, and have done so from the time you first introduced nuclear technology. There would have been much more sickness and death amongst you but for our cleansing of your atmosphere. 

Understand that you have been given freewill to experiment with the different ways of expressing your ideas of how to co-exist, and also how to relate to your environment and all other life forms. You have learnt much from your mistakes, and each cycle has allowed you another opportunity to express yourselves a different way. Sometimes the lessons to be learnt are presented to you again, and your progress is continually monitored. Not only do the Hierarchy of the higher realms wisely make the plans on behalf of Humanity as a whole, they also determine the potential for every nation.

Nations, families and individuals all experience within a framework of opportunities that challenge you every step of the way. Failure is a word that does not really apply, as the purpose is to bring away with you the result of trying to understand Spirit in matter. All experiences will serve you well, and you will take these with you into the next phase of your journey. Life is never still, and your Universe is forever embroiled in the effects of duality. However, as you lift up ,into the higher dimensions so the negative energies cease to have such an impact upon your life. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and look upon Earth as a beautiful planet, and with the great resources that are held by The Galactic Federation we shall restore it to its original pristine condition. We shall also be with you offering guidance so that you are fully prepared for Ascension. It is a time when much love is expressed towards you in recognition of the great Beings that you are, and your remarkable tenacity and resolve to bring success out of difficult circumstances. 

It is your determination to succeed that will help remove the dark from their positions of power. You desire change, and we are there with you boosting and guiding your energies to bring the end into sight. The Light is an immovable force that you have helped anchor upon Earth, and it will manifest your new Earth through the Laws of Attraction. It is all part of the Creatorís Plan to move this sector of the Universe permanently into the Light. All of these actions are carried out with great love and care by multitudes of higher Beings. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.