Atmos  08-August-06 

These are undoubtedly some of the most intense times you have experienced. With modern weapons that can travel far and wide you no longer feel that you are very far from any areas of confrontation. Speaking from a karmic point of view you would not of course be involved unless there were lessons to be directly learnt. However, you cannot know for certain what involvement you may have and fear is always lurking in the background. 

On the other hand, many are making excellent progress along the path to Ascension, enabling you to concentrate on your own needs. At the same time you become aware of the needs of others, and your helpful actions are based on using your Light energy. It really does come down to being of the Earth, but able to stand aside and not be distracted by outer events. 

The more that you can focus on bringing the Light to bear upon Earth, the quicker there will be an end to the power of the dark. It is already waning, but cannot again rise up to its previous level. Furthermore they cannot stop the Light from increasing as it gathers pace from one day to the next. Millions of different people all over the world are giving out the Light of Love, and collectively they have set in motion an energy that has its own momentum. 

Never doubt that however little you feel that you are contributing, it is important to the whole. Wherever you carry your Light it is evoking a response from others, and can help lift them up. You are a microcosm of what is happening on the higher levels, where great Beings that are Masters in using the Light are also bringing a response from you. The Earth has every attention given it, particularly at this time when much help is needed. You have never been totally left to your own fate, and many Beings both on and off Earth are helping to guide the Human Race. 

Somewhere within all of your experiences is your personal plan that you are following, yet it is also part of a greater one that involves each and every person. Your evolution is part of the Creator’s Plan, and that in turn involves your Universe. The plan is magnificent in its scope, and cleverly allows for your free expression while leading you along a path that will give everyone upon Earth the opportunity to ascend. You sometimes feel that you fight your way through life without help. But that is far from the truth, and you have yet to fully understand the special attention you get. There are numerous guides and helpers that come and go according to your needs. 

One day not too far in the future, you will have a clear understanding of how you have been guided and protected. Many times you walked a thin line between life and death, and yet you have been kept safe so as to fulfil your life plan. Many of you can recount near death experiences and miraculous escapes. Have you ever considered that you were protected, and circumstances “arranged” to ensure your survival. However, when it comes to the time of life to leave this dimension you will do so, but again be accompanied by your Guides who will ensure that your transition is not traumatic. Immediately you arrive on “the other side” you are met with immense love and many souls who are known to you. If you need rest to recover that is all taken care of, and your new experience is fully explained to you. You have in fact done it hundreds of times, but coming from the lower dimensions you have little or no memory of your previous transitions. 

What is special about the coming Ascension is that you will not experience “death” as you understand it. You are to rise up with your physical body, although it will be in an altered state. It will be more refined and cleansed of the lower vibrations. Your consciousness will also have been restored to a level known as superconsciousness. At present you are a pale reflection of the Being that you will become, and you return to your original state of being 

If you were to meet your true Self now, you may well be overawed by seeing one of such beauty and Light. At the higher level, there are no imperfections, and all is in its highest expression of perfection. The Light would be overpowering and the Love all encompassing, an experience that would be impossible to put into words. 

See that what you are experiencing now is the last vestiges of a cycle that is drawing to a close. It no longer has any place in the future, and it is gradually breaking up and withdrawing. This comes through the transmutation that the Light is bringing about, and why there is the inevitable chaos and confusion. Within all that you see taking place is release from the dark energies that are being played out before you. 

The dark cannot harm you unless you are drawn into their emotional war upon your senses. They wish you to be fearful and pull others into the trap that clouds your ability to see the truth. It is the last act of the play that has seen you reach the lowest point of your lives upon Earth, yet able to cling to your Light and find a way out. You have completed your sojourn in duality and it has served its purpose well. You are now much more experienced, and that will not only serve you well but others who are in your future. 

Dear Ones, you are great beyond your present understanding, and it is not egotistical to accept that you are all wonderful Beings of immense Light. It is just that you have been unaware of your real Self for so long, you have been unable to recognise your divinity. When you are told that you are gods that is absolutely true, and in the not too distant future all of the attributes associated with that exalted position will once again be yours. For the moment hold on to that knowledge and know what potential power you have, and bring the real you back into being. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and remind you of the future that lies ahead. Soon all of this present period will seem but a bad dream, which is quickly forgotten. Never forget your true potential, and know those dormant powers are returning. Go in Love and Light and become a force for change. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.