Diane  07-August-06 

Dear Ones, in the Heavens a gathering is taking place of great Beings. They come from many different groups, that are responsible for ensuring that Humanity is the beneficiary of changes that are now far advanced and are appropriate for the time you are in. There is a movement towards exposure of the Illuminati plans for mankind, and the covert actions that have been taking place for a long time. It is essential that you learn of the way you have been manipulated and used, in manifesting the dark agenda that has led you to the edge of a major disaster. 

The ones who are coming forward to support the revelations are being given our protection, and we will ensure that the truth shall be given out. The time for concealment has passed, and people must be released from the oppressive yoke placed upon them by the dark. Light is breaking out all over that is proving to be a mighty force that is overpowering moves by the dark to prevent their covers being exposed.  Our allies are imbued with the confidence that they can provide the opportunity that will finally bring matters to a head. 

We for our part are as ever closely following events, and we will draw the line beyond which the dark cannot pass. The net is closing in on the principal members of your Government who are responsible for the chaos that has been created. Once their power is removed, you will find that great strides will be made towards their total removal from all matters concerning your future. They have had many chances to pull back and admit their defeat, as they fully know that they cannot now possibly achieve their objective for world domination. 

We will play our part in supporting you, until we can make an open declaration of our intent to come to Earth. Our work quietly takes place and we are strengthening your hand to enable progress towards our ultimate goal, which is to release you from the clutches of the dark. You have many wonderful years to come when peace shall have been made between all countries and their people. Those who remain loyal to the dark leaders will have no further say in your future, but they will be invited to come over to the Light, as everyone is encouraged to make such a transition. However, as with all other souls who may choose to remain in the lower vibrations, they will lovingly be removed, to continue their experiences elsewhere. 

Feel the energy that accompanies this message, let it inspire you to send your Light out to create an even bigger impulse that will carry everything forward to a speedy conclusion. You should not be surprised if we tell you that you have much more power than you imagine. Believe it because it is true, and know that we need your support just as you need ours. Of course we could come now and force changes, but that is not our way unless it is considered a last resort. We want our joint efforts to stream together and create a firm base from which we can all work. 

We call upon you to draw your attention away from the problems that besiege you, because of the issues produced by the war in the Middle East. Concentrate your minds on how to manifest your desire to see matters placed on a different level, one that will result in achieving that elusive peace. It can be done, and is vital as a way of breaking out of the cycle of death and violence. 

Man is not naturally a warlike creature, but falls for the hatred whipped up by those who care little about human life. Step aside and see the dark for what they are, and do not allow them to pull you into the emotional trap that fuels death and destruction. We encourage you to be the strong Beings that you really are, standing proud and spreading your Light wherever it is needed. Now is the time to be those great Ones that you always were, Beings of Light that came from higher realms to find your way out of the dark and re-establish the Light upon Earth. 

Take care and do not be distracted from your commitment to take charge of events upon Earth. You are part of a mighty force that can determine which way they work out. Many of you came to Earth to play a prominent role in these end times, and you are aware of it. You will find yourselves naturally being drawn to the groups that work with the Light, and will know when you have found your right place. This week is leading to another important period when even more Light is to be beamed to Earth. It will give you additional power and your work will yield more positive results. 

Man is being forced by circumstances to establish his rightful place in this present time. It is no longer possible to be non-committal, and if you are of the Light your path is clear. You are important to the Legions of Light that approach ever nearer to you, and there will be a coming together to lift Man up. Let us go forward and provide the solutions that your governments are incapable of providing. You are the silent army of souls that are helping create the new Earth. You carry immense power and now is the time to point the way to Ascension, through your love and service to others. 

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation, and bring you a heart felt message to bring you hope and confidence in your ability to shape your own future. We will be totally behind you even if you are unaware of our presence. Go about your work with our love and together we will be victorious. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.