SaLuSa  04-August-06 

Without a doubt this month is one of great importance, and over the next few weeks there will be developments brought to your attention. They will show you signs that open up a path to change as you have expected. There are two directions being clearly opened up, one is more of the same chaos and destruction that you are now experiencing. The other is the intensity of the Light that is now growing more rapidly than at any other previous time. 

There is no escaping the choice which is being presented, and it shall continue to be so for the immediate future. Man cannot be of both camps, and the decision has to be made as to which path you will align with that will allow your preparation for what is to come. Great Beings are approaching Earth and very soon they will find the vibrations have been raised sufficiently to allow their full presence. Meantime, they continue to spread their Light amongst you, and are one of many sources helping with your upliftment. 

The incoming energies are attracted to you when your Light is shining out, and it is certain that by now many of you are able to notice the effect it has upon you. Your consciousness is expanding and with it comes an understanding of the power of love. You have often been told about it, now you can acknowledge it through your own experiences. Love self, and love all else and you will find a great strength within. It brings peace regardless of what is happening around you, a peace that allows you to experience a beautiful calmness and serenity. 

Looking back you must surely see how the changes within have been very subtle. This is a wonderful achievement in the face of the escalating dark energies of war and conflict. Heaven needs every warrior of the Light to stay firm, and know that you are the front line against any attempt of the dark to further their plan. You often ask what you can do as the circumstances seem beyond your capability to make any difference. Know that as a Mass Consciousness you are powerful indeed, and are continuing to grow quicker than ever. It is your collective Light that is gradually lifting up the Earth, and it moves closer to the point where it will become one with the energies that are bringing change. 

The coming together of the Light will be the great event that signals your readiness to take the next steps to Ascension. The dark energies cannot follow or even exist at this level and a clear dimensional change will have taken place. You already have one foot in the higher dimension, and this is why you are becoming a Higher Being with all of the attributes that would be expected. 

Telepathy is already apparent within many of you who had no such ability just a few years ago. Healing abilities are also on the rise, and you often heal without realising your new found skill. Try self-healing and see how your body responds to your commands, as you are in charge. You have heard that thoughts are energy, and for this reason they will act upon your body. Direct love and accompany it with a visualisation of what it is you require to heal. Your body cells respond to thought, indeed they do so all of the time and you can energise them to do what you want. A positive approach is needed, and should be one that is concluded by the command that “you are healed”. Be patient and the results will manifest in the course of time. You have not yet reached a stage where healing is instantaneous, but you will eventually. 

Dear Ones, you are beginning to “feel” the new energies as you take them to yourself. People will notice how serene and gentle you have become, and it is because you have found that elusive inner peace. The great teachers exuded such energy and they personified God incarnate. Do not cloud your energies by allowing them to be affected by the negative ones that presently abound upon Earth. You are much more powerful than they are, and they cannot touch you while your Light remains as your protection. 

See the dark and know that it needs transmuting, and as a Lightworker envelope it in your thoughts of love. The reasons for the dark are not important for the purpose of healing, simply know that your Light along with that of other healers will make a difference. If peace breaks out where hitherto there was chaos and destruction, know that your efforts will have played an important part in that achievement. 

Healing is such a natural part of your psyche and you do it subconsciously all of the time. Humans can be contrite and difficult, and sometimes display the worst aspects of humanity. However, you still have a soul that carries the spark of Light inside you, and it occasionally flickers back into life. Everyone has the capability to express their love, and this energy is all-powerful when used with purpose and understanding. 

In these present times it is more important than ever that you keep on track. You cannot take all of the troubles of the world on your shoulders, just see what is happening and try to focus on the positive changes. Too much emphasis on the activities of the dark is distracting at a time when your positive energy and thoughts are required to bring peace to Earth. You are in a period that is utterly confusing and testing, but ride above it in the knowledge that it is soon to pass. Then everyone will see the power of the Light and Love take over. 

I am SaLuSa and bring you greetings from The Galactic Federation. We know better than you how much you yearn for change, and note your frustration at the seemingly endless activities of the dark. They are coming to a conclusion, and with our help their power will be removed. We are coming to Earth to bring lasting peace, and no one shall interfere with that plan. As many of you are already aware, there are higher powers than ours that have issued the divine decree for these end times. You shall have the peace you so earnestly desire, and even more as together we bring the beautiful new Earth into being. It will be a time of coming together on a scale never seen before, and love will abound and bring great happiness and joy everywhere. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey