St. Germain  03-August-06 

You need hardly be reminded that you are in the end times, and are seeing a great clear out of the dark energies that have been holding everyone back. It is of necessity that they are dealt with before the next step in your evolution can take place. On the surface matters do appear worse, but it is necessary to bring matters to a head. Many of you as individuals are also in a similar position, and working hard to move out of the lower vibrations. 

It is without doubt a most hectic time, yet from out of it all the Phoenix will arise again. Each and every one of you are great Beings of Light, and when you allow yourselves to acknowledge it you can go forward with total faith. To your Light you will fully return, but first the cleansing must be completed. Every opportunity is given for you to lift up, and it is partly self-achieving as the more you can do so, the more you attract the higher energies. 

The dark are being engulfed in the mire of their own making. There is no longer a way out, although they arrogantly believe that they can escape the responsibility for their deeds. Universal Law ensures that everyone answers for their actions, and there is no way at all that it can be avoided. For this reason we ask that you bear it in mind, and do not become too concerned about punishment of those who break the law. It is very easy to get caught up in the emotional reactions to what is happening in front of your eyes. 

These are times when you can help immensely to bring a degree of calmness to the world. The more of you that concentrate on bringing the Light to Earth, the quicker you will see positive changes begin to take place. Your role in these end times is extremely important, and we can use you to anchor even more Light upon Earth. It is growing all of the time and helps keep a balance that will ensure that the dark are kept in their place. We are aware that many more people are desiring peace on Earth, and a great thought form has developed that will help bring it about, and as always action follows thought. 

You see the potential for matters to get out of hand, but we will not allow it. So far you are experiencing the extent to which Karma has dictated the outcome. It is reaching the end, and there will be a cessation of warlike activities. Then will come a period of retrospection, and a peaceful settlement. The problem has been that settlements rarely recognise the rights of other people. It simply means that if they do not they will come up again. Man has to treat people with equality, as until that lesson is learnt there cannot be lasting peace. 

You came to Earth to learn many lessons, and now it is considered that you have gone as far as it was intended. The cycle must end very soon, and provisions have been made for every soul to journey onwards onto new pastures. If your lessons are presented to you many times it is inevitable that you eventually achieve success. Heaven wants you to succeed and always help is on hand. It is because time is short that life has become rather hectic, as you are busy clearing Karma. You will find, that the more you lift up, the stronger becomes your ability to succeed. 

Humans have a habit of undermining themselves. Part of the problem is that over eons of time they have been led to believe that they are lesser Beings. Levels of intelligence have been allowed to create divisions between people, where lack has been considered as some form of inferiority. This seems to have been linked with the ability to acquire wealth, and yet another division has been created. Spirituality is often not recognised at all except perhaps within religious movements, and even this has created divisions. For historical reasons white skinned people have always been considered as superior to the black, and racism has been fuelled by such beliefs. 

Dear Ones, you have created your own problems over millennia of time by choosing to see the differences between you all. With the intermixing of the races a degree of change has occurred, and much more tolerance has been learnt. Modern communications and ability to travel far and wide has also helped to break down barriers. However, some people are still greatly affected by their previous life experiences, and still carry deeply ingrained prejudices.This is the time to release them and see the Oneness of every living form, and its dependence on all others. 

When you want for others what you want for yourself, I would say you have gone a long way down the path of understanding. Let your natural love for life extend to everyone, and try to see all that is positive about those around you. Know that each has a life plan that may include you, and you can help their evolution through correct thought and actions. Remember that karmic links are never accidental, and they are planned and intended to help each individual involved. 

Even those who take the negative roles in life are learning lessons, and if it involves you perhaps you can learn one of forgiveness. This of course extends beyond your personal experiences, and the challenge is to forgive those around you who have not yet stepped onto the path of Light. As we often ask of you, do not allow yourself to make judgements of others. Where you see the dark ones playing out their game, send Love and Light so that their heart centre may be opened again. One day, each and every one of them will rise up again and you will have helped. 

I am St. Germain, and know that the words “I Forgive” seem to be the hardest ones that people find possible to say. This often arises from some hurt that has been experienced, but I say to you that there was also a lesson in it for you. You come together with others to work out your problems. Even if you cannot fully understand the circumstances, try to make allowance for the reasons you were involved. Forgiveness is not to give succour to the ego, but will allow your Higher Self to express through you as a Being of Light. Be the God that you are, and allow your Love to touch everyone around you.  

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.