SaLuSa  3-August-2009


You live in a dream world, and it can be rather harsh at times to the point that some cannot wait to leave it. It does however put you through your chosen tasks and whilst some can be joyful equally some can be an absolute nightmares. That is however what life is about and it is not as you might say “a picnic”. You learn from the challenges that confront you, and hopefully will not have to pass the same way again. You may wonder why some people seem to experience far more aggravation and upsets than others, and I tell you it is all down to you. You can take on as much karma as you desire, and clearly the quicker you can set it aside the quicker your spiritual progress. In these present times with Ascension coming up very quickly, many souls have taken on very full lives so as to completely clear their karma.


Dear Ones, take your tasks seriously particularly at this time, as the opportunity to ascend has never been more positive and certain. It is a situation where you can help each other, and indeed you do so. As the Light grows so more of you are attracted into groups of a like kind, and that increases your power to bring even more Light to Earth. It is in some ways a sad time as a division of the people based on their Light quotient is inevitable. Ideally it would be wonderful if every single soul were able to raise their consciousness, enabling all of you to ascend together. However, freewill has been exercised by you all, and obviously not everyone feels ready to commit themselves to entering the process of Ascension. You will certainly know when you are ready, as life in the 3rd dimension will have become very unfulfilling. You will realise that with aspirations to rise up, you can experience an upliftment into the higher regions of Light.


Your natural inclination is to constantly look for ways create pathways that continually take you forward and upwards. The searching never stops, and it reflects your innermost awareness that you do not belong in the lower vibrations. Experiences in duality are not all difficult or demanding, and are often balanced by periods of absolute happiness. Some people apply themselves solely to creating wealth, believing it to be the answer to all their needs. Certainly lack can be an uncomfortable experience, but even wealth has its own drawbacks. Do you not sometimes hear of people winning large fortunes, only to later regret that it ever happened? They find that it disrupts their lives, setting them apart from others often including their friends. Changes in their lives seem forced upon them, and wealth can turn out to be a millstone around their neck. When it comes to sharing even whole families have been torn apart by squabbling, caused by disagreements as to who should have what and when. There is certainly a lot to be learnt when sudden wealth comes your way.


In time the wealth of the world will be properly shared for the good of all. Is it not a fact, that when you have sufficient for your needs a happier and more contented society is created? Jealousy and envy are eliminated and even greed becomes unnecessary, and would certainly be discouraged. Your present times are the result of deliberate plans by the Illuminate, to create friction through lack and make you reliant on them for your existence. Remember that I.D. cards are the means of controlling you and have little to do with the war on terrorists who are created and not born. It is through their violent disapproval of corruption and the invasion of their countries, that are the real reasons for their actions. However, there will be major changes before I.D. cards can be elevated to such a level that you cannot move around or exist without one. World peace will have been achieved and that will end the opposition that is born out of frustration and hatred, against those who illegally impose themselves upon other countries.


Peace must seem a long way off at present, yet it will come upon you because you are benign at heart, and cry out for release from the continual warring that is endemic through your history. However, the dark forces no longer carry the authority they once did, and their chain of command is slowly becoming fragmented. Our allies have placed themselves in strategic positions to make sure that they do not rise up again. There is so much happening that is hastening the end of the rule by the dark forces, but true to their colours they needlessly fight to the end. Their days are numbered and many revelations about their illegal operations are waiting to be announced to the world. The truth has to be established for your understanding.


As you can see, in spite of the gloom and doom created around you, the Light is emerging from it. It is creating a Light form that absorbs the Light and then gives it out at a much higher level. It is helping you raise the consciousness levels upon Earth, and as it continues to do so is creating an impenetrable ring of Light around it. It helps transmute the negative energies rising up from Earth, and also protects it from outside infiltration. Dear Ones, through your dedication in uplifting the Earth, you are isolating the negative energies so that they become less effective. You have the added benefit where the Photon Belt is concerned, because as it ventures further into your Solar System with its highly charged energy, it is also transmuting the lower energies. Perhaps you can now see how your progress is undeniable and inevitable, as you head for the great upliftment of known as Ascension.


For our part we continue to monitor your progress and the happenings on Earth. We stand at the ready for greater contact with you, and the ultimate order to proceed with First Contact, if the dark forces are not relieved of their power and authority. One way or another you will see the final days played out, and be able to enjoy that remaining period at peace and as a happy and joyous race of people. Looking back you will feel that so little time has elapsed since the Millennium, a sign as to how quickly it has all been speeding up.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as we approach the end times, excitement grows on our ships. What we have waited for to complete our mission for you and God is coming so near to manifestation. What celebrations we shall have together, as the ring of your joy resounds around the Universe. Ascension is an event of major importance, announcing the arrival of new “Man” into the higher dimensions as a fully conscious Being.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.