Ag-agria 25-August-2008


Matters on Earth give you cause for concern, yet you are in extremely exciting times. This is because you are so near to experiencing the changes that are going to alter the future of Mankind. The dark loses its power and control as the Light grows at an increasingly fast pace, and there must come a point where it suddenly breaks the stranglehold it has had on you. You are now rising up as one in your determination to put an end to the old regime. It has been recognised for what it is, and you are helping create the very energies that shall achieve your desires. This is also one of the reasons we are here and drawing closer to you all of the time.


The dark forces refuse to see the dead end that they are facing, and their impregnable fortress is falling apart. Their defences are no longer reliable or secure and they fear the truth of their actions coming out. They know most certainly that the pressure is mounting for investigations into their activities. However, as hard as they try, they can no longer stem the floodwaters of truth reaching your ears. Their plans are not fulfilling their aims and it is even becoming apparent to them that they fight a lost cause. It means that having become weakened; they are more vulnerable to the efforts of our allies to unseat them. Be sure that with our help, the end of the dark forces is coming to the world, but first their authority must be taken away from them.


It is in the West that there is such a slow acceptance of the need to change direction. The old ways have become ingrained for so long there is a reluctance to even consider another path. Come it must, and we shall answer your calls for peace if attempts are made to prevent our coming to Earth. We guide you where possible always respecting your freewill choice. However, the movement of the Lightworkers is spreading far and wide and acting as a wake up call, and it is bringing questions into peopleís minds about their future. It is becoming clearer to so many more of you that Man cannot continue on his present path, without causing great chaos.


It does not matter who you are or whether you support any particular set of beliefs, what is happening around you tells you that the time to halt these proceedings has come. The old ways do not satisfy Manís hunger for knowledge or truth, and the falsehoods of years gone by are now being seen for what they are. You know of deliberate lies and deception to keep the truth from you, intended to allow the last cabal to secretly go ahead with their covert plans for world domination. Their plan has been bold and was near to success, but your hearts and minds have opened paths to the greater truths given you by us, and other heavenly messengers.


We have kept a balance between the Light and the dark for a long time, but now the Light has been increased in its potency. The changes must now commence and the remaining obstacle is the removal of the last cabal. As your leaders we accord them a certain respect, but we have firmly made it clear that they must now hand over their positions to those appointed by the higher forces. They cannot remain in power, and one way or another shall be removed. The Light of America is to be carried by those souls who have come to Earth specifically for this time, and they are all well known to us. Indeed, some are now also becoming well known to you, and their Light is attracting a lot of attention. Their messages carry a new energy that is speaking of a new age, and it resonates with you who are also of the Light. You are sufficiently intuitive to identify those representatives who carry the Light, and by their words all shall know them.


The Hierarchy of Heaven is behind us, and you should not doubt for one moment our promise to open up the path to Ascension. The dark also are obliged to be compliant to their wishes, but they do not respond as easily as those who are already awakened. Many options lay at our feet, but we of the Galactic Federation look to bring changes in with the least disruption to your lives. Matters on Earth are rather fragile at this time, as your Government plays its war games with your lives at stake. However, we mention that only to reveal how the dark forces are focussed only on their pursuance of power. The reality is that we are using our influence and knowledge of what is taking place, to ensure that matters are not allowed to get out of control.


The game on Earth is quite serious inasmuch that you all play it out with full intensity. It is your created reality resulting from many lifetimes of conflict. Now it is time to draw it to a close, as it has served its purpose to awaken you to your true selves. The depths have been plumbed, but out of it you have discovered the path of Light that has revealed another way of life, the way of Light and Love. Up until now in this cycle, you have never reached out so far and found such a resolute determination to change the course of your lives. It was such a turn of events in the latter part of the last century that brought about your present experiences. These have shown you the way to leave the old behind, and move into the glory of the Light forever.


There is no going back to what was, and the Golden Age is manifesting even as you lift yourselves up. Think upon it and let it form your mind picture of what is to be, and draw those delightfully soothing and uplifting energies to you. In this way you can be in the Earth but not of it, and can leave the old vibrations behind for once and for all time. Keep at peace within and share it with all life forms, and you shall be making your contribution to bringing peace and harmony to Earth. Admire and appreciate the beauty that Mother Earth has surrounded you with, and her willingness to nurture you through the many ages you have been together. With that appreciation so will your love and blessings be received by her, and be returned to you in like manner.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and emphasise that we come as your friends of long standing. We are not alien to your civilisation, but simply another physical humanoid that has developed and evolved beyond your present experience. In reality we are no different at all, and are identical at a soul level. We come to lift you up, so that together we may venture further into the unlimited worlds of creation. We are the explorers carrying our message throughout the Cosmos, and uniting with those that accept the Creatorís Love. 


Thank you Ag-agria

Mike Quinsey.