SaLuSa  27-August-2008


With so much happening on all levels, it is not surprising that you sometimes do not know which way to turn. If you ever sensed that matters were heading for a showdown this is the time. Politically speaking the dark does not want Obama to become your next President, and will try all manner of tricks to prevent him succeeding. There have already been three attempts to assassinate him, and even if he were to take power he would still be tightly controlled and not allowed the freedom that he would expect. However, the dark forces do not entirely have their own way, and we too can pull some strings. People sense that the outcome is most important to the future of the world, and apart from the diehard supporters who vote regardless of party policies, there is a move towards major changes. The prospect of opening up a new path that deals with the issues that dominate your political scene, is appealing to more voters than ever before.


Around your earthly issues we ourselves are busy moving our allies into position, as we also have a vested interest in moving your energies into the right direction. Your input is needed to bring changes that will open up the opportunities for abundance and other benefits to be delivered to you. It all sits nicely balanced regardless of the attempts of the dark to lead you to believe otherwise. They confuse you and talk of Cold Wars and this is a diversion from their real aims, as they continue to turn away attention from themselves. Dear Ones, nothing has changed in the way they work, and they continue to create situations that afford the opportunity to impose their plans upon you. Accept nothing that you are told without giving it some thought, and remember that you are considered to be easily fooled and led as you might say, up the garden path. Fortunately, there are many of you that can now see through the tactics used, and have the confidence to state your views publicly.


With the recession hitting the Western countries, it is a good time to exalt the benefits of NESARA. You need major help to overcome the magnitude of the problems that are about to beset you. We are that help, but matters will have to be drawn out a little longer before we can enter the affray. We have foreseen these events, and they are not unusual bearing in mind that you approach the end of the cycle. It is quite normal to fully experience the result of your creations, and the reality that you have built around you.


Your psychics pick up the potential for massive physical changes, but they will not all be played out apart from those essential to restoring Mother Earth. Be assured that we are totally aware of every likely change, and the more severe ones will not be allowed if they are a major threat to life. We have told you many times that we can hold off or diminish the effects of major changes caused for example by earthquakes. This brings us to the one predicted for October, and that will not take place in that time period. Whatever is essential and necessary to the cleansing of Earth, will largely occur after First Contact. In the event of a major occurrence we would direct or move your people to safe areas, and we cannot easily do that whilst your dark forces are in power.


We bear in mind that the dark seize on natural changes as a means to create chaos, and will use their weaponry to cause what appear to nature’s own ways of working. Again we follow such events to ensure that they do not result in a massive catastrophe, but there are times when we are not allowed to interfere. It will be totally different once we can openly appear on Earth, and we have plans to immediately take control of any likely act against Humanity. Our technologies have often been used to show the dark forces our capabilities, and they know we mean what we say from experience. We re-iterate that nuclear weaponry will not be allowed to be used, and we can quite easily prevent it from being activated.


On higher levels we continue to monitor your mass consciousness and it grows ever faster, and that is most encouraging. The awakening is really under way and the energies reach out further than before, touching the hearts of those who have been held down by the dark energies. Cleansing of self is most important, and it requires the release of everything in your psyche that does not resonate with the Light. Over millennia of time you have gathered attachments that have grown and overcome your Higher Self, preventing you from using that link to guide you through your life. Many have created their own prison by allowing the dark energies to dominate their lives, and it is only time and experience that will change the situation. There must come a time when the realisation sets in that you are not living your life to its greatest potential. Repeatedly going through the same lessons has to eventually enable you to move on. Now you have such an opportunity, as the incoming energies are most powerful and uplifting.


Your whole solar system is being changed and your Earth is part of it. The Sun is changing and is the central player in what is taking place. You cannot avoid the end times, but those who opt out are entitled to move onto another path. In God’s Kingdom for “many mansions” read many dimensions and know that life abounds everywhere. The dark also know it, but reckon without the power of God and believe they can hold everyone else to ransom. They are in for a shock very soon, and their little world and ambitions will come tumbling down. They were never destined to succeed but have given people a rough ride. It is a paradox however, that through their machinations and oppressive behaviour, they have awakened the Light and Love within so many souls. Little did they realise that they have been used for the greater benefit of Mankind. They have been the major players in the dramas enacted upon Earth, and unknowingly have used every chance to show Man what his creations have led to through the resulting chaos and destruction.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have come again to reveal to you what an unusual world you live in, yet it is through your experiences that you evolve, and none faster than in the cycle of duality. See beyond the immediate happenings, and look to the future that is assured through divine decree. We are here from many Star Nations of the Galactic Federation, and we will ensure your successful completion to your glorious time of Ascension.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.