Ker-On  20-August-2008


You are so reliant upon your measure of time, and that is understandable in your dimension. How we wish that you could relinquish the hold it has on you, to the extent of allowing matters to unfold in their own good time. You bring impatience upon yourself by wanting something to manifest before it is due, and your expectations are nearly always much greater than should be reasonably allowed. We understand the excitement and anticipation of events that are going to give you pleasure and satisfaction, but sometimes you fret and get tense when they do not come along quick enough. We are not unaware of your need to plan ahead, but once having made the arrangements, try leaving them to manifest without worrying about them.


In addition to worries of your own life you then take on the concerns of others, and soon if you are not careful you do not know whether you are coming or going. Dear Ones, please practise being relaxed and calm, and you will in fact cope much better with the challenges of life. Catching a bus or train can be touch and go, but by allowing sufficient time for any of life’s problems you can lessen the thoughts of frustration. Practise patience and if things go wrong take it your stride, and surely any problem will eventually be overcome. Time can be your friend or your enemy according to your approach to it. Rushing here, there and everywhere is not conducive to living a peaceful life.


Why do I chide you a little about your ways of life, I will tell it is because there are massive changes to come, and the pressures of making time for everything you wish to do will cease. You will be entering a period of release from the demands upon your time. The daily grind will be replaced by a more relaxed and satisfying experience, one that allows for your own desires without imposing other restraints upon you. As a society you need the wheels to turn freely and do exactly what you feel best suited to do. No square pegs in round holes, but people offering help to the best of their ability. Doing what is satisfying and working with others who share your enthusiasm. Providing the planet what is needed to clear away the dross and pollution of ages past, and creating a new Earth that is one of beauty and balance throughout.


You have become so used to working in stressful circumstances, you will take a while to learn to relax and enjoy what you are doing. You all have something to offer, otherwise you would not be here in these end times to both witness and experience the changes. Many of you have hidden talents that you have not been able to express, but this will change very soon. We know what you can do and for us it is like reading a book, your book of life. However, remain patient, as there are matters to be taken care of before the decks are cleared and a new start made. We are looking at months rather than years before the big event of First Contact takes place. Meantime the floodgates are beginning to open, as the truth about us is coming out from many quarters.


Oh yes, we are aware of our many allies who are brave enough to stand up and speak their truth, and they have our protection. A word of caution is however necessary, as some dear souls are prepared to put their life on the line for what they stand for and may depart your Earth for that reason. Know that they are immediately greeted with great love and compassion, and they are proud to be aware that they have helped mankind through their selfless actions. Sometimes progress is only made when a strong focus is placed upon those seemingly sacrificing their life for others. You have many such instances in your recent history, and they uplift and encourage others to carry out even greater deeds. You do not have to be a household name, and every soul that has died in the many wars on your planet has lit a candle of Light and Love that burns eternally.


The dark forces have such a limited view of life, and their consciousness is compressed into a small space surrounded by dark energy. Their Light is dim although eternal, and they feel nothing of the higher energies that now pervade the Earth. They act out their lives with a sole focus on their desire for power. That will gradually ebb away as its food of life is fear, and people are breaking out of its vicious web of deceit and lies. The Light is shining into the darkest places and there will be nowhere for the dark ones to hide. The truth will remain forever, and as you desire to know more it shall be revealed. Our coming will enable a sifting out of what you have been told, and only the truth shall remain.


We can be certain about the end times because we are in the Now, and do not have to wait like you do to find out the outcome. You read our messages from many sources, and yet you worry and do not always have the confidence to trust us. There may be some different interpretations, but the message remains much the same. The channel will always have some influence on how it is presented, but that will not alter the gist of it. Where there are messages of a dubious source you have simply to use your intuitive powers. We come not to fool you, but lead you onwards along the path you have created. It is you who have accepted the chance to ascend, and the door is open wide to those who approach in Love and Light. Seek the ability to look upon all life with Unconditional Love, as you and everyone else are linked together.


You are part of the Earth consciousness as are the cetaceans that are highly spiritual forms of life. They excuse and forgive the hunting of the seas that has killed so many of their species, and they do so because of their spiritual understanding and love for you. They have been with you since life entered this planet, and their intelligence and ability to feel your energy is never better than through the Dolphins. They have willingly accepted captivity to get nearer to you, and their healing abilities have frequently been exhibited. Do you notice how in recent years the “wild animals” are becoming calmer and warming to Man? That is because they respond to love and respect, and some have been helped to overcome their fear of Man.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and I am guided to express the love of every member of the Galactic Federation for the people of Earth. Our love is that which recognises the Godself of each of you.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.