Ela  13-August-2008


The Galactic Federation is a gigantic organisation that serves your Universe. Certain Star Nations such as ours from Arcturus have a more direct connection with Earth, having been involved with your civilisation for thousands of years. We are not just the peacekeepers, but also seek to ensure that the plan for all galaxies within it, flow with the plan for its growth. We can travel quickly and efficiently within the different dimensions, and can reach our destination quite easily regardless of its distance from us. In fact neither time or distance are such important factors as upon Earth.


You and Earth occupy much of our time as you approach a milestone in your evolution, and we monitor the changes that are well under way. We will ensure that each and everyone of you, is given the maximum opportunity to join the Ascension process. Because of the nature of life within duality, our task is focussed around the actions of the dark forces that would delay it if possible. Your experiences still serve their purpose, but time has been called so as to allow you to proceed unhampered onto your path of Light.


There is absolutely no way that any interference in your lives will be allowed to prevent your upliftment. The energies of change have long been in place, and continue to become a powerful force that cannot be stopped. It is therefore simply a matter of time before they enable far-reaching changes that will alter the course of your lives. It is moving from one track to another, as both have been running alongside each other for eons of time. You now have a monumental choice to make, and no one shall be able to say that it was not offered to them. It will be made quite clear that Ascension is open to any soul that feels ready to move out of your present dimension.


Once we are given the go-ahead to contact you as part of the imminent changes, you will be informed through numerous sources of communication the exact nature of the remaining years of this cycle. It will be a time of intense education so that you are all aware of the significance of the period leading to Ascension. There are only a few years remaining in which fantastic changes will occur. The greatest ones will be within each of you, as you are enlightened and open up to the truth of your journey through duality. It has been one of wonderful experiences that you will carry with you. You may have slipped into the lower dimensions, but your link with the Light has always remained true and strong. Now you shall discover your true selves as immense and beautiful Beings of Light and Love.


You have the potential to be anything that you desire, and as you lift your vibrations your creative powers will increase incrementally. The difference from your present experiences will be that your power will come with each step you take along the Ascension path. Your intent and desires will be able to manifest in the Light, and be of the highest order. You will quickly reach a point where you will have again become Beings of Light, fully connected with your Higher Selves, and the dark energies will no longer be able to touch you.


You wonder what it will be like to move into the Light, and we will tell you that it will be unlike anything you have experienced so far. You shall feel fulfilled and complete, and aware of your immutable connection with All That Is. It will seem most natural, for indeed you are returning to a state of being that was yours before you willingly dropped into the lower vibrations. Some of you are already beginning to sense the changes within Self, and with it comes the ability to create space around you that becomes your safe haven from the lower energies. These cannot possibly affect you unless you allow them to intrude upon you, by linking your energies to them.


Emotions are one of your strong characteristics, and your task is to manage them in a positive way. If you allow anger and other negative expressions, these will diminish the power of your Light. As you become more enlightened, you will find that even the slightest signs of negative feelings will be immediately noticeable. Quickly dismiss them and relax, and through your breathing restore balance and harmony. You will not take long to master these techniques, and will find that you can exercise complete control over yourself.


It is a fact that as you become lifted up, you see life from a totally different point of view. You will understand why duality led you into many different expressions of your Self, and that none of them has a lasting effect upon you. You will also accept that there is no need to carry the burden of guilt, as all of you have been players in a repeating scenario, allowing you to experience every facet of duality. It is the very reason you wanted to adopt new identities in the lower dimension, and accept the challenge to pit your wits and determination against the opposition. You have of course had lives that have lent towards both sides of duality, and the experiences have enriched your understanding. You have grown in consciousness, and will have added another level in addition to what you had originally.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and we clearly see you in the midst of far reaching changes, and turmoil that would seem to be all enveloping. However, be assured that it is because of the very fact that the old is disintegrating and losing its power very rapidly. It is an unpleasant time to experience, but keep calm and help manifest the Light and cast it where it is needed. There are many hostile areas upon Earth, and we for our part are flooding them with uplifting energies. However, it is difficult to get through to people who suffer and feel all is lost. Keep faith with us, and the higher forces which never stop for one moment in their efforts to bring everyone into the Light and Love.


You have the power to change the direction of Man, and we see the great centres of Light upon Earth that are continually sending out wonderful positive energies that are clearing away the darkness. Even as an individual point of Light, you also help by spreading it out from wherever you are, and sending out thoughts of love. Together with our input of Light, you are lifting everything up out of the darkness of ages past. We have immense love for you all and anticipate a great celebration upon our coming together.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.