Ker-On  10-September-2007


This month is full of promise and the potential to take a decisive step forward, starting major changes that will signal the end for the dark forces. Matters have reached the point where the pressures of the energies for change, must bring about the actions that are destined to halt the plan of they dark. It is as you might say poised on a knife-edge, and it is going to result in revelations that will end the attempts of the dark to extend their world power.


The Light is pouring down upon Earth and it is enforcing the existing grid. As the remembrance services honour those who were the victims of 9/11, it is another source of much love and compassion that awakens many souls to the truth. Those perpetrators of that most heinous crime against Humanity stand amongst you, and the evidence for their involvement is overwhelming. You must guard against allowing anger to surface, as it will be counterproductive. In all circumstances bring even more Light to play upon the situation and help transmute those dark energies.


Bear in mind that you are never alone in your battle to bring peace to Earth. The time has arrived for great strides to be made in setting the stage for a period of decisive actions. They will bring a great crescendo of powerful energy to the fore, and it will not be denied. It will take away the strength of the dark to continue their domination of the people, and continue to reveal their true agenda. Planned changes will then begin to re-arrange the power bases, so that the threat to Humanity can be removed once and for all.


You have not been protected for eons of time to fall at this point in your evolution. The dark have been allowed to challenge the power of the Light, but they have failed and obstinately refuse to accept their defeat. Do not therefore fear their attempts to subjugate you to greater controls. They cannot succeed regardless of their insidious plans to tighten their grip upon you. Have faith in the greater powers that guide you on your path, as whatever happens now its power to affect you will be short lived. Great Light is descending upon Earth and no power will stop it from manifesting the changes for good, and the ultimate success of the Creator’s plan for Man.


The Galactic Federation are closer than ever to you, and more evident in your skies as a deliberate plan to assure you of their peaceful intentions. Others would have you believe differently, and you must guard against those who try to say otherwise. The truth will always last the course, whereas the lies and deceit will inevitably come out. The truth is Light and it cannot be destroyed, whereas the dark energies will dissipate and fold in on them.


In these times negative energies that have long been carried by Mother Earth are surfacing for cleansing, and it is at the root of what is taking place. There is an inevitable turmoil and it is reflected in the physical changes taking place. These are unavoidable, but with our presence you can be sure that we are doing all we can to lessen their impact upon you. Soon the pathway to Ascension will become clear following a period of intense action. Our allies are poised to take the most important steps, which will remove the main actors in this final outworking of the dark energies. It will break the chain of command, and root out those who have supported the agenda to seize global control. Peace can only come with major changes that restore an administration that operates according to the original Constitution. No longer will you be subjected to laws that have taken away your sovereignty.


With our help no problem is insurmountable, and our plan will reverse the actions of those who have falsely empowered themselves by riding roughshod over you. The dark forces are desperate to keep their power, and will try anything to prevent it slipping away. These coming weeks will show in which direction they are going, but their leadership is crumbling and they are in disarray. You who are upon Earth at this time, can play your part in bringing down the last cabal by concentrating on a positive outcome. The result is already written, and it can only bring about the long awaited restoration of a society based on Love and Light.


You have waited a long time to reach this critical point in your evolution, and the Universe applauds your tenacity and strength of purpose to see this period out. Earth is the last and most important part of the Ascension plan, and your success is the signal for the final stage to commence. Allow your thoughts to concentrate on the positive outcome which is assured. Choose your words carefully, and if you can help others to understand the purpose of the Earth changes it will ease their worries. Your peaceful countenance will bring calmness where fear is present.


I am Ker-on from Venus, a dimension that is above your physical level that will be seen by you once you raise your vibrations. There is much that is hidden from your eyes that will be revealed in the course of time. Awaken your consciousness by seeking the truth, and find the purpose of life and your path through Infinity. You are far greater than you imagine and as you allow yourself to accept your divinity and therefore your Godself, that realisation will come to you. We are simply ahead of you in our evolution, but have walked the path you are now treading. In essence we are no different to you, and you too will realise that truth before very long.


With freedom to make your own choice, you can still step onto the path that releases you from duality. This is the great moment that you have waited for and if you so desire, will elevate your consciousness to a new level. If that is your wish step into the Light and focus on all that is on harmony and balance, knowing that the lower vibrations cannot harm you any longer. Leave the old behind and do not look back, it has served its purpose and you have no need to remain in the cycle of re-birth in the physical dimensions.


I urge you to remain alert and centre yourself within your Light at all times. It is your protection and cannot be assailed by the dark energies. We are One and in that lies our strength.


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.