Diane  29- August-2007


Dear Ones, how heartening it is to see how much growth there has been amongst you to activate people into awakening to the truth. Because you have recognised that you are being led in the wrong direction, you have mustered yourselves into so many different groups. The action you have taken to bring about a change of direction is bearing fruit, and is bringing in an energy of fulfilment. It must find its own outlet, and the longer it is stalled the more dramatic its entrance will be.


All through your history the creation of energy has preceded change. It is not only your input, but also ours of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our role has been to bring the truth out into the open, and inspire you to take action with the promise of our help to manifest the changes. We have expressed our concern about the path you were taking, and pointed out that the ultimate catastrophe that was building up. We also brought you the promise of an end to duality and the beginning of a Golden Age.


It is clear that you are in transition, and many are still unaware that you are not in a hopeless situation. The energy of Light will remain when all else has served its purpose, and this cycle has finished. Those who are fearful of the present times will themselves find their salvation in the changes, when it is seen that Man is no longer bound by the dark forces. Fear will be replaced very quickly by the emergence of peace, through those who are rising up to be the new leaders for Mankind.


Everything is in a state of change, and it cannot be prevented from lifting up into the new vibrations of peace and harmony. The seeds are already there and after eons of time battling against the dark, that period is finally coming to a close. As mighty as the forces of dark are they have no answer to the forces of Light, and they are unable to suppress is growth no matter what heinous plans they have in mind. We are with you acting on your behalf, and under the directions of the great Beings that direct the course of Humanity’s evolution.


There has always been a plan to bring you to this point, so that you may have sufficient time to prepare for the next cycle that has already begun. Those who are enlightened can move their focus onto the path of Ascension, and by so doing leave the old ways behind. It is essential that you bring the changes into your life now, and can detach yourself from the old influences. They have no hold upon you unless you allow it to be so, and in your strength of intent to centre yourself in the Light you are protected.


Even those who have hardened their souls are still within the Light. It means that at some stage it will be ignited again with the truth, and that which is not of the Light will slip away. Never condemn those who have lost their way, as all of you have gone through a similar period and once again risen up. In duality there will always be opposing sides, and their only difference is the manner in which they use their energy. It is an experience and nothing more, one that you chose knowing that at any time you could turn to the Light.


If you accept the actions of the dark in the right way, they cannot control you because you will see through their devious ways. They can be very subtle but in their present desperation to prevent collapse of their plans, they are having to come more into the open. Now their motives are becoming clearer, and you must oppose their plans in whatever way you can. The voice of the people is a powerful tool and the dark cannot suppress the information that is coming into the public domain. People power is winning the battle, and is helping our allies in their actions that are paving the way for great changes.


Many ask what life is all about, and the answer is your evolution and a new direction that will lift you out of this cycle. You are spiritual Beings who are progressing up the ladder of Light, and will return to your former glory. Life in the higher dimensions is not new to you, and it is your home from whence you came eons of time ago. This is why you will accept the changes very easily, as nothing is being taken away from you except that which no longer serves your purpose. You know that duality is not your normal way of life, and that is why you consistently fight against it. You have never given up, and now the dark will experience their demise, instead of what was intended for you.


No matter whatever has happened in the past, it has always been planned to progress your growth as spiritual Beings. Where you are now is proof of your ability to rise up even in the face of adversity, and you have become very strong and determined as a result. There would be no purpose in your experiences if they did not contribute to your spiritual growth. Life is forever about expanding your consciousness, and it is being restored rapidly as you head for full Consciousness of Cosmic proportions.


The veil that is often referred to is one that allowed you to “forget” your true essence, and slip into the lower vibrations of the Third Dimension of limited consciousness. As a Being of Light it was necessary that you were born into duality through a physical embodiment, allowing the veil to be drawn. If we called it a game that would sound flippant, but it is now “game over” and you will be none the worse for your experiences. Indeed, you are far greater Beings now than when you first started, and greatly admired for your tenacity and strength in the face of adversity. You are also more spiritually enlightened, and that is the main purpose of your journey through the dark regions.


I am Diane from Sirius, and come to lift your spirits that you should know how much we love you. We are here for you, and shall lead you onwards under the guidance of the Creator surrounding you with uplifting energies. If we could speak of what is coming as your reward, it would well compensate you for your bravery and courage in having accepted the challenge of duality. You will soon enter the higher vibrations into realms of beauty and peace, and you will know that it is your true home. Your teachers have taught you that a place would be prepared for you, and called it the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the realms of Light, within which you shall enjoy the peace and happiness that you have yearned for and is your rightful inheritance.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.