Ag-agria  27-August-2007


As ever we assure you that our plans are well in hand, and if you consider our promises to limit the effectiveness of the Illuminati, you will agree that we have prevented an escalation of their covert actions. In fact, we have closely monitored their activities for over 50 years. Our responsibility was to ensure that you were able to survive, and move into the higher dimensions through the process of Ascension. We have unknown to you averted many major incidents that could have had disastrous results for mankind.


We have on a numerous occasions given your leaders the opportunity to take a different path, that would have lead to world peace. However, our offers have been rejected and as a result you have experienced a gradual fall into chaos and the disintegration of your societies. Nevertheless, the plan always allowed for the cycle of duality to end with Ascension, regardless of what preceded it. Now you are in the final days, and shortly another series of events will change your course dramatically and positively. The power and influence of the dark will be not only curtailed, but permanently removed.


It is heartening for us to see so many of you awakening to what has been happening upon Earth. In so doing you are taking control of your own lives, and directing it from within. This delights us immensely as it shows that you are becoming aware of your power to determine your own future. Every one who turns to the Light is a powerful beacon, sending out vibrations that help uplift others. You often ask what can you do, and becoming aware of your own potential to change the course of Humanity through the power of the Light is all that is required.


You are concerned about your own progress, and if you have already expressed the intent to prepare for Ascension, you will certainly have attracted the Light to yourself. The proof lies with your approach to life, and your ability to stand within your own space unaffected by what goes on around you. Strange as it may seem the changes in your vibrations that bring a lightness of feeling, can also result in many symptoms that you may otherwise put down to tiredness and lethargy. You have simply become more sensitive to the lower vibrations, that feel very heavy and at times uncomfortable. Even for us they can cause discomfort, and we do therefore understand your reactions.


The changes are a testing time, but you will emerge from them literally as a new Being. Fortunately, the more you can absorb the Light, the easier it becomes and you will stand fast regardless of whatever is going on around you. We see your heart centres glowing with energy, and your splendid auric rays spreading far and wide. With the clearing of your lower self they become brighter and more pure, a certain sign that you have moved yourself into the higher vibrations. We can see these quite easily, and you could consider them to be something of a character reference.


Look back at yourself just a decade ago, and you will surely find that you have changed your perception of Self. What was acceptable to you then no longer satisfies you, and you will have set your sights higher than before. Once your intent is firmly in place you will have no desire to go back to your old ways. You can safely assume that you are well on the path to Ascension, and you are expanding your consciousness into one that shall become of cosmic proportions. A point is coming when you will look back, and be amazed that you could have come so far in such a short space of time. Your evolution is accelerating at a fast pace, and that is exactly what was planned.


Take a check of yourself and if you have progressed, you will find that your levels of self-control and tolerance are much greater. You will have accepted that there must be allowance for other peopleís life plans, however unacceptable they would be to you personally. You allow others to follow their pre-ordained path just as you travel yours. Interference would only create difficulties for all concerned, and non-interference is the best approach. It is different if you are invited to help with anotherís problems, and you may have been chosen because of your calmness and peaceful expression.


The more you become at one with the Creatorís energies, the sooner you are able to see all around you in a new Light. As you are able to express your love for all life, so you bring that Light permanently to Earth. You are helping uplift all of those around you, and the process speeds up exponentially. Nothing can change the pathway that you have created, and what you have done for yourself you have done for all.


Everything is in a state of change and will remain so, as that is the way of the Universal forces that flow from the higher dimensions. These are directed by Beings of great unimaginable power and they maintain the balance of the Cosmos. Even we of the Galactic Federation are in awe of their might and power. There is never an element of fear as all is orderly and in accordance with the Creatorís desires. You will never stop learning about life in its many forms, and there is seemingly no end to it. Life is Infinite and continues to find expression wherever it is, often in ways that you would find totally unexpected.


Keep an open mind as to how your Space friends will appear, as while many are of the Human type, there are others who are quite different. However, at a certain stage of evolution other Beings can shape shift, and present themselves in a way that would be acceptable and comfortable for you. Exactly like you, they also have an inner Light and ability to express the Creatorís Love for all Life. There are others in denial of their Light, but they will not be allowed to come near Earth, or interfere with Ascension.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and we are your destiny, and many of you will join us and go direct to their home in the stars. Your time in duality is almost over, and your true selves are emerging as Beings of Light. The remaining time is to ensure your upliftment, and we shall help you through the last phases of your enlightenment. We come with Love and understanding, and shall bring peace to your world, and then we shall gloriously move ahead to Ascension.   


Thank you Ag-agria.

 Mike Quinsey.