Diane  24-August-2007


You have been embroiled in duality for so long that you have accepted it as your normal way of life. However, as you have started to awaken to the possibility of a different way of life, you have broken away from its hold. Many times you have realised that there are better ways to live, but have found difficulty in putting it into practise.


Now your dreams are coming true, and following the darkness of ages past you are seeing the stirring of a new way that has its roots in the Light. It has taken eons of time to reach this point, and there will be no going back to the old reality. It is therefore breaking up before your very eyes like the Berlin Wall, and will no longer hold anyone back. A glorious period will follow during which the people will dictate the course of Humanity.


You will need leaders to direct the new course of Manís evolution, and these will be appointed quite quickly. They will truly reflect Manís needs, and there will be no place for corruption or malpractices. Some already stand out and are known for their honesty, words of truth and encouragement. Once the dark have been removed they will come to the fore, backed and protected by the Galactic Federation and the higher Forces. You will recognise them for their truthfulness and integrity, and for the first time in ages be able to totally put your trust in them. The political style of old will not be acceptable, and the new leadership will be based upon high spiritual principles.


In communities all over the world there is a stirring of hearts and passion to end the centuries of darkness and war. Subconsciously you know there is only one way forward, otherwise Man would be doomed to fall lower into the abyss of complete chaos and destruction, Those possibilities are no longer a part of your reality, although changes that concern Mother Earth are still to go ahead. The difference is that now they will proceed with our full guidance, and every care taken to protect all forms of life.


The future beckons and at last Man will see the lighted path that is to be taken. Happiness will descend upon Earth the like of which you have not experienced for eons of time. Instead of the separation maintained by the dark, the differences between people will be overcome. The Light and Love you are capable of sharing will uplift others, and a great trust of unprecedented measure will engulf the planet. There will also be recognition of the fact that you are all travelling the same journey. It matters not which stage you have reached, as all of you will eventually leave the realms of duality behind.


We know you are ready to embrace a new and better way of life, and we shall be very much involved in ensuring that you do. In just a few years you will be party to remarkable changes that will result in a great upliftment in your quality of life. Your needs will be provided for and the suffering experienced for the lack of abundance will become a thing of the past. Much planning and preparation has brought you to this point in time, and it has not come this far to be destroyed by the dark.


Your freedom is paramount so that you may break out of your chains that have severely eroded your rights. We will not allow them to be abused any longer, and your criminal fraternity will not be allowed to interfere. We know exact level of consciousness each of you have reached, and we cannot be fooled by devious actions. Ultimately there will be no way that anyone can hide their true intentions, There will be an innate knowing when people speak without the intention of telling the truth. You are changing and developing powers that come with the new Being that is emerging, and once you are able to live in the energy of Love there will be no place for the negativity of old.


People that have already found their feet in the new energies often stand out, as they are noticeably different in the levels of kindness and peace that are part of the mien. Society has lacked sufficient true caring people to broker the changes we have spoken about, but that is rapidly changing. The prophecy that the meek would inherit the world was for this period you are now entering. They will come into their own once the influence of the dark has been removed. The new ways will be recognised as the only ones that will carry you forward, in preparation for the upliftment known as Ascension.


It does not require great effort to live in peace and harmony. Man is naturally a benign Being, and has suffered at the hands of those who have taught separation rather than the Oneness of all life. It is a simple maxim that tells you that if everything ďThat IsĒ has its origin in the creative energies of the Creator, you are one great form of consciousness. In your Universe that entity is known as God and carries out the plan for all life within it. The Godís of which there are many are your link to the Creator, and you live within their energy of Love.


We often tell you that truth is simple and easily understood, and as part of your enlightenment the Masters will walk amongst you once again. Needless to say, many are already upon Earth quietly doing their work to uplift mankind. When like their counterparts you call Space Beings they can come out into the open, there will be every opportunity for you to hear the truth about spiritual matters and your past history. Much has been distorted that has deliberately mislead you and hidden the truth from your eyes. They will be opened wide and you will be in no doubt as to the truth of who you are, your reason for being on Earth and experiencing duality.


I am Diane from Sirius a planet that figures often in your ancient myths and legends. We have been directly involved in your evolution, and shall continue to do so beyond this cycle of duality. The Galactic Federation comprises of many Star Nations that have links to you, and already have many of their representatives upon Earth. There will be a great celebration when once again the Star families meet their own. You will enjoy standing with us in the high energies we bring and love and understanding will bring you up to our levels, allowing you to reveal your godlike qualities embracing Unconditional Love.


Thank you Diane,

Mike Quinsey.