Ker-On  22-August-2007


You are at a time in this period of awakening, when you should be full of joy and happiness. There is a great Light growing that is lifting up those who seek the truth, as more souls begin to understand their purpose for being here. You are indeed privileged to have been chosen to take part in the end times of this cycle. Many souls are fighting against the old energies that still hold them back, but with the help of others bringing Light to the Earth they are succeeding. Equal opportunity is given to every soul to bring an end their travels in the lower energies. On one level it only requires the intent to change their path, and that will set a course to fulfilment.


The dark forces are collapsing very rapidly and in spite of the chaos that it is causing, it is creating a shift from what was of the old, to a new enlightened way that will reveal the plan for Man. You are so near to completion of the old cycle, and with it will go the entrenched beliefs that have held you back for eons of time. In the events happening upon Earth see only the opportunity for change, and do not give your energy to those who only see the Apocalypse as the final end to life.


God has not created the misery and despair that exists upon Earth; it has arisen from Manís forgetfulness as to his true being and place in the Cosmos. Dipping deep into the muddied waters of life you have been allowed to experience first hand the depth of negativity, until you have sought the Light of Freedom. You have always known that there was a different way of life, one that would fulfil your dreams of living in absolute peace and harmony. Now the thrust of that belief has become your goal, and you seek the beauty of the Love and Light with its ability to lift you up.


Never before has there been a clearer path defined for your rising up, one that will permanently leave the old behind. What you have invested your life in no longer matters, wealth and fame are but passing stages in your life. Like poverty and loneliness they are simply stops along your path, determined by your need to experience your own creations. There is nothing in your life that has not been brought about by your own actions. Therefore live it out knowing that you are on a path of your own choosing and making. Some will doubt that they could have chosen their present one, but you may be assured that if you could see your greater plan you would fully understand the reasons why.


All life is about experiencing and progressing upwards, and moving back into a higher expression of yourself, seeking the perfection that once was yours. Opening up your heart centre, and allowing the Light to shine out on all around you. Finding your guidance from within and awakening to the subconscious memories of your Higher Self. Come from that place of low estimation of yourself, into one where you acknowledge your divinity. Become that which you are, an expression of your Godself that can be the Light of Freedom and Peace.


There is nothing that you cannot achieve, and even in your wildest dreams you have laid down the possibility of its creation. You are projecting that which you desire, and placing these markers along the path of your life. Now let your imagination know no bounds, as you lifting up into realms where your thoughts will bring about instant manifestation. Heed however our advice that you consider what it is you desire, as with your creations also comes responsibility. Pureness and clarity will go hand in hand with your growth into the Light, when you can take your true place in the Universe as fully conscious Cosmic Beings.


As you are now breaking out of the bonds of the lower dimensions, it is difficult for you to comprehend how great is your potential. However, allow for the greatest expression of yourself that you can imagine, and that path will open up for you. Remember that you are a soul given freewill to choose your experiences, and it is your choice as to whether you leave duality. If you wish, you can choose to remain in the lower dimensions for furthering your experiences, until you feel ready to leave them behind.


Many paths are open to you once you ascend, and the end of this cycle is the beginning of a great new adventure that will allow your travels to take you wherever you desire. The end is simply a new beginning, and one that brings you back in touch with all life forms beyond Earth. Life abounds everywhere and no more will you feel isolated and veiled from the truth of your source and Godself. Think expansively and discover your real Self within, and do not be afraid to acknowledge your Godliness. Come out of that shell that has held you back, and allow for a wonderful expansion in your consciousness.


Dear Ones, you do not make the journey to All Knowing alone, and we of the Galactic Federation are just but one group of ascended souls that play a part in your evolution. In service to the higher Forces of Light, when our work is done we shall proceed to another part of the Universe to continue helping others to evolve. Some of you will join us, but many paths are open to you and that choice will be yours.


Meantime we stand fully prepared to move into the next phase of our service to you. We shall be so pleased when the time comes that we can all come together, in the outworking of the final stages leading to Ascension. The changes will be dramatic and take place quickly, and the trauma you have been experiencing will soon be replaced by the descent of peace upon all people. Stress and frustration will soon disappear and a wave of happiness and hope will cover the world.


I am Ker-On a Venusian, and one of many that have been closely associated with the Earthís cleansing and your development. We along with others have contacted Man often to give a guiding hand. Now we will come to assist in your final upliftment, and that gives us great joy. We send as always our loving energies to you all, and offer our hands in friendship and unity in the Oneness of Life.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.