Ela  20-August-2007


We the Arcturians, as members of the Galactic Federation are part of a great membership of nations that have aligned their Will with God. In so doing we have vowed to help others that are on the path of enlightenment. You upon Earth are further along it than you may imagine, although many fight to remove themselves from the mind conditioning that has taken place over eons of time. The Light that is being grounded upon Earth is breaking up the negative energies, and also weakening the power of the dark to continue holding you back.


Everywhere you have pockets of Light that are growing in intensity, and as they link together their power becomes formidable. Your consciousness is expanding and opening up to the Truth, and there is now no going back to the old way of half-truths and misleading teachings. You are becoming quite adept at intuitively understanding what is Truth, and the questioning mind only accepts that which is clearly of the Light. It becomes much easier for you to be discerning.


You have been encouraged to think for yourselves, as all knowledge is contained within. You have your Guides with you, who if allowed to come close to you, will also help you by impressing the truth upon you. It is in those moments of quietness and meditative thought that you can make such contact. Once you realise your ability to tap into your higher consciousness, you will step up into the Light of understanding. It only requires an open mind, and one that is prepared to start afresh.


It is not that the Truth is unknown to you, as you came down from those higher realms to experience the lower vibrations. The Truth is deep within, waiting for you to awaken to it. It is quite simple to understand, and the starting point requires that you accept your status as a God. You are a part of God and indeed look upon yourself as a cell of God, with the potential of revealing the same level of consciousness. The plan is to lift you up and enable you to become at One with your Godself. It will develop with time and the path to Ascension will bring about an acceleration, one which will see you as a fully conscious Cosmic Being united with your Higher Self.


We know that many ask how they go about finding their Higher Self. Dear Ones, there is never a time that you are not connected, it is just that hitherto you have been unaware of your true selves. You ego has often guided you in directions that have ignored the promptings of your Higher Self, and you need to distinguish between the two. Ego is your own programming of Self, through your consciousness that resides within the lower vibrations. Now you are being given the understanding of your immutable connection to each other, and your responsibility to All That Is.


Recognising the Oneness of all life does not mean that you lose your individual identity, as each part of God is unique and there are not two alike. The Oneness that you are part of is the consciousness of God, and is the Will of God. You will find that on Earth the Laws of God are only a pale reflection of the Truth. As you raise your vibrations you will find that the lower ones will gradually drop away, as they cannot hold their place in the growing Light. Your evolutionary steps come in a gentle way, and you will be laying down the building blocks of the new you ready for Ascension.


How much easier you will find it to stand in your own Light, and know that it is bringing you into a harmonious and balanced condition. It is your protection and with this realisation you can stand firm in the face of the dark energies. It will be your inspiration and strength, and you will experience the power that has energised the actions of those who you call your Saints. Your peaceful countenance and calmness in all situations, is a sign that you have been able to manifest your true Self. Is it not wonderful that the meek are those who carry the strength of their knowing, that is the power of God. It knows no equal, and is Love and Light in action.


We see the success of your earthly experiences that have prepared you well for the upliftment that is to come. What could be more natural to you than to return to those higher levels that are your real home. As your Earth responds to the negativity around it, so you the Lightworkers are able to bring in a balancing energy and it is lessening the effect. However, physical changes are unavoidable and we monitor these situations, so that they cause the minimum damage and loss of life. Although we await the time we can come to Earth we do not stand around idle, and join you on the path that leads to Ascension.


The changes to Earth are necessary to restore it, whilst at the same time removing all that is of the lower vibrations. It is a cleansing of the old so that in a relatively short time, only that which is of natural beauty and harmony will remain. You will be ready for your own upliftment, and the race of Man together with Mother Earth will move into yet higher dimensions. For the time being you cannot really imagine the beauty of the higher realms, but it will astound you and captivate you. It is the peace that has no ending that will thrill your soul, and you will recognise the godliness in each other. The purity of the Light and its wonderful range of scintillating colours will astound you.


I am Ela, and I can tell you that “going home” was always planned as the last great event that would finally release you from your ties to the old Earth. You can see that together we have much to do, and our time to reveal ourselves to you approaches with all speed. It will be an exciting period upon Earth, and the transformation will be truly remarkable. With so many wonders to come we hope that the thought of it all, will give you the inner strength to walk the last few steps with a new understanding. You are being released from the cycle of duality, and no more shall you be pulled down. The changes will bring about an end to the power of the dark forces to dominate your lives. Instead, the Light will fully return, and Love will be the energy that permeates amongst you all. Be that which you are, and let love be your footstool. We greatly admire and love the people of Earth, and our blessings go with you at all times. 


Thank you Ela,

Mike Quinsey.