SaLuSa  17-August-2007


Dear Ones, with no exception all of you have experienced the era of Communism and Materialism, and they polarised the world for so long until the power of Communism was broken. Have you wondered what brought these two into Being, with their many confrontations, wars and massive loss of life? Ideals that were totally opposed, and so unlike each other that you had no difficulty in making a choice as to which one to follow.


You create your own reality, and it is the result of your own desires. It has allowed millions of Beings to experience the quality of life they had envisaged, and learn whether or not it fulfilled their expectations to bring peace and happiness. These two realities had to come into being, having been created by the energies of the people themselves. They were seized upon after the collapse of Nazism, when it failed to fulfil the ambitions of the German people. There is never a vacuum and as Nazism was collapsing, Communism was already establishing itself as the next great power.


You may ask how is it that these powerful movements come into prominence and garner such support in a relatively short time. It is because they answered the needs of the people. The Lords Of Karma established a period of reincarnation that allowed an influx of souls that were ready to form the two main opposing political camps. Thus the scene was set for a period in your history that has known no equal for its ferocity and continual state of readiness for war. Two ideologies that could not exist side by side for long, that provided the experiences required for the furthering of Man’s evolution.


Bear in mind that nothing happens by chance, and that over thousands of years of your history, war has always been considered an acceptable option. Man has fought territorial wars for gain over millennia of time. It has reflected Man’s disregard for his fellow souls rights and freedom to live their lives in peace. Clearly you could not go on forever without realising the futility of war, and the pointless loss of life. It was inevitable that out of your experiences would come an awakening of the Light, and that the dark energies would gradually lose their power.


Many of you here today are the ones who have come to Earth to change things, and are doing it remarkably well. It is not to exalt one ideology over another, but to bring understanding and Light to planet Earth. To show that there is another way that brings peace and contentment to the soul, and harmony amongst all people. At present you are in transition, and the Light grows stronger bringing more people into the realisation of their true selves.


The old negative thoughtforms are no longer supported by the energy of bygone ages. They are coming to an end, and the new uplifting energies of Light are now the dominating force. You will therefore notice some unexpected changes, as the new wave of energy awakens the Light in people who are breaking out of the old mould. The consciousness of Man is locked in a battle with the old energies that resist change. However, they are being transmuted by the incoming energies from your Central Sun. The heavenly plan will reach perfection in its final outworking, and Ascension will ensure it is glorious completion.


Every one of you contributes to the changes taking place, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. All of your thoughts, words and actions send out energies that coalesce, and provide the basis for greater expansion as they attract energies of a like kind. The more you can give out the Light the more powerful it becomes. Be aware that the dark energies also form in this way, and you need to be careful that you do not also add to them. Your thoughts are more likely to be unguarded, and carry the potential to generate just as much negative energy as your words.


Consider the act of healing, it often combines thoughts and words, and it can be very powerful. Directed with firm intent such energies can serve their purpose, but it is must be remembered that all healing is subject to the approval of the Higher Self. Some experiences are intended to be seen through to their end, and are part of a souls life contract. However, the unsuccessful “healing” will in itself have served a purpose in opening the mind of the recipient to higher things. Sometimes you have no idea why a certain experience comes your way. In that event you can be reasonably certain that it appertains to a previous life. There is of course instant karma such as results from criminal acts, that are immediately punished.


Even the knowing of other people’s problems is beneficial. They teach Love and compassion from a distance without actual involvement. This is why your films and T.V shows can also serve a useful purpose in helping people to understand themselves. They en-act their own fantasies without involving real people. Conversely there are also people acting out theirs in situations involving the lower energies, and no harm is done to any individual. The danger that must be averted is that some will want a real life experience.


The influence of the media is quite powerful. The dark forces are well aware of it, and they implant ideas into your consciousness. They create energies that serve their desires to control your minds. Once you are conditioned it is easier to manipulate you into thinking in their ways. For eons of time you have lived your lives believing in the right of others to rule you. Now you are finding out the truth of your own sovereignty, and becoming individual thinkers capable of making your own decisions. It is allowing you to break away from the hold the dark have had upon you. You are becoming free souls able to express yourselves in the Light and Truth of your Higher Self.


The greatest self-realisation you can have is one of accepting your “God-ness” and your potential to live as a Being of Unconditional Love. That is the path you are travelling, and by the time of Ascension it will have become achieved by you. We will be with you for the rest of your journey, heaping upon you our Love and Blessings as you become One with us.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey