Diane  15-August-2007


The Earth is in turmoil as it accommodates the changes that are inevitable. After many years of continuing pollution and disregard for other life forms, the task of restoration is a formidable challenge. Mother Earth come what may, will ensure that the completion of those tasks is co-ordinated with the time of Ascension. It is one that she can totally carry out herself, but in that case the resultant injury and loss of life would be extremely high. As a great Being of love and compassion she feels for the Human Race, one that she has nurtured and cared for ever since they came to Earth.


Mother Earth is a great spiritual being who like you also continues to evolve. Naturally she is also ascending with the Solar System, and it is for this reason that she has to make preparations just like you. She has been near to complete destruction because of Manís lack of understanding of her role in your life. However, in your interests she has like the loving Mother that she is, allowed for your mistakes as part of your evolutionary experience. We know for many of you the idea that the Earth has its own consciousness is difficult to comprehend. However it is so, as for example also your Solar Sun that is the guiding force that directs to you the energies that sustain all life. It is the home of great Beings that hold your lives in their hands.


There are many other life forms that generally speaking you are unaware of, as some are not normally of a vibration that allows for them to be seen by you. Earth thrives with various types, and you are quite familiar with the idea of Nature Spirits. In a time to come these will be seen by you, as your vibrations become more in alignment. These spirits have their specific role to play, and like you are an important part that comprises the balance of life upon Earth.


Man has been so concerned with his own affairs, that he has become self centred and given little time to understand the role he has been given as Guardians of the Planet. Chemicals and the resultant pollution have caused immense harm, and prevented the Nature Spirits and other life forms from successfully carrying out their tasks. In consequence you have seen the collapse of some aspects of their work. Disease and decay are more evident and the elements are unable to perform as they should. The waters of life are no longer pure and able to sustain life, and certain species are threatened with extinction. The land has in places become dead and unable to provide the nutrients that support the growth of plants and crops. Your animal and insect life is under threat and the ecosystem unbalanced.


The Earth is in a sorry state and the task of restoration is one of mammoth proportions. However, a major part of our role in assisting you is to supervise the projects that will remove all that is alien and damaging to the Earth. Therefore, as great as the task is, we can allay all of your fears about restoration as we are already primed and keen to get started. Without help the challenge would be far too much for you to overcome. Also, Man although aware of his role in destroying the Earth, is reluctant to face the problem head on and stop the actions that are bringing it about. Therefore, changes have to take place on many fronts, and first and foremost is considerable change in the way you work in providing the necessities of life.


We shall provide the knowledge of how systems and procedures can be quickly changed so that the old ways can be updated. New materials will be made available that are beneficial to the environment, and waste will be eliminated. Energy sources will be different, natural and clean, and cause no harmful radiation or leave residues. Most importantly they will be free and available in unlimited supply. Never again will people suffer from the lack of energy to live in comfort and protected from the elements.


The task of restoring Earth will be under our control, and our advanced technology will reduce the amount of time required to a minimum. What you may not have realised is that the unbalancing of nature, has not only had repercussions that have lead to aberrations in the weather on Earth, but also beyond it. Your release of radiation, and even negative energies that come from your consciousness go far into space. This is why you have been monitored for eons of time, and we have prevented other planets and life forms from being affected. You see that our roles have not just been for Earth and her Ascension, although that has now become the prime concern.


You may wonder why you have been allowed to carry on as you have, and why we have not come earlier. Dear Ones, we observe your right to freewill and self-determination, and that is part of the reason for your experiences in duality. How else would you learn your lessons if we did it all for you, and not allow you to correct your mistakes. This is why we shall involve you in our work once we can openly meet you. We love you as the children of the Universe that you are, and like watching parents do sometimes have to intervene to prevent you causing too much harm. That for example extends to the continuing use of nuclear weapons, and we have the authority granted to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy to prevent it. Of our own volition we would not otherwise interfere in your lives.


Living in the present conditions upon Earth is for many extremely difficult, particularly in the Third World. As each tragedy reaches your ears so it is a challenge to you and your governments to respond. The realisation that you cannot continue to ignore the plight of your fellow beings is becoming more widespread. It comes with the growth in your consciousness and through the grand awakening that is taking place. We see beautiful and caring souls try their hardest to bring in a new way of addressing the problems, but until the Oneness of all life is understood it often falls upon deaf ears.


I am Diane of Sirius, and we of the Galactic Federation look upon you with great compassion. We cannot wait to help you overcome your problems, and we know that your future is bright and full of promise. There is not a single one that cannot be remedied, and that includes both your spiritual and material needs. The great Love that surrounds you is your assurance of success.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey