Atmos  13-August-2007


As time passes by we get that bit closer to the culmination of a whole series of events, that will speed up the process of removing obstacles that stand in the way of Ascension. The reality is that nothing can halt its progress, and a slight deviation one way or another makes no difference to the outcome. For our part, we give you our assurance that everything is proceeding according to plan. Our presence is emphasised by the increasing sightings that you have of our craft, although your own are also seen quite often.


We measure your degree of success by gauging the level of your mass consciousness. In other words, the degree to which you are holding the Light, and able to create the conditions that allow for our coming together. The number of groups actively taking part in actions to remove your governmental Administration is increasing. They gather strength as more people awaken to the truth of a leadership that has lost their faith and respect. We assist by backing you in your endeavours to move events forward, and we constantly monitor your progress. Our allies are working directly under our influence, and their object is to put the plan for your upliftment in its place.


If you look back at prophecies given even centuries ago, you will find that many foresaw the end times. They described them in various ways often limited to their own power of expression, and use of adequate words. The vision that often came through was one of a cataclysmic ending, such as given in your biblical Revelations. What you must remember is that these are all possibilities, and that at any time a number of different ones exist. Certainly there was a stage in Manís evolution when there seemed to be little chance of avoiding the Apocalypse. As recent as the last century, you were still creating darkness through the continual wars and resultant subduing of the Light.


However, whilst Man seemingly dug his hole deeper and looked to be lost, another movement had begun to bring more Light to Earth. For over a hundred years, Heaven arranged for more Beings of Light to incarnate upon Earth. Consequently they were able to start movements that grounded their Light, and clear away the darkness that shrouded the truth. Everywhere there was a sudden explosion of Light, and your consciousness started to awaken to the truth of your reality. For too long you had been led to believe your life was not your own, and that others were entitled to take your freedom away from you.


Since those times when you were motivated to take back your freedom, the battle has increased between the Light and the dark. The dark do not willingly give up their hold upon you, and their methods get more outrageous and their methods become more apparent. When working secretly they could manipulate you without your knowledge, but they have been forced to come out more into the open. Now you are able to see their modus operandi, and they brazenly misuse their authority and ignore even the basic laws that were meant to protect you. Fortunately such situations bring a more active response from you, and the wheels have been set in motion to bring about lasting changes.


Now we come to the present times which appear to be in a state of turmoil, but behind them is a strong movement to bring in changes that will allow the Plan for Man to manifest. In spite of all the attempts of the dark to prevent it, it is emerging and no amount of draconian laws will stop it. The energy for change is in place, and it must ultimately bring about the realities set in motion. You as always are the creators of your future, albeit that you are subject to the Laws of Divine Decree that are the voice of God. You were always told that you would never be forsaken, and it is so.


Your experiences in duality are closing, but not before the dark rulers of the world have been removed. All cycles have their end-times that bring change, and the Solar Cycle that is now in completion is one of great importance allowing for a new Age to begin. That is The Golden Age and of necessity there is a transition period so that all is prepared for such a major upliftment. It means that the dark forces cause havoc as they try to cling onto power, but they cannot do so in the face of the Light that grows exponentially. The two are incompatible, and the Light will always overcome the lower energies.


So you see Dear Ones that the extreme measures taken by the dark, are the signs that they are collapsing. They are imploding as the Light energies grow in immense strength, and are cleansing the planet for all time. Ascension is therefore approaching quite quickly, and the pathway is opening up for all to see. None are barred from making that choice, and every attempt is made to invite your participation. Your free choice is paramount, and you will need to clear your mind of the clutter and misinformation that has accumulated over many lives.  It will enable you to understand the wonderful opportunity being presented to you, to leave duality and ascend with Mother Earth.


Some of you are incredulous about this period of time, and have yet to realise that you are great Beings. You have been subdued and subjected to indoctrination that has blurred your vision of your true Self. Some still feel hurt and anger below the surface, and disbelief in the existence of a loving God. You have been taught about a God of Wrath, wreaking out punishment to the very souls that are part of God. Know that God is all Love, and that all exists within that energy. It is only Man that has misused it for other purposes and brought darkness to Earth.


I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and bring you messages of hope. I affirm that God is a benevolent Being that loves each and every one of you beyond measure. You are Godís children, souls of Light that are grasping the hand held out that will lift you out of darkness forever. Take it and trust that God is with each of you eternally, and you will never lose your connection with the Source. It is time to claim your birthright and return in glory to the Light. We are One, and we too extend that never ending love to you all.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.